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Eicra Soft Ltd Remote Staffing lends you some assistance to offer the best Remote/virtual workers for all your staffing needs in Bangladesh and furthermore across the globe. Preceding associating them to you, we guarantee that they are ideal dedicated, committed, and as an expert to the work according to your requirements for the equivalent. Eicra Soft Ltd is a firm adherent of suggesting the top of all competitors from our inimitable information base, to adjust to the mastery, information, and accreditation’s needed by customers for their far-off or Remote staffing necessities in Bangladesh, however at any spot everywhere on the world. With the assistance of a particularly adaptable labor force, organizations can ascend to the always expanding requests of their business developments and prevail in them.

High staff Flexibility and Scalability

High Flexibility And Scalability

Get a wide assortment of far off staffing alternatives at profoundly financially savvy rates, covering administrations in all areas. You can recruit a whole group to work dedicatedly or only for you, or you can pick representatives to work for you low maintenance, or you can just take the remote staffing association.

Smartest possible Remote Staffing solution

Smartest Possible Solution

Remote staffing arrangements dispense with the vulnerabilities of employing specialists. As a customer, you defeat the two universes your rethought work is dealt with by proficient, enrolled staff; you can make enormous reserve funds; and you can zero in on taking your business intelligence forward.

Your One-Stop Destination For Remote Staffing Solutions

Recruiting gifted staff is quite possibly the most basic components of a developing business, which is the reason we offer the accompanying assets to help you assemble your virtual group.

We Make Third-Party Offshore Staffing Easy For You

International Reputed Remote Staffing Cycle



At Eicra’s, our advisors are prepared to adopt a customer driven strategy. During the worldwide far off staffing measure, our specialists guarantee that organizations’ necessities are unmistakably perceived prior to planning and customizing the cycle to the prerequisites of the organization.


For an overall manual for Eisra’s global distant staffing measures:


1. Accommodation Of Job Description

Endless supply of JDs, our advisors will give counsel on the compensation market range and the choice of capabilities to focus on.


2. Inner Discussion

We arrange an inward group conversation for each individual from the sourcing group to completely comprehend your employing needs and position subtleties.


3. Assess Handpicked Applicants

Each up-and-comer is handpicked and pre-screened to guarantee they meet the recruiting necessities and fit the bill for the job.


4. Meeting Arrangement

Whenever customers have chosen the competitor they might want to talk with, we will continue to plan an up close and personal or virtual office meeting.


5. Onboarding Process

The onboarding cycle is completely customizable. Your seaward staff will be furnished with the right instruments and foundation to begin working.


6. Overseeing Of Far Off Representative

Organizations can zero in on driving, while we handle the regulatory systems like finance, leave the board, consistence, and duties.

Global Remote Staffing

Remote staffing refers to the work of an external specialist of a conventional office climate. While global distant staffing shares a similar idea, the representative should be situated in nations outside the nation of origin of the workplace.

Remote Staffing has been around for quite a long time however it has never been embraced until the mid-advanced stage. The headway of innovation has led to the introduction of innumerable creative items like virtual correspondence programming, video conferencing apparatuses, and cloud organizing. These are only a portion of the numerous elements that made distant work plans conceivable.

Seamless Setup For Your Remote Staffing Assignments:


We are a group of devoted distant staff experts who are committed to present to you the advantages of employing far off staff for your business prerequisites. Distant staffing is perhaps the most financially savvy and productive approaches to construct a group with a different scope of range of abilities. The distant staff goes about as additional help that shares your responsibility by turning into a piece of your group, basically.


1. Financially Savvy

Recruiting a perpetual group of experts, in-house, is a costly issue. You need to manage a few expenses including yet not restricted to office rent, service bills, furniture and other extra prerequisites.


2. Worldwide Accessibility

We are devoted to assemble you a group that is enthusiastic to work and convey results. As distant staffing takes out a great deal of auxiliary expenses, you can zero in on paying the right compensation to the right ability and reinforce your group.


