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Our Employment Background Screening Services Ensure Smart Global Hiring & Mitigating Risk

Our Employment Background Screening Services assist businesses in hiring and retaining safe and productive employees by providing a variety of background screening solutions ranging from basic criminal background checks and drug testing to more sophisticated analytics tools that verify qualifications, monitor ongoing compliance, and analyze social media activity. Employee Background Check Services gathers the essential information from public and private databases, then employs extensive industry knowledge to cross-match, enhance, and validate results for our clients, all while ensuring FCRA compliance.

We fulfill our client’s requirements of hiring the right candidates for different roles with our employee verification services. We assist our clients in building a foundation of trust and confidence with prospective candidates while mitigating hiring risk factors.

Depending on the position you’re hiring for and the sector you work in, a background check may include a range of services. Certain businesses, such as financial and legal services, will, for example, demand more thorough screening than retail or sales positions. To guarantee that you have a complete picture of a candidate, we recommend using a variety of services to get a complete picture of their background. We provide the background checks you’ve always wanted by optimizing every aspect of the client and candidate experience.

We insist on keeping things personal even as we introduce new technologies. What about our customer service? We are available to take your call. Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with your business needs. Transparency? Every step of the journey, there is communication. What about our customer service teams? The most dependable in the business. That’s why we can boast a 90 percent first-time call resolution rate and one of the industry’s most devoted customer bases.

Our Employment Background Screening Services Include :

1 . Authentication of Identity

2 . Verification of Passports

3 . Validation of National Identity

4 . Validation of the Right to Work Address

5 . Examine driver’s license

6 . Check  local court’s criminal history

7 . Check with the local police department for criminal records.

Our Employment Background Screening Services Include :

8 . Authentication of Police Clearance

9 . Database Search in the United States

10 . Verification of Employment

11 . Verification of Education

12 . Verification of Professional Credentials / Qualifications

13 . Character Reference (Professional/Personal)

14 . Report on Credit

We Deliver Employment Background Screening By Optimizing Every Facet Of Client & Candidate Experience

1. Marketplaces & Gigs

We improve your onboarding process to scale up and down with ease.

2. Healthcare

When looking for skilled, compassionate employees, we avoid classic compliance mistakes.

3. Retail

Identify dependable customer service representatives who are looking out for your best interests.

4. Insurance

Verify the qualifications and professional history provided by the candidates.

5. Business Sectors

Are you looking to expand your company into a new industry? Also, we can assist you.

6. Transportation

To protect your most valuable goods, choose expert land, sea, and air personnel.

We Offer Address, Court Records, Credit check, Criminal Database Education, ID Proof, Professional Reference, Substance (Drug tests) Checks

Are you seeking a simple approach to get rid of this time-consuming aspect of the screening? If you answered yes, you should hire Bangladesh Employment Background Screening services. We will satisfy your criteria for recruiting new resources for your prestigious firm on time, and we will provide you with a reliable and simple Bangladesh background check solution.

Flexible Employment Background Screening Suits To Your Needs Perfectly

With years of experience in Employment Background Screening For Employment, we’ve been a popular choice for businesses looking for innovative solutions to complete the time-consuming chore of conducting background checks in the shortest time feasible. Our work is assured to be of high quality, and our team of experts leaves no stone unturned in providing the greatest service to our clients. We have acquired a significant reputation in the industry and are now listed among the top Employment Background Screening Solutions in Bangladesh because of their tireless work. We have a lengthy list of satisfied customers who are really pleased with our adaptable service that ensures the required outcomes. When we contacted them, we received nothing but positive feedback, and there are no indications that they had any issues with the service.

Our Employment Background Screening Services Save Your Precious Time is a reputable name that provides organizations with the best background screening solutions and is a perfect fit for enterprises of any size. In Bangladesh, we provide the greatest background check. We have a team of trained specialists who are always striving to deliver dependable screen check solutions to make the tiresome work of screening check a little easier.

1 . One of the most time-consuming and costly investments a company can make is hiring and recruitment. Protect your investment by doing background checks so you can make the best decision possible based on all available information. This short-term investment can make a big difference in the long run, especially when it comes to employing senior officials and management-level executives.

2. Keep your company and its employees safe from inappropriate candidates. This reduces the financial and human risk of hiring new personnel.

3 . An employer may also be held legally accountable for an employee’s activities while working for the company. This is just another reason to make sure you make the right employment decision from the start in order to reduce long-term risk.

We Ensure Pre-Employment Background Check and Screening Solution Successfully

Pre-employment screening and background checks are used to ensure the suitability, integrity, and identity of anyone hired to work for your company. Pre-employment screening and checks refer to the practice of checking candidates’ histories to verify the accuracy of their information and identify any potential dangers before making a hiring decision. Make sure you’re hiring the correct people for the job to secure your company.

