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Third Party Offshore Quality Inspection Service in Bangladesh.

Offshore Quality Inspection & Audit: Protect Your Company’s Brand & Reputation


When it comes to importing goods, quality is paramount. Receiving substandard products hurts your supply chain as well as your revenue. Quality inspection and factory audit services are provided by Eicra.com Inspections in Bangladesh. One of the most significant challenges is the issue of quality. Importers encounter this problem all over the world. Your processes, products, machinery, equipment, systems, and coatings must all meet a variety of statutory and contractual quality requirements in order to ensure quality. To ensure compliance with all required criteria, we provide extensive quality control and certification.

Our local quality control team is Western-managed and has extensive experience checking a wide range of items. We offer one of the greatest solutions to ensure your items fulfill your criteria by conducting the pre-shipment inspection. In Bangladesh, we also provide factory auditing services to assist you in finding the proper supplier.

As the world gets more interconnected. It is critical for businesses to keep ahead of the competition in terms of more than just price. But, perhaps more crucially, the product quality. However, there is always apprehension when corporations import from developing countries like Bangladesh in the hopes of saving money. We provide the best customer care services also.

This is where Eicra.com comes to your rescue, assisting you in ensuring that the items you receive not only match your product standards and criteria but also exceed your customers’ expectations, which is critical if you want to stay profitable in today’s competitive market. As a result of low expenses, poor quality is frequently the result. It’s critical that you achieve a balance between price and quality.

How Our Quality Control Services Help You?

Avoid Costly Product Defect and Shipment Delays

Identify or Explore Corrective Actions

Protect Your Company's Brand and Reputation

Ensure product quality at every production stage

Optimize your quality control budget

Our Valuation Quality Inspection Service & Testing Reduce Risk & Ensure Accuracy

Smart Solutions that Bring Trust and Safety to Trade Globally

We Have Expertise On 3 Special Categories In Quality Inspection Services

1. Production Monitoring

We provide quality control that You can trust. Our production monitoring solution enables our clients to be entirely accountable for all of their factory and plant processes. We are experts in examining your operations at a granular level and conducting assessments to see how well your specifications are being followed.

2. Pre-Shipment Inspection

We provide all of the benefits of pre-shipment inspection service to Bangladeshi trade operators, from manufacturers to suppliers and exporters. This service thoroughly inspects things to ensure that they are in good condition before being transported. We may undertake a number of safety evaluations, conformity verification tests.

3. Manufacturing Lab Testing

At Global Inspection Managing, we understand the importance of lab testing in the manufacturing process, which is why we only hire the most qualified experts to test your products and ensure that they meet the regulatory and safety requirements of the market you’re targeting, avoiding costly recalls or hefty fines down the road.

Looking for Third Party Inspection and Engineering Services ?

Check, improve and certify your product Quality Inspection and supplier compliance. Book online and gain real-time insights.

Our Quality Inspection Services Deliver High-Quality Products Satisfies Customers


Product Inspections are an important part of quality control because they allow you to check product quality on-site at various stages of the manufacturing process and before it is shipped. Inspection of your product before it leaves the manufacturer’s facility is a good approach to avoid quality issues and supply chain disruptions later on.


Quality control inspectors use product inspections to determine whether a product meets the AQL level, design criteria, and specifications. Product inspections are conducted by quality control inspectors at any level of the manufacturing process to identify quality and regulatory issues early on. This gives you plenty of time to take corrective action if products fail to meet quality standards. On-site quality control inspection services include product examination.


Quality Inspection from Eicra.com evaluates your product and product management against your specified specifications to ensure that it meets a variety of requirements, including meeting the international standards of your target market. Your Quality Inspection process can be standardized and critical quality concerns communicated to all parties engaged in the inspection with the use of inspection checklists that you can select online and modify to your needs.

Get 4 Benefits Of Product Inspection


1 . You can ensure that every potential issue that could arise during manufacturing is checked by using precise, specialized checklists that we customize to your needs.


2 . This allows you to totally standardize your quality control, reducing the likelihood of unanticipated problems. As a result, you might establish a reputation as a company that produces high-quality goods.


3 . Furthermore, you can ensure the quality of your items at the point of origin. Companies who fail to do so risk having to pay for subpar items, which can wreak havoc on your long-term product management.


4 . Product quality inspections can also assist you in anticipating potential manufacturing delays. Delays can cost a lot of money if you do a lot of overseas shipments.

We Offer Quality Control Services From Audits To On-Site Inspections & Checks


It is entirely up to you when and where your product inspection takes place during the manufacturing process.
There are several options available with offshore onboarding.

  1. IPC – Initial Production Check
  2. DUPRO  During Production Inspection
  3. PSI  Pre-Shipment Inspection
  4. CLC Container Loading Check
  5. PM Production Monitoring

On-site and off-site quality control tests are performed to assess whether the product meets the Acceptable regulatory criteria or the client’s product specifications. As part of on-site quality checks during product inspections, QC inspectors conduct initial production checks and container loading checks. On-site and off-site lab testing are also part of the quality control process.

During product inspections, this type of quality inspection is generally performed. The majority of on-site quality issues are typical or well-known issues that are investigated in the factory’s labs or test facilities. On-site lab tests might reveal the basic components that were used to make your product. QC inspectors can check for dangerous compounds to make sure your product doesn’t break any rules or endanger people.

