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Eicra Soft Ltd takes the responsibilities and all the hassles related to tasks for Remote HR Recruitment of your company. So, we recruit in national limits for exceptional remote talent that matches with your company’s goal, core values and culture.

That is where our service brings the uniqueness! Initially, our value added service team is continuously working using the lean 6 sigma tool to reduce the waste of time in this remote recruitment process.

Our company has proven its expertise in the field of remote hiring or virtual staffing HR recruitment services. We help our client’s to hire impactful candidates so that, they can make positive changes or differences in their business. Also, there are countless jobseekers for one position and thus make the recruitment process harder and lengthy.

Moreover, our HR recruitment team is working from posting the job opening to scrutiny the profiles, and also interacting with them. Also the experts are setting up the first interview, returning with the updates, and selecting the top applicants. However, in this process, our aim is to select best candidate using smooth hiring process that is tried and tested for over the years.

Empowering Offshore HR Recruitment Services

Searching for up-and-comers who have those attributes would muddle your all around complex business, so for you to deal with things cautiously and easily. Moreover, you will require the assistance of a remote HR recruitment agent who can best assistance you look for the most fitting up-and-comer. Also, who can be the resource of your company. Furthermore, to diminish your heaps of weights, “Eicra Soft Ltd” has sprung up. Since, our group is a respectable enlistment firm in Bangladesh that is constantly ready to offer a wide scope of administrations to various customers like you.

Professional Offshore HR Recruitment

“Eicra Soft Ltd” is glad to say that our group can convey groundbreaking work re-appropriating abroad assistance for various enterprises. Although we accept that our group made this a ceaseless acknowledgment on account of the exertion. So that, we put in to use profound re-appropriating and industry information. Additionally, our group can help our customers and their business in propelling their functional and practical performance. So, what makes us unique in relation to other human asset counseling organization is our commitment to proceed with what we have begun.

1. Years Of Experience On Onsite, Offsite

2. Outstanding Infrastructure

3. Rich Pool Of Manpower

4. Selective Team Of Industries Best

5. Liberty To The Partners

6. The Tenure Of Offshore Service

Get Our Process of HR Recruitment Remote Staffing Outsourced Services

Offshore Staffing Services That Values Client

Our HR recruitment master group has confidence in giving savvy HR administrations to our customers. Importantly, Eicra Soft Ltd helps your business in settling convoluted business concerns. Therefore, remarkable supplier conveying extraordinary administrations. In addition to our every minute of every day administration of expert seaward staffing is focused on giving great arrangements at the swiftest conceivable time.

HR, Payroll, Employment Outsourcing Services

On the other hand, with Outsourced HR recruitment administrations, you can scale your association rapidly, effectively and also cost-adequately with devoted far off staff. Furthermore, your full-time seaward staff report simply to you each work day from our Dhaka workplaces in Bangladesh. So that, we offer a wide scope of reevaluating administrations that incorporate admittance to virtual workers to smooth out your business activities. Also, it is backing your business development.


Our administrations incorporate contribution virtual representatives for Website and Software Development, Mobile and App Computing, Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Managed IT . Furthermore, legal Assistance, Healthcare Consulting, Software Testing, QA, Creative Design and Animation, Customer Support, Internet Marketing Expert, and also content writing are also our virtual representatives. Further 45 subcategories are the referenced fields.


Moreover, we ensure that we just connect you with virtual workers and seaward staffing faculty. So that, they are gifted topic specialists with long periods of involvement with their important fields.


Although, we are sponsored by talented faculty, represent important authority in their separate fields, to ensure we convey productivity and assist you with smoothing out your business tasks. Moreover, utilizing cutting edge creation and staying up with the latest with the patterns.


Since we utilize the most productive and modern correspondence. So that, this matches effort tools that you can use to reach out to your virtual representatives. Additionally, our virtual representatives go past the limitations of time regions to convey their responsibilities.


