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Best Supply Chain Sourcing Procurement Services

Eicra offers clients a variety of procurement outsourcing options that may be tailored to their individual requirements. We provide you more bang for your buck with anything from end-to-end procurement outsourcing to point solutions like category management, strategic sourcing, and procurement operations.


Eicra as a procurement outsourcing service provider can offer exceptional results by bringing together the most complete procurement services portfolio in the business, innovative cloud-based technologies, global operational capabilities, and bespoke solutions.

Supplies Chain Sourcing Procurement Services

A Procurement Approach For a Customer-centric Supply Chain

Supply Chain Sourcing Procurement Purchasing Strategy
1. Purchasing strategy

By shifting to an agile human + machine operating paradigm and a flexible living digital architecture, procurement can become a source of long-term growth.

Supply Chain Sourcing Procurement Category Management
2. Category management

Comprehensive analytics provide unmatched insights into category performance, assisting in the unlocking of value from more mature and sustainable sourcing.

8 Simple Process of Procurement Services

We are dedicated to improving the efficiency, reactivity, and flexibility of our clients’ supply chains, resulting in tangible and long-term outcomes.
  • Administration of Categories Supply Sourcing Procurement Services
    1. Administration of Categories

    It is critical to have a thorough understanding of the spend category in question in order to complete a successful sourcing assignment. Our team of professionals at is well-versed and skilled in all aspects.

  • Sourcing Procurement By Cost Cutting Services
    2. Cost-Cutting Based on Contingencies

    In exchange for our strategic sourcing services, offers a number of cost options to our clients. We offer both flat-rate and fee-for-service invoicing alternatives, as well as an unrivaled contingency-based billing solution.

  • 3. Negotiations & Contracting has successfully negotiated thousands of contracts since its inception. Furthermore, we have gathered a large database of contract terms and price points that can be leveraged to swiftly save money everytime.

  • Supply Chain Sourcing Procurement
    4. Nearshoring and Low-Cost Countries

    We can assist your company in obtaining things made either domestically or by low-cost country vendors., in reality, offers venues in several low-cost countries through our extensive network of partners.

  • Outsourcing sourcing and procurement
    5. Outsourcing Sourcing and Procurement

    By outsourcing the procurement process, may assist your organization in procuring materials and services more effectively. We can ease the load on your in-house purchasing employees, allowing you to save money more quickly and efficiently.

  • Chain Procurement Recruiting and Staffing Services
    6. Recruiting and Staffing Services may provide a variety of recruiting services to supplement or replace your current procurement resources. Our staffing services provide the perfect personnel for every supply chain, sourcing, or procurement role, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.

  • Supply Chain Management Obtain and purchase your product or service
    7. Obtain and Purchase Your Product or Service

    You'll generate a purchase requisition after you've concluded the contract, which is a document that comprises a description of the goods or services, the quantity and pricing of the item, and workflow approval. The purchase order is sent to the supplier.

  • Chain Management Iterate and track the process
    8. Iterate and Track the Process

    When the goods arrives, double-check that it fulfills your expectations for quality. Keep track of your expenses to see how they change over time. Through the iterative process, you will continually improve your design or project until you and your team are satisfied with the final product.

Procurement and Supply Chain Sourcing Services

We collaborate with communications, media, and technology organizations on a variety of supply chain management projects. Many product-focused businesses find it difficult to arrange their services supply chains to cater to a variety of consumer segments while staying under budget. The search for improved ways to diversify distribution and channels continues for media firms.

1. Reviewing capabilities and identifying goals are the first steps in developing a supply chain strategy. Adopting new business models, controlling company complexity, decreasing working capital, and speeding up product introduction are all common objectives, as are reducing lead times and improving service and availability.


2. On-shelf and online projects frequently necessitate fundamental supply chain modifications, such as pull-push point design, replenishment heuristics, shop reorder governance, planning information, and forecasting.


3. Our efforts in sales and operations planning have resulted in significant advances in inventory management and planning, forecasting, production and service scheduling, and replenishment planning.


4. Our cost transformation and lean approaches to logistics operations have resulted in lean structures and collaboration. We leverage market information offered by suppliers to develop an effective logistics network while establishing collaborative networks.

Procurement technology Savings and Delivery


We use our experience and skills to provide holistic strategies for our clients, including procurement technology consulting, SME delivery resource, and applicable added value services. From global ERP and procurement leaders to specialist players, Capita has critical ties with procurement providers. Because each client’s objectives and goals are unique, we tailor solutions to meet their specific requirements.

Improving Client Maintenance: According to our examination with ESG, organizations that focus on customer care services are in access of multiple times bound to surpass their client maintenance objectives and visions.

Expanding Client Lifetime Esteem: Our exploration with ESG additionally uncovered that organizations with high-performing customer care services that are almost multiple times more probable than their low-performing friends.

Boosting Client Faithfulness: Our Trends Report showed that 77% of clients report being more faithful to an organization that offers decent customer care services on the off chance that they have an issue.

Procurement Management on a Global Scale


Eicra is a global operations leader in strategic sourcing and other high-value procurement business process outsourcing. We bring local market knowledge, global expertise, and global economics to bear on your procurement objectives through offices and operations centers across BD.


We harness the talents, unique knowledge, and relationships of personnel around the world, whether they are based on a client site, a regional or local office, or a global operations center, using our unique Global Regional Integrated Delivery operating model. To constantly offer high value to our clients, our delivery network is supported by best-in-class analytical tools, a deep knowledge base, and a global SME network.

Sourcing Procurement BPO Service in Bangladesh

What's the Difference Between Sourcing and Procurement?

Let’s take a closer look at the distinctions between procurement and sourcing processes now that we’ve broken them down.

Process Elements


Because sourcing is a subset, it’s a simpler process with fewer moving parts. Internal needs are defined, vendors are sought, sourcing events are planned, and providers are evaluated.


Procurement, on the other hand, includes sourcing, purchasing (putting purchase orders, receiving orders, and making payments), data analysis, contract management, and supplier relationship management.

How Can Sourcing and Procurement Be Better Coordinated?

As you can see, effective communication between procurement and sourcing teams is critical to the seamless operation of a business.

To ensure that a company only interacts with effective suppliers, sourcing requires data.

In order to produce an accurate spend prediction and increase cost savings, procurement requires statistics gathered by sourcing.

The correct procurement technology can assist you in centralizing all sourcing and procurement data and improving coordination between procurement and sourcing teams.

What's the difference between sourcing and procurement?

Sourcing is a subcategory of procurement that focuses on selecting and negotiating with suppliers.

On the other hand, is concerned with procuring products and services as well as ensuring the supply of essential commodities.

Furthermore, sourcing is in charge of developing supply systems and vendor connections, whereas procurement is in charge of procuring items.

What Are the Real Advantages of Outsourcing Procurement?

On-site, near-shore, and off-shore resources are all part of Eicra’s delivery approach. When directing large sourcing projects or managing an entire category, on-site resources engage more directly with clients and stay more connected.

Can Procurement Increase Value?

Supply chain may and should provide value to that 70 percent of revenue in a variety of ways. Some of the more obvious responses include:


Cost optimization entails getting the most bang for your buck.


Spend transparency — ensuring that supplier spend and data are transparent.


Effective contracts and contract management – risk management


Process optimization – utilizing technology and techniques to make purchasing easier


Bringing in fresh ideas from suppliers (to a business) is an example of innovation.


The reality is that each procurement customer may have a different perspective on what “value” means.

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