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Advice on Choosing a Business Structure

Foreign Enterprise Service Company (FESCO): A Smart Move For Foreign Company


Foreign firms looking to expand abroad will find Bangladesh an elegant location. Many Foreign Enterprise Services seeking to join the Bangladesh market may face difficulties understanding of local rules and regulations. We are a trustworthy foreign firm service company (FESCO). Small companies may find it difficult to find all of the services they require in one location. Getting firms up and operating smoothly is no longer a challenge with our extensive support offerings.

For your business plans, we will advise you on the optimal company structure to adopt. We can set up a corporation in a matter of days and establish accounting systems as well as take care of financial and tax compliance on a daily basis.

Bangladesh has been a major rising market in the world since the past two decades. The credit goes to its guided and well-spoken population, which has provided strong backend staff to big corporations looking to set up shop in Bangladeshi market. Bangladesh’s presence has become even stronger since the introduction of a unified Goods and Services Tax the creation of a single-window registration and compliance system for development.

Benefits You Get From Foreign Companies Setting up in Bangladesh

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Skilled workforce
Funding and loans
Provide incentives
Good infrastructure

 3 Special Reasons You Get Foreign Enterprise Service Company (FESCO) In Bangladesh

1. Sustainable Business

Bangladesh, being a developing economy, provides a fairly stable environment for a variety of industries. We are strengthening its infrastructure in terms of roads and internet access in rural regions, making an ideal place to do business and creating a favorable business for a variety of industries.

2. Increasing Demand

When it comes to the consumption of commodities, the expanding population an interest in a global approach. The need for basic facilities is increasing in tandem with the growing population. This enables a variety of enterprises with a competitive advantage to expand and sell to a more educated public.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Bangladesh has lower labor, food, and infrastructure costs than a foreign firm, which encourages manufacturers to set up shop there not just to take advantage of the massive markets, but also to save money on production costs. Another advantage of running the facility in the availability of skilled, low-cost labor.

Online Company Registration Smart Approach To The Taxation in Bangladesh

Our Foreign Enterprise Service Company Has Everything You’ll Need to Get Your Business Off the Ground.

We Provide The Best Tax and VAT Services for Foreign Company

This is only one of several sectors of professional services where our firm has a significant advantage over the competition. Many of our partners and lawyers are experts in tax consulting, and many of their cases have been approved as guidelines by the Bangladeshi High Court and tax authorities, and are used to determine the resolution of numerous tax issues.

International professional services businesses have approached us for our experience in these areas, as they seek the finest solutions for their clients. We make an effort to understand our clients’  foreign enterprise services businesses and collaborate closely with them in order to give tailored tax advice that results in the most effective and efficient discharge of their tax liabilities.

When conducting business in another country, value added tax (VAT) can effect almost every transaction and be a substantial component of a company’s cash flow. There is an increasing demand to be VAT compliant in a foreign jurisdiction as more organizations operate abroad and perform cross-border transactions. can advise you on all national and international VAT problems as well as declaration requirements. More than 40 VAT specialists from across the world are organized in our International VAT Group, which provides regular communication, professional exchange and explain methods and hot themes in VAT.

Advisory services for all ongoing VAT queries in your daily business, with a high-level practical and part of the economy approach for national and cross-border concerns. In-house training prepared by the client for frequent business situations and the qualifications of participants.

  1. Corporate Tax Assessment and Planning
  2. Preparation and submit of income tax returns for local and Expat individuals
  3. Deferred tax method and application
  4. Acting on behalf of the clients as a tax speaking on behalf
  5. Capital Gains Tax
  6. Partnership tax
  7. Tax appeals
  8. Tax effective Remuneration planning

Core Benefits You Get From Our Services

1. Your Products and Services Will Have Access to New Markets:

A foreign subsidiary is a legal entity that is established in another country. Legal entities have the ability to promote their goods and services to the general public. We have the ability to import and export commodities as well. Businesses with a local presence can spread their brand recognition into new markets, thereby increasing earnings.

2. Access to Local Knowledge  

By establishing a legal entity in, a business can make new business relationships with local partners and set up joint ventures that take advantage of localized knowledge.

3. Streamlined Processes and Incentives  

We encourage Foreign Enterprise Service and make the process of forming a business as straightforward as possible. We even offer financial incentives to attract foreign investment, such as:

Tax incentives

There is no requirement for a minimum amount of capital.

Zones of special economic significance

Zones of free trade

Integration procedures that are more efficient

There are no or little limitations on Foreign Enterprise Service ownership.

FAQ for Foreign Enterprise Service Company (FESCO)

Are there any exceptions to the new rules?

The contribution used to be computed based on the participating employee’s average monthly pay income from the preceding year, in a foreign enterprise services therefore the greater the salary, the higher the contribution. Individual income taxation does not apply to contributions.

What are the main indirect taxes in Bangladesh?

The main indirect tax is VAT for a foreign enterprise services, which is levied at rates of 16 percent, 10%, and 6%. Different sectors or activities may have lower rates. There are also consumption taxes ranging from 1% to 56%, land appreciation taxes ranging from 30% to 60% of the gain, customs charges, stamp duty, and environmental taxes.

How can FIEs recruit local and foreign employees?

Bangladeshi personnel might be hired directly by FIEs or through local employment service centers. Foreign enterprise services, on the other hand, must obtain permission from the local Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the business must show why local employees are unable to fill the post or are otherwise ineligible. Expatriates must meet a number of criteria, including an academic degree, a professional certification, a post, and a contract period, among others.

How easy is it in Bangladesh to terminate employment?

Only legislative grounds allow employers to terminate an employee’s contract. Employers must pay an employee a severance payout equal to one month’s average wages for each year of foreign enterprise service, subject to legislative limits.

Foreign Enterprise Services Solutions For Foreign Employees Cover Life Services

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