Prior to Starting Work The purpose of screening is to locate a perfect match for both sides to create a happy and fulfilling working relationship through the correct testing and screening procedures, which goes beyond filtering our untrustworthy workers and high-risk applicants.

To objectively do the background screening, we do our pre-employment screening by going straight to the source. This may entail contacting relevant government agencies, local or national police agencies, as well as former employers and referees, in order to compile a full employment verification report that includes a summary of any difficulties discovered. You can be confident in your recruiting and recruitment decisions if you use this report. conducts this Employment Background Screening utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Get Easiest, Most Flexible, & Delightful Employment Background Screening Experience With Us


We’re motivated by speed, efficiency, and quality, and we’re backed by one of the industry’s most experienced teams. You can rely on as your Employment Background Screening firm to deliver an intelligent approach to screening for your organization, one that is based on years of trusted experience in assisting clients in making solid, quick judgments with confidence. Get a free quote on a pre-employment screening package for your company or organization by contacting us today.

We Continuously Provide Information That Is Timely, Accurate, Economical, And Compliant.

There are various reasons why all Bangladeshi businesses and organizations should conduct Employment Background Screening :


One of the most time-consuming and costly investments a company can make is hiring and recruitment. Protect your investment by doing background checks so you can make the best decision possible based on all available information. When it comes to employing senior officials and management-level professionals, this investment can make a big difference in the long run.


Nearly a third of job applications examined in Singapore in 2018 contained discrepancies, most of which were related to the candidate’s employment or educational background. Conduct a thorough background investigation to acquire the correct information about a prospect to ensure you are receiving the whole picture. This just ensures that you select people who are qualified for the position.


Many renowned firms and organizations have recently been misleading by senior officials’ comments about their qualifications – colleges, international corporations, and other organizations have all been embroiled in controversies involving employee misrepresentation. Make sure you preserve your company’s reputation by doing background checks on personnel before they are hired.


Background checks are governed by compliance and regulatory frameworks in many businesses. Check to see if you’re in compliance with these rules.


With packages ranging from entry-level solutions to Executive Screening, we specialize in providing organizations with in-depth, unbiased information on a candidate’s background and qualifications.

3 Special Checks We Done Effectively But Not Limited

1. Employment Check

To determine a candidate’s job experience in previous organizations, information such as designation, period of employment, the reason for leaving, and so on is confirmed. When one or more of a person’s previous employers are no longer in business, a thorough inquiry is conducted using other methods to determine the veracity of the claim of having worked there.

2. Criminal Check

Criminal background checks are run to see if the candidate has any prior convictions, either civil or criminal. Any past, on-the-record convictions are uncovered by searching government documents relevant to the candidate’s nationality and jurisdictions at many levels.

3. Social Media Check

A team of experts screens online social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as reputable search engines like Google and Bing and popular online news sites in the candidate’s geographic area, for suspicious or negative activities associated with the candidate in the recent past.

FAQ for Employment Background Screening Services In Bangladesh

How long will my background check take?

It all relies on the services requested by the employer and how the information for those services is gathered. Although the vast majority of criminal background screening is completed within 24 to 72 hours of obtaining the order, some courts have particular procedures that may cause the results to be delayed. Due to the nature of the human procedure of making telephone contact, verifications of job, personal, and professional references may take longer than the 72-hour window. When international services are included in the background check, the results can take an extra week or more to arrive.

How much does a background check cost?

It all depends on how broad and deep a background screening is required. Sterling provides the most comprehensive and accurate criminal background checks available. The cost of such a check can range from around $50 to several hundreds of dollars, depending on the intricacy of the screening. Integrating a Sterling screening service into your applicant tracking system or talent management system is generally the best and most cost-effective option if you do a large number of background checks on a regular basis.

Does Eicra charge monthly minimum fees?

No. We believe that every corporate organization, no matter how large, medium, or small, should screen its applications. As a result, we do not penalize a smaller company for its volume.

How do you ensure confidential information is secure?

Through comprehensive security measures in the domains of information technology, our firm protects the privacy and safety of our clients’ data. This data is stored on our own private, secure servers. All of our background screening data is backed up every day, and we have all of the appropriate firewalls in place. Only our clients (approved users) have access to our reporting system, and all transmitted pre-employment background check information is secured.

How will I receive screening reports and information?

Our Secure Applicant Tracking System (SATS) website has the results, which you can check online at any time. There is no need to purchase background screening software or upgrades; it is a free website that we provide to our clients. Furthermore, we can fully link your system with ours to reduce data entering duplication.

Does Eicra use database searches?

A database background screening search is available in Eicra, however, it is only used as a supplement to an in-person county search. Database searches have a place, but the information they provide is essentially a clearinghouse of information that has been sold to a company and made available for a cost. Database searches do not provide a complete picture of what’s available.

We’re Here to Provide Employment Background Screening Services

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