Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Logistics and Risk Management Services in Bangladesh.
Supply Chain Management Services In Bangladesh

Supply Chain Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of Bangladesh’s leading supply chain management app development businesses, and it hires the most creative and imaginative brains to design top-of-the-line Supply Chain Management apps for you and your company. Our smart business apps can turn your supply chain management software into a multi-pronged, dynamic system. The solution is to hire a reputable third-party firm and entrust them with the task of creating a robust business application that can streamline complex supply chain activities.

Planning & Forecasting

Inventory Management

Logistics Management

Supply Chain Data Management

Supply Planning

 Our end-to-end services include software packages and application solutions for managing the complete process, from product life cycle management to order tracking to streamlining all parties involved, such as suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.


1. Planning

Plan and manage the resources necessary to meet a company's product or service demand. We monitor the supply chain is efficient, Planning.

2. Sourcing

Select vendors to offer the goods and services required to complete the project. Then, create procedures for tracking and managing supplier relationships.

3. Manufacturing

We organize the steps necessary to accept raw materials, create the product, and test it for quality, package it for shipping, and schedule delivery.

Procurement Outsourcing (PO) | Supply Chain Management (SCM) BPO

1. Logistics

We employ professional logistics management software at because we recognize the importance of your supply chain management processes and operations. We can assist you with warehousing, shipping, and node-to-node communication both within and outside of Bangladesh.

2. Procurement

One of the primary components of our supply chain management software is procurement. It enables you to communicate with vendors and suppliers and conduct business with them inefficient manner possible, thanks to smooth communication, payment automation.

Supply Chain Planning
3. Supply Chain Planning

The primary goal of our service is to apply issues is to conduct supply chain management in a methodical manner. The main objective of the solution is to keep you ahead of the competition by studying market changes, replicating development trends, and developing revenue creation. So, Get in touch with us.

Supply Chain Management Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services



Supply Risk Management


Supply Data Management


Supply Chain Diagnostics


Supply Chain Consulting

Enhance Your Supply Chain Risk Management with Strategic Sourcing.

Outsourcing the supply chain management helps in minimizing overall cost,
focusing on its core competencies, and meeting customer demands more effectively.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) in Sourcing BPO

How could your supply chain create more value?

Companies can become comfortable — even complacent — with their customer relationships. Of course, this approach is risky because what buyers want and how much they’re ready to pay will vary over time. Our services make more value to the customer and help to achieve their highest goal.

Who are your key customers?

One of the most significant challenges for supply chain managers is that they are frequently cut off from the company’s customers. Sales and marketing teams close deals and persuade customers to buy; supply chain personnel then manufacture and deliver the goods on time. Despite having a set of manufacturing goals, supply chain managers sometimes have no notion who their customers are.

Are There any extra fees I have to pay?

No, the gain share compensates you for the total cost of your participation in the program.

What type of communication do you provide about my performance?

Each member receives a quarterly business evaluation that highlights program savings, vendor compliance, and services used, to mention a few.

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