Off-site quality inspections entail high-tech lab tests conducted in a controlled setting. A sample is taken and delivered to a reputable laboratory for advanced testing such as functionality, usability, and safety. If the contract calls for lead-free products to be delivered, the inspector can collect a sample to be tested for lead in a lab. Off-site lab testing are helpful for quality control and ensuring that your products comply with safety laws.

4 Types Of Special Quality Inspection Services We Provide Affordably


Quality inspection services are usually divided into four categories. Each one relates to a specific stage in the manufacturing process. When it comes to buying in Bangladesh, they’re all in every importer’s toolbox.

1. Pre-Production Inspection

A pre-production inspection informs the buyer about the raw materials (or components) that will be used in the production process. Factories are sometimes accused of cutting costs by acquiring inferior materials, which can be fatal for the buyer.


The pre-production inspection can also include a look at the processes that will be followed once production begins. This is sometimes crucial, as Chinese companies frequently cut corners and do not follow the buyer’s blueprints.

3. Final Random Inspection

By far the most prevalent type of QC check is the final random inspection (also known as “pre-shipment inspection”). It occurs once 100% of the shipment quantity has been completed and at least 80% of the shipment has been packaged, so it can be a true random inspection (which is not the case if the quality has been checked earlier) and suppliers cannot play games.

It increases pressure on supply while giving buyers more power. Its primary goal is to validate the quality of a shipment rather than to detect problems early. To avoid discovering problems at the last minute, I frequently urge my clients to supplement final checks with a DUPRO.

2. During Production Inspection

Early in the production cycle, a during production inspection (often referred to as “DUPRO”) helps the buyer to get an indication of typical product quality. It is the most important and underappreciated instrument available to importers, who frequently rely solely on final inspections.

It usually happens after some finished products have exited the production lines. If quality concerns are discovered, what has already been produced may be reworkable, and remedial actions for the remainder of the job can be implemented. It allows purchasers to plan ahead of time and possibly prevent delays (repairs and re-inspections take much more time when problems are noticed after all production is finished).

4. Container Loading Inspection

Container loading inspections are not as common as pre-production inspections. However, in some circumstances, it may be a viable solution. It can be helpful if the buyer has a specific loading plan that must be followed to the letter (for example, some boxes are too delicate to be placed at the bottom), or if the packaging is not standard.

When an importer has lost faith in a source or when numerous suppliers bring their items for consolidation, it can also ensure that the proper products are delivered out in the right quantity.

These quality inspection services are usually used for consumer goods that don’t require any customization. Various procedures are frequently used to ensure that industrial products meet specifications (much more attention is spent during development and early production).

Why Quality Control Services With Eicra.com?


Our experts will help you secure your quality and compliance plan, whether you need to inspect a manufacturing lot at the factory before export, discover and rectify root causes for a reoccurring fault, or ensure your product conforms with safety standards.

In today’s supply chains, optimizing supplier performance is a critical success factor. From onsite audits through corrective action planning, training, and improvement, we can assist with the implementation of action-driven capacity-building programs.


1 . Globally Improve Your Supply Chain


Eicra.com trained inspectors, auditors, and labs can help you control the quality of your products and suppliers. With technical assistance from our industry specialists, you will be able to improve quality and compliance.


2 . Intelligent Platform for Quality


You can gather quality data from the field while simultaneously managing and implementing uniform quality policies with your vendors. You’ll be able to get personalized data, benchmark, and improve the performance of your providers.


3 .   Eicra.com Is Difference


Get the best customer service available. 1: Chat assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and dedicated contacts are available.

Build unique quality control and assurance systems that fit your needs.

Response time: 48 hours on-site, fastest report turnaround time

FAQ for Quality Inspection Services In Bangladesh

How long does it take to get the results of the inspection?

In Bangladesh, quality inspection reports are sent out within 24 hours of the completion of the inspection. Clients can get same-day reports for a $30 fee if they need it quickly.

How much does it cost?

All-inclusive product quality inspection and factory audits start at $298. Product inspections are typically completed in one man-day. The number of man-days required is determined by the total ordered quantity, product complexity, and the number of references to be inspected. You will receive a quotation before finalizing your order if you book your product inspection online.

Do you offer any discounts ?

We have unique packages for our VIP clients who schedule inspections on a regular basis and have been with us for a long time for the quality inspection process.

How many parameters and products can be inspected?

We can look at as many variables as you want. You may always customize a quality inspection or add parameters as needed, but keep in mind that the complexity and length of an inspection will affect the pricing because it will take longer to complete. The quantity of items inspected per day is determined by the number and complexity of inspection parameters requested. We will be able to inspect more products per day if you only have a few simple factors.

How can I collect samples during an inspection?

Please let us know whether you want us to collect manufacturing samples. This can be done online or by speaking with your account manager. For your reference, we can choose “regular” samples at random or defective samples. This service is completely free, and samples are delivered to you via your own courier account for quality inspection. We can also ship the samples to you or our office, and you will be responsible for any courier fees in excess of US$ 5. Without doing an inspection, we can also pick up production samples.

We Provide Quality Inspection, Control, Testing, And Sampling Services.

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