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These days, Eicra.com focuses on providing PEOs with services like finding the best employees for your business through background check process. Additionally, it guarantees expert services for background checks and personnel screening. As a result, we set up thorough pre-employment background investigations for your company. So that we may use our background check service to guarantee that only the highest caliber individuals are employed. Specifically, we offer creative solutions starting with hiring the appropriate employees and effectively managing all background check needs. Finally, this enables you to choose the ideal person as quickly as possible by enabling you to make wiser judgments.

Background Verification

Firstly, background Check Services get the necessary data from the general public. also uses private databases and then draws on considerable domain expertise.

Account Integration

With the major solution suppliers in the PEO market, we have also formed integrated alliances. Thus, your screening program now has the unmatched capability. Finally, get in touch with us to discuss integrating your account.

PEO Onboarding

Employee and management solutions are provided by our PEO service sector. Also, It serves as the official employer of a workforce that works for the business. In essence, it represents the client firm.

Escalate Efficiency

Solutions will increase your efficiency in accomplishing business objectives and enhance the applicant experience. You will receive assistance from our first-rate background check service at every step.

Background Screening

Extended Workforce Screening

Criminal Records

Job History Check

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Financial Verification

Driving Records

Executive Intelligence

Drug Testing


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Our focus is to retain customer and building trust

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Accuracy In Screening

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Background Checks: Smart, Reliable & Faster

Client’s Timeline Is Our Top Priority

Currently, recruiters emphasize background checks with a short response time. They can thus free up the human resources staff to focus on other projects. It could be essential to creating a solid staff. Additionally, reducing the total time to hire makes it easier for firms to compete for the best candidate. For instance:


If a job candidate first receives a job offer letter from a rival. Then, instead of working for your company, he or she can choose to work for a rival. Additionally, our reputable on-demand job background screening business may help organizations boost the effectiveness of their current screening strategy.


As a background check business, we employ both in-person and internet research methods to learn more about a person’s past. Including, if they have ever been convicted of a crime, a misdemeanor, etc. The outcomes of these inspections are then, collected into reports that are simple to read.

Employee Background Verification Services

We Help Client’s Stay Compliant With Bangladeshi Laws And Regulation

Nowadays, serious repercussions might occur if rules and regulations are not maintained in compliance. It might be difficult to stay current with changing legislation, though. To an extent, our employers also include according to Bangladeshi legislation.


Additionally, requirements provide a serious hurdle, but there are many resources available to aid in remaining compliant. 48 percent of respondents employ in-house legal advice, while almost one-third rely on their background screening supplier. Moreover, we also have years of knowledge and experience in compliance. Additionally, can support the development of efficient background check processes.


Therefore, we provide all the necessary information regarding the laws and regulations a client needs to complete the process of background checks. Candidates may rapidly submit the necessary personal information to us, see the progress of their background check, and get assistance with questions.

Background Screening Solution

Centralized Program Management

In greater detail, firms may profit from centralizing the background check procedure, providing a more standardized, effective, precise, and compliant screening program. Additionally, a centralized hiring screening procedure can enable businesses to use fewer suppliers and technological tools.


As a result, many firms profit from designating the human resources department as the program owner of the background check procedure. However, our top firm provides tools for companies to create simplified screening processes that are simple to set up across several sites and huge enterprises.


Briefly, get better control and transparency with our smooth recruiting process, to put it. Our service solutions effortlessly connect with the tools you already use, whether it be an ATS or an HRIS system.

Background Checking Process
Employee Verification Services

Your Organization Security 

Here, we comprehend your PEOs’ co-employment responsibility, including features of compliance and also, risk management. Overall, Eicra.com specifies providing the most compliant, accurate, and comprehensive background checks too. Thus, this is for your PEO firm and its client to serve your preferences. Depending on the tests you need, the cost varies. Also, numerous organizations provide bundles of plans, from entry-level to premium.

