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Eicra offers a Coworking Business space to grow your business with a 5-star address. We also provide local phone number, dedicated receptionist and access to our IT infrastructure and Coworking spaces. It is a membership-based workspace where diverse groups of employees work together in a shared, communal setting.   Here, flexible coworking office spaces are designed to attract the right talent and boost up their productivity. Our superior work atmosphere reduces employee attrition. We provide all kinds of standard facilities including cutting-edge technology and premium hospitality at our Dhaka coworking office.

Coworking Business Space in Dhaka


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We offer flexible, customized and convenient coworking office environment. It gives you a chance to own a high profile reputed address in a city when you want to expand your business operations at a relatively low cost.

Co-working Space

Prime Location

Office Amenities

Modern Technologies

Meeting Rooms

Feel Secured &  Confident In Registered Coworking Business Service

Our team of facility management will be on hand to help with your every necessity regarding co-working office space. Moreover, we providing exceptional levels of service from the planning stage right through to your daily life at Eicra. Which means you’ll be free to concentrate on what you do best.


Prime Location



IT & Network

Mail Services

Coworking Office Space

Right Business Hub

Main feature of our service is right kind of people in office at right location.

Meeting Room

It can be rented at short notice for varying periods.

24 x 7 Answering Services

An executive will be appointed to receive calls on behalf of the organization availing the services.

The Right Tech

Our firm evolve with technologies to keep ourselves up to date

Coworking Workspace Service- That Fits Your Style

Coworking is altering the way freelancers, teleworkers, entrepreneurs, and distant workers for enterprise companies do work. No longer do they have to be stuck with the office, the busy coffee shop, or remote at home. It’s not possible to discuss coworking without having a conversation about community. In our firm members of coworking, organizations do so for many reasons, like cutting costs and having access to meeting rooms. First and foremost, however, is the desire to share a space with compatible people. We believe that working from home can be lonely. However, working with others in a non-competitive environment can increase creativity and improve morale.

Eicra put in extra effort to build these communities. We employ friendly, competent staff especially your facility manager who demonstrates hospitality. Moreover, we also host social and networking events, workshops, and other activities that bring people together and inspire businesses to prosper. Some events of Eicra includes:


1. Morning Coffee Hours

2. Weekly Evening Happy Hours

3. Workshops on Important Topics, From Marketing to Benefits

4. Family Events

5. Tours and Trips to Local Attractions

6. Networking Events Surrounding a Specific Topic

Today’s Digital lifestyles are driven by technology. Coworking probably wouldn’t exist without the releasing competences of laptops and cellular phones. Beyond the technology basics (WiFi, printers, copiers, scanners, etc.)that we must offer to clients, to really go above and beyond, we provide coworking spaces other technological additions to their arsenals.


Customers in a coworking space need secure access. Some of them work nights and weekends too.  Electronic and cloud-based door locks  and access points give members all the time coverage. And as soon as a member moves out access identifications can be changed. We are also evolving with fastest growing coworking operators and thus we are moving forward to adopt digital  visitor check-in apps. The facility manager is busy helping members, not walking lunch orders to the person who ordered it. And with multiple works under one roof, it is essential that guests don’t waste time searching for their hosts. Digital recordkeeping notifies the host immediately that their guest has arrived. Our Management can save time and money by not having to pay someone to sit near the door 24/7.

Another component that encourages customer loyalty is having a workspace in a  prime location. Our office location satisfies all the key points to be best office location:


1. In the heart of capital city Dhaka
2. Closer to public transportation
3. Just off the highway
4. Within or close to a residential community


Coworking space amenities that are easy to get to makes life easier for members. This also permits members to meet with customers at a convenient location.  And when those visitors check in they will see their forthcoming partner  appears stable. A top location  gives the  first impression  that you are successful and builds primary level of trust.  A respectable location is also close to a variety of  restaurants, cafes and other retail facilities. This added advantage permits coworking members to have commercial meetings over lunch or coffee  without jumping into the car. And simply an enjoyable place to stroll open-air when they need a break.

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Coworking workspace Solutions

Coworking Space

Customized, well-furnished and private office space for our coworkers.


Located in a prime location which is the capital city of Bangladesh called Dhaka.


Formed a trained team whom facility managers to take care of customized office amenities

Modern Technologies

Fully equipped modern technologies are available in office communication systems.


High speed internet, backup system and UPS are used to build a strong network


Prioritize cleanliness in every corner of office, especially during Covid 19 situation, extra measures has been taken

Mail Service

Co workers can use company's address for their mailing purposes and online directories

Meeting Room

Meeting rooms are well designed and evolve with technological advancements.

Fully Equipped Shared Business Center In Bangladesh

We’ll work with you to create a customized, private office that reflects your brand and culture. Beyond that, you’ll find attractively curated shared coworking spaces along with a amount of fully equipped, modern meeting rooms. We also offer a host of welfares designed to elevate your working day and provide the ultimate flexibility.

Right technology0%

Enjoy 3 High-Quality Facilities In Our Integrated Business Space

We offer Coworking Space we get your business done better with our workspaces & amenities. Both virtual offices and business centers offer workspace solutions that include a commercial mailing address.
Coworking Business Workspace

1. Motivation

An energy of productivity flies in the air when everyone in a room full of driven people. It’s nearly impossible to get rest when everyone else is working. That environment pushes you to work hard with likeminded people.

Coworking networking Services

2. Networking

When you meet with many people with so much in common as all of them are here for their profession. Then it’s become a matter of time until you begin to network and new opportunities start to flow organically.

Flexible Coworking Office Services

3. Flexibility

Rather than signing a long-term lease, you can get much more flexible deals from our coworking space service. This opportunity is great for startups with small bootstrap budgets, and even freelancers can find reasonable options.

FAQ For Coworking Business Workspace Solution In Dhaka. dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of all our members at all times and are taking Sanitization measures to guarantee that our spaces are up to standard. Coworking spaces encourage businesses and entrepreneurs to take part in the collective wisdom and energy of our spaces membership costs $45/month. Moreover, If you want to rent a desk for a day it's $50 and above the membership fee. Additionally, $350/month gives you unlimited access to the shared workspaces. However, dedicated desk will rate you wherever from $275 to $600/month. It varies depending on the office location, demand, customer’s request etc.

On your membership, you will have access to free an hour in the conference room. There you can have meetings for smaller groups. After that, we request you to book the conference room space as and when you want it for an additional fee.

At you’re more than welcome to carry your lunch and snacks to our office. We offer an equipped pantry for your use. However, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of restaurants and takeaways only a 5-10 minute walk from the space.

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