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Exclusive Bookkeeping and Accounting Outsourcing Services


Our experts in Technical Accounting Services that is similar to the best among the business, including huge bookkeeping firms, with our passion for items of common sense and trouble of certifiable business. Our interesting help conveyance approach is based on quality and bases on an active leader drove group that partners with you to make our abilities and mastery work for you. We don’t give marked review, audit, or gathering administrations. In this manner, we are not limited by freedom rules of a normal bookkeeping firm. We focus in and work for and for the benefit of organization the executives to help you look great and succeed with Technical Accounting Services.

Technical Accounting & Bookkeeping
Exclusive Bookkeeping Services

1. Monetary Services

Our Technical Accounting Services experts keep up to date with impending bookkeeping changes and help customers in appropriately announcing their monetary condition as per GAAP and SEC.

Accounting Outsourcing Services

2. Exchange Accounting

Key exchanges can be unpredictable and the representing them is no less so. Our Technical Accounting Services support customers in incorporating and representing consolidations.

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3. Bookkeeping Policies

Overseeing change can be troublesome, which is the reason recognizing strategies and techniques that improve bookkeeping measures is fundamental. Our group follows the most recent bookkeeping.

Accounts Receivables

Bank Account Reconciliation

Manual Journal Entry

Invoice Processing

Virtual Accounting & Bookkeeping

Financial Reporting

Accounts Payable

Cash Flow Statement Creation

1. Giving Business Advisors to Executives and Audit Committees

  1.  Bookkeeping and detailing ramifications of deals
  2.  SEC standards and policy, hot catches, and ongoing turns of events
  3.  Repetitions, remedies of mistakes, and changes in gauges
  4.  Backing while at the same time overseeing examiners and valuation trained professionals

2. Preparing Financial Statements and Audits

  1. Financial statement disclosure preparation
  2. Audit preparation with continued support through the external audit process
  3. IPO process, including drafting financial statements and management’s discussion and analysis of financial condition and results of operations
  4. Preparation of registration statements and other SEC filings
  5. Technical Accounting Services and disclosure topics, such as revenue recognition, acquisitions, and restructuring
    International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and US generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) conversions

3. Supporting Business Combinations

  1. SEC principles for huge acquisitions
  2. Business versus resource acquisitions
  3. Price tag assignment
  4. Switch consolidations and recapitalizations
  5. Side projects, cut outs, and obtained element budget reports

4. Assessing Equity and Liability Instruments

  1. Customary and convertible obligation and scaffold advances
  2. Convertible and redeemable favored stock
  3. Warrants, call-and-put alternatives, and other complex instruments
  4. Installed subordinates and support bookkeeping
  5. Extinguishment versus change bookkeeping

End-To-End Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax & Financial Reporting

Technical Accounting Services Warning Administrations For Complex Monetary Bookkeeping Needs

Complex deals can introduce astounding freedoms. They additionally require particular abilities past Technical Accounting Services that your full-time representatives or clerks might not have. Our accomplished experts can assist you with exploring the maze of monetary detailing, hazard the board, and other exchange related bookkeeping challenges that are important to manufacture the way forward.

Regardless of whether it’s getting ready agreeable fiscal summaries for a first sale of stock, appropriately recording a business blend coming about because of a consolidation or obtaining, or planning for a review, Technical Accounting and monetary announcing duties can be intricate and tedious. With lean Technical Accounting Services and money divisions, associations frequently battle to simply stay aware of everyday requests that require significant exertion and consideration.

Eicra soft Ltd’s devoted group of experienced experts can help. We can help your association as you explore a horde of Technical Accounting services and monetary announcing needs. On occasion, complex bookkeeping issues require information on specific direction. Our skillful experts come from a variety of foundations; they have worked at public CPA firms, in private industry and in our own review practice. They have insight in a varaity of businesses.

By consolidating a profound comprehension of Technical Accounting services with a full scope of warning administrations, our incorporated group of specialized bookkeeping experts will utilize their industry experience and public and privately owned business finance insight to make dynamic and all encompassing arrangements in light of your association’s requirements.

Full Range Of Accounting Services Solutions For Foreign Company

Our Technical Accounting Advisory Services group regularly screens new turns of events and declarations. When another standard is given, we have effectively acquired a careful appreciation of the new standards and are prepared to assist you with understanding and carry out the new guidelines. Our Technical Accounting Services specialists help by:

  1. Teaching Clients on New Regulatory Standards
  2. Drafting Position Papers or Revising Accounting Policies
  3. Planning Customized Project Plans that Help Clients Assess and Adopt Any New Standards

Representing Complex Transactions in Technical Accounting Services


There are many complex exchanges that may require expert discussion. Our Technical Accounting Services stand prepared to help you with any confused exchanges that you experience. We have topic ability in regions, for example,

  1. Rent Accounting
  2. Income Recognition
  3. Business Combinations
  4. Complex Debt or Equity Arrangements
  5. Subordinate and Hedging Transactions
  1. Disabilities
  2. Finance Accounting
  3. Combinations/VIE Accounting
  4. Reasonable Value Measurement
  5. Other Complex Transactions and Accounting

Outsource Bookkeeping and Accountant Service in Bangladesh.

Exchange related bookkeeping and financial detailing contemplations are affected by numerous element, including contrasting bookkeeping advice, price tag specification, specialized bookkeeping matters, changes and the openness of experts fit for giving guidance. Schneider Downs Technical Accounting Services offers:


Exchange Related Technical Accounting Consultation


  1. Bookkeeping Records “Tidy Up” Before you Go to Market, to Ensure a Smooth Transaction Process


2. Readiness of Final Closeout Financial Statements for the Selling


3. Transaction-related Accounting Issues, Such as:


4. Representing Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets


5. Exchange Costs


6. Investment chances and Other Incentive-based Awards


7. Other Unique Technical Accounting Services


8. Normalization of New Accounting Policies and Practices Within your                  Company Following a Merger or Acquisition

FAQ for Bookkeeping and Accounting Outsourcing Services

How can Eicra help me with my taxes?

The Eicra team does not perform tax preparation inside, but we have an amazing network of CPA partners we can refer you to regarding handling your tax preparation.

What other financial services does offer? offers the following services:
1. Cash-in/revenue settle – Recording deposits, same payments to 2. 2. accounts receivable, handling cash flow
3. Categorization of costs, accounts payable, proceeds, and mileage tracking
4. Bill payment – Online bill payment and document storage
5. Payroll services – Payroll tool setup and agreement
6. Producing/reviewing financial statements

Is my information secure?

Our team uses your secure email address to pass information back and forth between you and our team. We have a security policy with appropriate IT monitoring, and our teams are well-furnished to use Google Docs, Sharefile, and Dropbox for sensitive information. Our teams also only have view-only access to your bank account, so your financial information is secure.

What background do your employees possess?

Our Managers are much more than managers, they have previously served as Controllers. Some of our accountants and bookkeepers are as well. Due to the soft structure of our company, we have been able to attract incredible talent. Those who have not been Controllers have wide experience in accounting and QuickBooks Online, and many are skilled in QuickBooks Online Pro.

What is the cost of

A flat monthly fee is charged by based on your needs.
To see more pricing by industry, please visit our othes page.

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