Background Investigation

Ensure Your Compliance 

We provide investigative techniques, customer consulting, and delivery of completed reports as our solutions. Consequently, our processes and automated workflow are all created to ensure compliance and correctness. Similarly, before running background checks, and get the candidates’ consent. As a result, use current and reliable background information sources abide by legal retaliation procedures.

Co-working Space Services

System For Your Satisfaction

Meanwhile, we evolve with the latest background verification system to gain the highest level of satisfaction. Moreover, we remain up to date with modern legal changes and trends and modernize our proprietary platform to ensure processes and documents are compliant. In other words, the background check procedure is quite helpful when hiring roles in your organization, from expanding your personnel to promoting current employees.

Background Check Offers:

Legal Issues Verification

First, our company while looking into independent contractors’ backgrounds. And more contract employees or remote recruitment.  Also, we take into account client agreements, legal requirements, and conditions of government contracts. Therefore, we examine each of these factors to guarantee your company’s security.

Automated Process

Thirdly, speed up your hiring process by using our automatic background check system. Furthermore, there has been an increase in unemployment since the pandemic’s onset. Additionally, this has increased the number of people applying for available positions.

Presently, background checks for each prospect for a profession require manual labor. But, why put in the effort when you may automate your procedures and obtain the most trustworthy outcomes? In response, our professional services may assist you in scaling. Specifically, during these periods of candidate overflow to obtain the most trustworthy outcomes.

Applicant Tracking System

Lastly, take advantage of our modern, responsive interface to effortlessly accomplish your employment background verification tasks.


Such as, reviewing an applicant’s screening consequences or monitoring the status of multiple screenings.


Also, you can make your hiring process even more efficient by integrating with our applicant tracking systems.

Accuracy in Reference Of Background Check:

Non Compliance law suits

Second, we are completely aware of the intricate legal issues surrounding job background checks. Additionally, we are aware of the consequences of non-compliance. Since we have witnessed other screening companies and their clients involved in non-compliance cases. Moreover, the background check process is perfectly completed by us for your organization’s safety.

24/7 Support System

Now, clients have trusted Eicra.com for a long time. Thus, we are successful in building longstanding relationships.

In short, we do this by providing dedicated client support. And also, clients communicate with their representatives every time they call us.


Foreign Entity Setup Services

In addition, the phone-based reference interviews, we are using technology to improve the results of background verification.


And, our screening firms offer online solutions that permit a broad set of reference sources to respond quickly and confidentially.


Therefore, many believe online reference checking does not assist a hiring manager or screening professional to ask probing questions in an interactive fashion. Though, this is true that requesters always have the option to call. And also, to ask follow-up questions about applicants after reading the initial report. Furthermore, our firm prepares a proven set of questionnaires that have remained very effective, while conducting a background check online.

FAQ For Employment Background Checks

Does Eicra.com screen every applicant’s background?

Firstly, background checks are a vital aspect of the recruiting process. Since, they notify the company that the applicant has the necessary education and experience. And by doing so, the corporation can be confident that the applicant will be able to do the job. So, Eicra.com do a background check at the final stage of the recruitment.

At what level Eicra.com do background check?

Ever since, the most predominant form of background check is Level 3. Besides,  criminal history, education,  and reference checks are all part of the procedure. If demanded, the outcomes of pre-employment drug testing could be included in the level three background check reports

What subjects Eicra.com look at in a background check?

Importantly, we focus on work history, credit, driving records, criminal records, and vehicle registration. Also, court records, compensation, bankruptcy, medical records, references, and property ownership. Actually, they cover all things that an employer might look into.

In what percentages Eicra.com focuses on different background check categories?

Presently, Eicra.com prefer conducting a background check for employment to verify criminal records (95% percent), and job history (86 percent).  And, identification (70 percent). Lastly, this is because it may affect their occupational performance and chances of doing misconduct.

What is cost of background screening service?

For various reasons, the cost of a background check differs depending on how much is being examined. Also, there are more differences.  Therefore, in a nation where the crime rate is higher court criminal background check usually costs $15-$20.

Thus, this kind of background check includes mischiefs, crimes, offense dates, case numbers, and arrest info.

Customized Background Checking & Drug Testing Services

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