Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Managed service provider (MSP) services includes network, application
infrastructure and security, via ongoing and HR support

Cost & Time-Saving Managed Service Provider (MSP) In Bangladesh

We as a managed service provider (MSP) manage a customer’s IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems remotely, usually on a proactive basis and on a subscription basis. Our managed service provider will collaborate with your company to deliver the network support you require. When you work with us, you’re hiring a remote team rather than a full-time on-site support team.

As a top managed services provider in Bangladesh, Eicra ensures that all systems throughout an organization are running smoothly with little or no downtime. Our Managed Services Engagement Framework is based on our Master Managed Services program’s ITIL Framework, which includes a variety of services.

Firstly, we can reduce costs. We will charge a one-time setup fee and then a monthly flat price, giving business owners a predictable monthly cost. Outsourcing managed services also allows business owners to save money on in-house staffing, as well as the technology, equipment, and other resources required to complete the duties.

Second, as a managed service provider, we will have the experience, skill, and understanding in the services we provide, allowing for higher accuracy and fewer risks and liabilities, especially since government rules and industry standards will be met. By streamlining processes and procedures, we also improve efficiencies.

Operational services

Your activities will run smoothly at all times. With a presence in 20 countries and partners/MSPs, we can assist you with Helpdesk, Event Management (Monitoring), End to End Management- Incident, Problem, and Change, Global Maintenance, and On-site support services (Service Franchise).

Transition Services

Do not let transitions affect your business. Our services, which include Project management / Transition planning, Test and release services (Application, Network, Data Center, Facilities, Security, and so on), Application development services, and Deployment Services are all tailored to your needs.

We Managed Service Provider (MSP) Offer 6 Special Services Affordably

1. Managed Security Services

This is a service covers all aspects of remote security infrastructure. It covers everything to anti-malware solutions, and it keeps them all up to date in real time.

2. Managed Print Services

A managed IT services provider will remotely assist with data and file infrastructure using this form of managed service. It's frequently the best option for businesses.

3. Managed Support Services

We Managed service providers frequently use this option. It usually covers all IT support services, from troubleshooting to dealing with complex difficulties.

4. Managed Cloud Services

Cloud infrastructure management is one of the more in-depth classifications of services, encompassing computing, storage, networking, and information technology.

5. Managed Communication

This service provides messaging software, VoIP (voice over internet protocol), data, and video as well as communication infrastructure.

6. Data Analytics

Data analytics will be desired by businesses searching for monitoring services for data management and use. This solution includes business intelligence for identifying trends.

Our Managed Servics Provider Team Helps To Set Your Company Apart From Others

We are a leading global Managed Service Provider (MSP) that offers dependable and cost-effective IT infrastructure management services such as Remote Server Monitoring and Management, Helpdesk Services, Remote Desktop Support, IT Infrastructure Monitoring, and more.

We Are Top Qualities of Managed Service Providers

Within a 24-hour time window, we will provide vital assistance. The more quickly you can do your task, the better. Every company has its own set of resources and requirements. As a result, a reputable service will frequently provide price options that are flexible.

To counteract data loss, we must have solid security procedures and reactions when dealing with any type of information. There is always the chance of downtime. If you have downtime, you need to ensure that your data is secure in the event of a disaster.

As a top managed services company in Bangladesh, we ensure that all systems throughout an organization are running smoothly with little or no downtime. Our Managed Services Engagement Framework is based on our Master Managed Services program’s ITIL Framework.

We as MSPs can provide a wide range of services, including cybersecurity, VoIP, backup recovery, and more. When a company lacks the financial resources to hire and operate its own in-house IT team, they turn to outsourced IT help. Alternatively, they may prefer the expertise and advantages that outsourcing may offer.

We provide Cloud-Based Managed Services


Cloud-based services are becoming more popular than traditional MSP models. This is because the usage of cloud models by tech companies is growing, necessitating further support.


Cloud managed services follow the model of critical IT support but in a cloud environment. Remote IT troubleshooting, network development, cybersecurity, responsive support, and data monitoring are all available through cloud-based managed services. Companies can supplement their people and infrastructure when needed while also taking a proactive approach to their framework.

Cloud Managed Service Provider for Cloud transformation to ensure security & compliance

A managed services provider can keep an eye out for potential security concerns or issues, such as the need for more memory, and monitor your network for you. It’s more reliable to have an external team monitor your network and servers because they can keep working even if a server goes down. They can also automate certain activities, such as data backup. They can also automate certain activities, such as data backup. MSP teams are more responsive as a result of this proactive approach, and you can still get the IT assistance you need in a rush.


You want your servers back up and running as soon as possible if they go down. After all, downtime may be costly. While other organizations may charge for emergency services, some MSPs may charge a flat rate for this type of 24/7 “concierge” service, or include it as a feature in their tiered pricing packages.


This kind of quick reaction time is essential if you want to maintain productivity, so being able to reach someone to fix a problem at any moment might save you hours of income chances.


MSPs frequently handle administration services on a regular basis, allowing customers to focus on developing their services rather than worrying about prolonged system downtimes or service interruptions.

What Makes Us Different MSP?

1. Cost Effectiveness

You’re hiring a third party to handle your day-to-day IT needs when you deal with a managed services provider. Working with an MSP provider is typically the greatest option for developing organizations whose demands are rapidly emerging and changing.

2. Visibility

We take over the management of your network, they can track it against specific criteria. If the network’s performance begins to deteriorate, the MSP is alerted right away. We employ software that can self-diagnose and correct issues before they escalate into full-blown.

3. Scalability

As a managed service provider, we will be able to keep track of your network as it grows. A managed services provider should be able to monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure at both locations if you open a second business site, for example.

FAQ for Managed Service Provider (MSP) In Bangladesh

How does Eicra's Managed Services work?

When you choose a managed service provider, you keep overall managerial control and responsibility over the IT operations you’re outsourcing, so you’re still in charge. Furthermore, you have complete control over which services you want managed externally and which you want to continue working on in-house.

What is your response time?

Customers can contact our Help Desk at any time, day or night, and speak with a live technician. The length of time it takes to respond to specific concerns is determined by the severity of the problem the client is experiencing. Our goal is to meet your business’s demands by increasing uptime and resolving issues as quickly as possible.

Can we get a tour of your corporate office?

Yes, of course! Prospective clients are welcome to visit us on site to observe our team in action. You can contact us by filling out the form to the right or calling us. We’d be delighted to address any questions you may have.

What areas does Eicra service?

Telecommunications firms, manufacturers, oil and gas companies, insurance organizations, and retail establishments are among the industries that Eicra provides Managed Services to. While the majority of our managed IT clients are in the Houston region, we have managed IT clients all over the country.

Why Eicra Managed Services Over Other Providers?

In the Bangladesh IT industry, Eicra was one of the early users of Managed IT Services. We take a complete approach to Managed IT and have a track record of providing high-quality IT support services, thanks to our extensive technical experience. We value 100 percent client satisfaction and use it to measure our progress. We stay ahead of the curve in dealing with new technologies while staying on top of regulatory changes throughout the industries we serve.

Do you have a service definition?

Yes, companies interested in cooperating with us can get a copy of our service definition. As part of their onboarding, every client receives a service definition.

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