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Get Trustworthy Business Intelligence Services To Step Into A Data-Driven World

We are the top best leading managed service provider (MSP) in Bangladesh. We provides a wide range of enterprise-class business analysis and analytics solutions that help you see you beyond the data. Our data professionals have in-depth understanding of top Business Intelligence (BI) Managed Services platforms, allowing them to employ the tools that are most appropriate for your company. To improve your user and customer experience, you will receive a complete end-to-end business analysis and data warehouse development solution.


As a Managed Service Provider, we place a premium on developing a centralized Data Governance structure, which is critical for collaborative data ownership among multiple business units and IT departments within the company, as well as external users or data providers. Connect with one of our skilled business intelligence consultants to brainstorm business-specific business intelligence solutions, such as analytical reports and interactive dashboards.

Business Intelligence Service Provider In Bangladesh
Business Intelligence Consulting

1. BI Consulting

Business Intelligence (BI) Managed Services assist our customers in developing a BI strategy, designing or optimizing BI architecture as part of our business analysis Consulting Services.

Data Warehousing

2. Data Warehousing

We offer data warehousing solutions to businesses, including data quality management and simple integrations/migrations to help you do more with your data.

Business Visualization Dashboards

3. Visualization Dashboards

To improve company productivity and decision making, we, Managed Service Provider deliver easy, real-time data visualization dashboards via the web, mobile, and API.

Our Managed Service Provider Ensure 4 Vital Services To Predict The Best Business Solutions

Analytics solution design.

AI Implementation

Access to predefined reports.

BI solution design.

BI implementation

BI support and evolution

Reports and dashboards design.

Power BI support services.

1. Information Management

If you create, process, and disseminate information in an optimum way, it may be a strategic corporate asset and the cornerstone for innovation, distinction, and an agile enterprise. We business analysis managed service provider enable you to connect the right material to the right people, processes, and technology, and turn data into actionable intelligence.

2. Enterprise Performance Management

For the CFO and other senior executives, we offer solutions that deliver accurate, on-demand visibility. Our global team of business processes experts can assist you in defining and managing your strategy, improving profitability and cost management, streamlining budgeting, planning, and forecasting cycles, and condensing financial consolidation and reporting periods.

3. Data Abounds

In today’s hyper-connected world, data is growing in volume and complexity at an exponential rate. Our strategic business process and BI Planning can help you unlock the business value from your Big Data thanks to our extensive analytics experience and strong global market intelligence solution development and deployment capacity.

4. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our managed IT Services enable businesses to use business analysis and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to fully automate internal routine procedures, making them more effective, accurate, and faster.

Why You Come Into Contact With Our Business Intelligence Services?

Get The Right Information Of The Right People Via Our Business Intelligence Services

Even small and midsize firms will want to invest in our business records (BI) Managed Services to gain a competitive advantage for a variety of reasons. We have a skilled expert who is very much dedicated to reaching you at the highest part of your business.

By employing tools and services to turn data into measurable actions, business analysis (BI) can have a significant impact on an organization’s business choices. Our technology-driven process has the potential to assist corporate end users in better analyzing the state of their businesses and providing information that aids in better decision-making.

1 . Business analysis transforms data into actionable information. Raw data alone does not inform us what to do in business. BI systems provide extensive data analysis to detect crucial patterns that may be used to adjust or implement strategic plans, as well as to comprehend the interconnections between various activities and aspects of your company.

2 . The visibility of fundamental business components is improved through BI. BI makes it easy to see every aspect of your organization, even the ones that are sometimes missed. As a result, you’ll have an easier time identifying and changing components that need to be improved.


3 . BI helps you have a better knowledge of consumer behavior. To better understand current trends, use BI analysis to examine global, regional, and local consumption patterns.


4 . Your marketing and sales intelligence will improve as a result of BI. By keeping track of data on your clients and customers, BI allows you to have a better understanding of how they interact with your company on a deeper level, allowing you to find answers to consumer issues and better reach out to them with tailored messaging to drive sales.


5.   The use of business analysis (BI) boosts productivity. BI makes the process of analyzing and interpreting data faster and more efficient, allowing you to grasp business data as soon as it arrives and to generate reports with a single mouse click. This frees up more time for you and your workers to focus on running your company rather than evaluating it.


6 . BI enhances your return on investment and ability to meet objectives. You can use BI analysis to figure out how to best allocate resources to fulfill your stated objectives.


This increases your ROI by ensuring that resources are strategically employed to meet predetermined goals, as well as preventing “mission drift” or “mission creep,” in which outcomes no longer coincide with aims.

We Managed Service Provider (MSP) Also Known As A Cloud Managed Service Provider

Our Business Intelligence Solutions Design To Meet Customer Unique Needs

Businesses must consider how to manage cloud solutions when they integrate them into their infrastructure. That’s when you’ll need the support of a managed service provider (MSP) for your cloud solution. We provide specialized resources that increase internal functionality and IT architecture and are managed collaboratively via the cloud platform by managed service provider (MSP). Our solution reduces ongoing IT expenditures and streamlines business processes to help clients accomplish their goals.

Get Special Benefits From Our Cloud Managed Service


The benefits of cloud-managed service providers, and why should you consider to manage your cloud resources.

  1. Cost-efficient.
  2. Predictable expenses.
  3. Solid infrastructure.
  4. Cloud security
  5. Centralized network services.
  6. Fast response time.
Business Intelligence Solutions

We Provide Global Companies With Reliable Business Intelligence Services Using Only Trusted Technologies


The technique of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining and anticipating the need for a variety of processes and functions in order to improve operations and minimize costs is known as managed services. It’s an alternative to the break/fix or on-demand outsourcing model, in which the service provider conducts on-demand services and only charges the customer for the work completed. Come into contact with us we can be assured that you will get the best services at a very cost-down price.

FAQ for Business Intelligence Service Provider In Bangladesh

Will my business data be secure?

Any IT system must have data security and availability as a top priority. A BI solution should provide the same high standards of performance, reliability, and security as the rest of your organization’s systems. To keep data safe, reputable BI solutions make use of existing security infrastructures.

How would your business intelligence (BI) help my organization?

  1. Enhancement of operational effectiveness
  2. Eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming report generation.
  3. Revenue maximization
  4. Enhance your marketing analysis
  5. Increased client satisfaction
  6. Customer analysis from every angle
  7. Make the most of the money you have.
  8. Provide public and societal information.

What can be your focus areas of business intelligence?

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Problem resolution
  3. Up-sell & Cross-sell
  4. Customer Churn
  5. Product / Customer segmentation
  6. Cost control
  7. Revenue & Profitability
  8. Performance management
  9. Defect Minimization and Tracking
  10. Market Analysis and effectiveness

Who are the target users of BI?

  1. Strategic planners, top management, and important business users
  2. Analysts
  3. Lineworkers
  4. Customers/Suppliers

We Meet Your Specific Business Intelligence Objectives & Solve BI-Related Issues.

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