3. Convenient Service

Distant staffing arrangements guarantee to be accessible for you whenever. We give you the specific labor match for your prerequisite without squandering any of your assets, particularly your time. With us, you can have confidence to get hold of the most ideal ability at all time.


4. Useful Assets

We take sufficient consideration to vet the contender to guarantee that we broaden just the most useful assets at your administration. You can pick the most appropriate match from our ability pool and guarantee that you get the profits on your ventures.

How our Virtual Staffing Solutions can help your Business?  

Our virtual staffing arrangements are energetic about building a brilliant relationship with our customers by providing quality representatives for every one of their specializations. We never acknowledge an errand without enquiring customers’ assumptions from us. At the point when our reevaluating arrangements have an unmistakable thought regarding the assumptions, we go all out to acknowledge them by accomplishing the best outcome. We focus on long haul BPO rethinking administrations and associations with every one of our customers. We have proficient undertaking directors, experienced essayists, remote helpers, advertising experts, bookkeepers, IT specialists and all segments of human asset you have been looking for. Reach out to our virtual staff arrangements, and let us know your necessities; thus we can serve you in a superior manner.

Dynamic & Flexible Offshore Staffing Service

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 Hiring  World-Class Professional Virtual Staff

Enjoy Uniqueness With Our Offshore Staffing Process

Battle the ability lack

At the point when the opposition for neighborhood ability is wild, and the quest for the best representative appears to be disheartening. Look past topographical limits and broaden your pursuit by taking advantage of the worldwide ability pool. The shots at tracking down the right applicant in a split second increment by a couple, if not, hundreds overlap with worldwide remote staffing.

Appreciate cost-reserve funds

With the present status of the worldwide economy and a downturn approaching not too far off, it is critical for organizations to eliminate pointless costs and influence cost-reserve funds techniques where proper. Without bringing about the expense and dangers of setting up an actual worldwide office, organizations can appreciate the expense reserve funds of employing global abilities at a reasonable rate.

Increment business strength

The present world is loaded up with vulnerabilities and nations are met with exceptional events, be it a social dissent, catastrophic event, infection flare-up, or political commotion. Building business versatility is critical to guarantee association achievement. Having a worldwide group assists with guaranteeing persistent tasks in case of any obstruction looked in a specific country.

Admittance to specialty gifts and Desired ranges of abilities

For example, organizations who are hoping to fill jobs like software engineers, designers, and AI Specialists, will confront comparative difficulties in tracking down the right abilities locally.


Which one is time effective- a remote staffing or in-house person hire?

The procedure of conducting a remote interview does not have to be as chaotic as general in-person interviews. arrange several very effective employment stages so that different associates of our team can meet and assess candidates. When we interview applicants remotely, though, we have the opportunity to speed up the hiring process, which benefits our overall time-to-hire.

Can you tell me about Eicra’s Quality Guarantee?

Through’s Promise, which is our 100 percent quality assurance, our assigned expert team strive every day to ensure consistently top-notch ability and customer fulfillment.

How can structure a remote hiring process?

Our recruitment experts are well equipped with the latest tools, assets and broad associations for the hiring procedure. While assigning staffing arrangements, focus on giving measures that meet our customer’s present requirements, future desires and financial plan. Our chosen applicants have end up being incredible resources for their remote organizations.

Do you deliver permanent remote staffing services? offers dedicated and customized staffing solutions that are tailored to the requirements of an applicant who shares the corporation’s interests and goals. We can identify and deliver the right people with the necessary knowledge for every level of your company. Therefore, from day-to-day responsibilities to special initiatives, thanks to our exceptional role as an international recruiting agency in Bangladesh.

How Much Does It Cost to Pay Remote Staff?

There’s no standard remote employee salary. Therefore, what you’ll pay your remote workers will be close to what you pay to your office staff.

We Also Offer Industry Specific Offshore Staffing Solutions

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