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Onsite Annual Maintenance IT Services Provide Computer Support For Businesses


Eicra can be a reliable partner in ensuring your success with trusty onsite annual maintenance IT services. We deal with many business organizations as their “Growth” partner through our organized and dynamic onsite IT services. Our IT expert’s knowledge and strong technique can ensure that you get the most out of your business while maintaining the highest level of service quality. Our onsite IT services are flexible and customized to your individual demands. We have the resources to execute a solution that not only satisfies your specifications but also your budget and business value, whether you’re a small non-profit or a large enterprise.

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For almost a decade, Eicra Solutions has been a prominent provider of onsite IT services, serving the computer support needs of global customers. We have a track record of providing excellent service to clients from all verticals and industries.

Outsourcing IT, Systems & Network Support

1. One-Stop IT Services

With a skilled team of specialists, the scope of services now includes all aspects of the backroom IT system: counseling session, planning, equipment procurement, satisfactory outcomes, and maintenance.

2. Integrated IT Outsourcing

We offer comprehensive onsite IT services such as installation, maintenance, and development. Our company hired customer service representatives who are available to assist in the maintenance of IT systems.

3. Professionals Services

Our employees are highly skilled and have much more than once year of experience in the IT field, and they are overseen by a leader who holds IT-related certificates. We are the most expert IT professionals with 14 years.

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Onsite IT services tailored to your industry’s specific challenges, business software, and technology.

Eicra.com is a leading web hosting company in Bangladesh.

Quality Controlled Outbound Services

1. End-User Computer Support

Our core competency is resolving computer issues for your users and providing advice on how to get the greatest result out of your devices. Our onsite IT Services help desk support is quick, friendly, and knowledgeable about computer problems and questions.

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2. Network Management

Setting up and managing your onsite services workplace network to ensure smooth operations is an ongoing effort. A single incorrect configuration can bring the system to a halt. Allow us to design a network on your specifications to assist you in completing tasks more quickly.

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3. Procurement Assistance

Handling with hardware manufacturers, as well as our ISP and phone provider, is a daily event. We take away the headaches by providing you with workable IT options from which to choose. Allow us to do the get stuff done so you can concentrate on business.

Onsite IT Services Computer Support Network Maintenance AMP

4. Asset Support

It is difficult to keep track of your IT assets like computers, passwords, notebooks, passwords, and special arrangements. We have the knowledge  to keep this data quickly and securely. You won’t have to start from scratch with our tested structure, allowing more time for real innovation.

Onsite IT Services Computer Support - Network Maintenance AMP

5. IT Consultation

BCP and DRP IT Consultation Planning, Application Design, and locating the correct equipment for the demanding software program all take time. Our expert in technical research, planning, and asking the questions saves you time and money in determining the best solution for your company.

Onsite IT Services Computer Support Network Maintenance AMP

6. IT Safety

Detecting phishing emails, making plans a secure IT infrastructure, and maintaining a balance among usefulness and security all required knowledge of what is available. With the support of our IT safety audit service, you can benefit from our understanding and get the best defense for your company.

Our Onsite Computer Support Services For SME

We offer a variety of onsite IT services packaged and tailored maintained solutions to businesses that require technological computer support for a wide range of PCs, notebooks, servers, computer hardware, and applications on a regarding proper maintenance level or as a controllable pay-as-you-go agreement.


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Data Recovery Services

Why We Are The Best For Onsite IT Services

Eicra.com is a full-service technology solutions provider, an award-winning outsourced IT firm that combines expertise, creativity, and flexibility for your success. Our solutions assist businesses in migrating to the cloud, improving on-premise operations through managed IT services, and providing all across 24/7 onsite IT services.

Onsite Annual Maintenance IT Services in Dhaka

How can I get onsite IT services?

We offer on-site assistance through Enhanced Support. Each Improved Service agreement includes a set amount of days of onsite IT services existence. If the on-site budget is spent, we continue to resolve issues via off-site cases, meeting calls, and Conferencing meetings. However, we expect that the on-site claim will be enough for emergency usages in a project. We also provide on-site architecture, RTL design, and back-end implementation review assistance. For more information, please see our Styling Reviews service.

How long do I take for Technical Support for a device?

Technical Support is available for the duration of the product license.

Are there any restrictions on IT Support?

There have been no limits to the number of issues, who may ask them, or the subject matter when you have valid entitlement. Arm has a 16-hour limitations on the total of time it can spend on a specific situation before needing a management review.

How can I make the most of IT support cases?

Submit a onsite IT services support ticket online or send an email to the pertinent dedicated email alias.

1. Make your queries as specific and detailed as possible.
2. Identify the Arm product(s) and revision (s).
3. Include any relevant environmental information and attachments.
4. Respond to requests for additional information.

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