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Virtual Office Services for Company Formation in Bangladesh.

Virtual Office For Business Address In Bangladesh


Eicra provides serviced, furnished, and shared coworking workspaces, business addresses, meeting rooms, and coworking workspace for rent on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis at various locations in Dhaka. Locate the ideal coworking office space in Bangladesh.


Eicra offers logical and affordable virtual offices. Our services aid in handling the administrative requirements of your business. While you concentrate on expanding your company without incurring significant overhead costs, let us worry about the details. We are the top supplier of virtual office solutions in Bangladesh. You can strategically expand your firm by utilizing virtual offices and virtual personnel services. A more affordable and hassle-free alternative to hiring full-time staff or leasing full-time office space is our virtual office solutions service.

Virtual Office Management System
business organization

Greater Efficiency


Organizing and setting up a client’s schedule and calendar, setting up meetings and appointments, checking and vetting a client’s email inbox, and producing and sending emails are all examples of general administration chores. In addition, communicating with clients on behalf of a business, keeping track of client accounts, and connecting with clients are all part of this career.

Business Intelligence



Data collection and measurement, data updating and entry into a computer system, data formatting and verification, and data formatting are all parts of this process. VOS provides Virtual People to all major industries, including IT, IT enabled, communications, engineering, chemical, construction, education, energy, manufacturing, and media/entertainment, to name a few, in order to extract actionable information for enterprises to make business decisions.

Business Solutions

Administrative Assistance


Our bilingual secretaries and receptionists, many of them have advanced degrees. They assist with administration via our Virtual Office. Your own private receptionist will answer your calls using the greetings you supply and the company’s name. She will dazzle your clients because she will be the “face” of your business. You can get help with your professional needs from your personal secretary.

How Our Virtual Office Services Ideal For You? Following Are The Best 8 Services’s Virtual Office Services are the smart and cost effective solution for managing your business’s administrative requirements.

1. Virtual Office

The Virtual Office Services are a smart and cost-effective way to manage your business's administrative needs.

2. Business Address can give you a trusted address that will secure the respect and trust of your clients.

3. Secretaries

Make sure you never miss another call by using a Servcorp receptionist to answer and forward your calls for you.

4. Redirecting

The premium address and mail forwarding package is designed to offer flexible options for mobile operations.

Virtual Office Services

Business Address

Secretaries and Receptionists

Mail Handling

Phone & Receptionists

Business Registration

Virtual Business Address


5. Receptionists

You need our telephone answering service if your business needs a local phone number and a dedicated receptionist.

6. Affiliation

We offer a global network of workspaces and business lounges that you can use whenever it is convenient.

7. Spaces For Meetings

We offer professional training rooms for your next interview, pitch or training session.

8. Workspace

Our goal is to ensure that your team is motivated to work, thrive, and grow, while taking care of all the details.

Rent a Top-Notch Virtual Office in Bangladesh’s

We are the top supplier of virtual office solutions in Bangladesh. You can strategically expand your firm by utilizing virtual offices and virtual personnel services. A more affordable and hassle-free alternative to hiring full-time staff or leasing full-time office space is our virtual office solutions service.


Your operating costs will go down, but Virtual Office Solutions will also boost your revenue. Products like virtual employees and virtual office space are made to help your company present the finest image while spending less money.  We provide.


1. A Prominent Address

2. Personal Receptionist

3. Modern Meeting Room

Rent Office Space for Meeting Room in Dhaka


A virtual office can prove beneficial to your organization in additional to reducing costs. Starting up with a physical office can save you money.
It is expensive and requires long-term agreements to maintain a physical office. As an example, you’ll need to lease office space and purchase office equipment.

Simple to Set Up

The services needed to run a business are available online, from accounting software like Xero to human resource management tools like Oracle.
The equipment required for remote work is less than for officework, so long as you have an internet connection and a laptop.

Virtual Office Services for Company Registration in Bangladesh.

You can grow your business by opening a Virtual Office Services in Bangladesh.

Get an instant business presence in one of Bangladesh’s most popular locations with a Virtual Office Services. We will handle your mail and provide you with a professional address. Our trained receptionists can answer your calls with a dedicated phone line. We make it easy for you to book meeting rooms and desk space whenever you need them. We also offer complimentary access to business lounges worldwide when traveling.

Our Virtual Office Management Services Bring Core Benefits
1. Office Management


A virtual office manager can help ease the administrative burden on a business owner, especially as the business expands. Contact us for office management.

2. Core Services


Our team’s mission is to make your work life hassle-free, we handle all your day-to-day work! Will provide 24 hours call center services.

3. Virtual Office for GST


GST Business Address
1. GST Business Address
2. State-wise GST Registration
3. Acquire NOC, Signage

FAQ for Virtual Office for Business Address In Bangladesh

What are the benefits of using a virtual office service?

Virtual offices offer several of the benefits of a traditional office without the financial burden of an actual office. The virtual office packages are flexible and can be tailored to meet your specific needs at any given time. We offer virtual office packages that can grow with your business.

What is the costing of a virtual office service?

We offer a basic address and mail package starting per month that includes a professional business address, mail and package receipts, 24/7 access to meeting rooms and day offices at low rates, online booking for meeting rooms and Internet access.

Can I use office space in My's if I have a virtual office with them?

Yes. Our virtual office clients can use the day office, conference room, and meeting spaces for up to 40 hours per month. When you need a private office occasionally, but not every day, My Office offers the perfect solution. If you decide you want a more permanent solution, you can upgrade from a virtual office package to a full-time office package and keep your virtual office phone number and address.

What makes a virtual office different from a virtual assistant?

Virtual offices provide a physical office address as well as mail receipt and handling services, telephone answering services, and limited access to professional workspaces.

You Can Count on Us for Help in Managing Your Virtual Office Services

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