HR recruitment service will associate you with a menial helper who works nonstop to keep your tasks running. Obviously, we furnish you with restrictive admittance to talented far off virtual workers.

Here Our Managed Remote Staffing

The most difficult work in the wake of finishing the entry cycle is the task of staffing. Hence, our HR recruitment give Managed seaward staffing administration to your organization.


Also, you may have the suitably selected representatives for you yet they will not have the option to deliver you the best administrations if the staffing isn’t done as expected. Therefore, our HR recruitment association guarantees that your representatives are having their most useful time at your organization.


Above all, seaward open positions are irksome all alone. Therefore, it is hard to adjust the beyond agreement climate on seaward locales. In addition, if the staffing isn’t done as expected, there will come zero efficiency from the group.


HR recruitment can develop your business. So that, at the point when we’ve done the employment for you. So that, we ensured you get the most suitable group to conform to the difficult environment there.


Presently, it is our duty to keep your progression of productivity safe by doing the staffing properly.


Moreover, work, preparing, and fulfilling: these three to give you the best Remote HR Recruiting   administrations. After that, we assume tools for your laborers even after the enrollment interaction is done and ensure that they are getting along nicely at their specific employment.


Moreover, we keep them satisfied for their positions and we also do everything without exception to complete our goal.

3 HR Remote Employment

1. Training

The following objective we point is preparing the applicants we enrolled. To coordinate with your assumptions and acclimate to the unfavorable workplace, we render preparing administrations. In the instructional meetings, we guarantee that your workers are upgrading their abilities for the positions they’ll be doled out in the places of work.

2. Employment

Our staffing administrations start by utilizing the enlisted people. In the interest of you, we haggle with the applicants. Their compensation related issues, arrangement, even the transportation administrations are dictated by us. We know your prerequisites and work as needs be, that is the manner by which we get you the best administrations in the business.

3. Rewarding

We realize how to draw in your laborers in a seaward workplace. By remunerating them we draw out the most extreme administrations they can serve. Remunerating likewise keeps them more focused on the work they do. This is an approach to utilize your assets.

FAQ for Remote HR Recruitment Services

Would you be able to help us start from scratch?

Sure! We will work with you to determine the next step if that is what you suspect. Moreover, the hiring process has changed a lot. So that, our company has kept up with modern techniques for hiring and attracting applicants. Also, finding the right people is too important not to do it right. If your process only needs changes, we’ll tell you that, too, and help you make it the best it can be. Although find out more about our Hiring Management service.

It is only a handbook that I need. Would you be able to help me?

As employee handbooks require an in-depth understanding of your office, we only develop them as part of larger, ongoing HR recruitment partnership engagements. We have a sister company, OurVirtualHR, that offers a handbook builder that might be more appropriate.

Do I have to pay you for every employee I hire?

It’s one of the many things that sets us apart from other staffing services and headhunters. We only get paid for our time. Then we create a hiring strategy. On the other hand, all of the applicants are yours. No matter how many or how few you hire, you can do it whenever you like.

Can you tell me how much it costs?

There are a lot of factors that determine the cost. So, every relationship is different, so your pricing will reflect your specific requirements. Afterward, you will love the way that we staff in order to manage your costs. After that, HR Managers, HR Directors, and also HR Generalists will be assigned to you in your team. Importantly, we push work down so that you only ever invest in the level of work that is actually being performed. However, nothing more, nothing less.

What is the best way to know we're doing well?

We not only attend client strategic planning but also corporate retreats, as well as company picnics. So that, we can be as much a part of your team as if we were an internal employee.

Can you manage our HR without being on site all the time?

On the other hand, we put just as much effort into getting to know your business and your people as we do into HR tasks themselves. After all, it’s all about building trust with you and your people from day one and integrating as though we work there. Furthermore, our communication can be via e-mail, text, or a video conference, or we can talk on the phone.

Leave Your Payroll Processing, Payroll Tax Filing, Employment Eligibility Verification And An Array of Other Daily HR Administrative Tasks to Eicra. 

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