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Business Intelligence Consulting Service Company in Bangladesh.

Get Trustworthy Business Intelligence Services To Step Into A Data-Driven World

After all we provide a variety of offerings to assist your company in making the greatest use of your data. Basically to deliver a helpful and fairly priced service. As a result by this we continuously put the needs of the business foremost. During the use of analytics tools, EicraSoft, a seasoned supplier of Business Intelligence solutions, merges data from many sources and automatically extracts insights from the input records.

Business Intelligence Service Provider In Bangladesh
Business Intelligence Consulting

1. BI Consulting

Consulting services of Business Intelligence (BI) help in the data collection and parsing process for management decision-making. EicraSoft provides businesses with secure ongoing support.

Data Warehousing

2. Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse (DWH) Business Intelligence services by consulting, installation, support, migration, and managed services to help organizations profit from a high-performing DWH.

Business Visualization Dashboards

3. Visualization Dashboards

Dashboards Business Intelligence help you track the performance of your digital advertising, campaigns, including social media engagement, SEO, website traffic, and email open rates.

Our Managed Service Provider Ensure 4 Vital Services To Predict The Best Business Solutions

Analytics solution design.

AI Implementation

Access to predefined reports.

Business Intelligence solution design.

BI implementation

BI support and evolution

Reports and dashboards design.

Power BI support services.

1. Information Management

Data-driven firms need effective information to make better decisions and reach the goal information management can help your company improve the use, storage, and protection of information to run more efficiently.

2. Enterprise Performance Management

The EicraSoft Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Platform provides a platform for the technical and functional elements that are shared across EPM processes. You can have a more streamlined administrative process and a more uniform user experience across various company processes.

3. Data Abounds

Data is expanding exponentially in volume and complexity in today’s hyper connected society. Our strategic business processes, BI Planning, and strong global market intelligence solution development and deployment capabilities may assist you in maximizing the commercial value of your Big Data.

4. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Workflows are optimized via robotic process automation, which increases an organization’s profitability, flexibility, and responsiveness. By eliminating boring workdays by boosts employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity.

Why You Come Into Contact With Our Business Intelligence Services?

Get The Right Information Of The Right People Via Our Business Intelligence Services

Feel free to contact us if you want to start using business intelligence in your company right now. Here are some benefits for choosing us.

  1. Security Compliance- To help with building safe and complex data flows, EicraSoft’s employees are well-versed in data compliance and security requirements.
  2. Proven BI Expertise- As an experienced BI provider, we have a track record of assisting a wide range of clients throughout the globe with our reporting and analysis services to improve data performance.
  3. Modern Technology Utilization- Modern technology and techniques are used by EicraSoft’s BI experts to provide safe and efficient business intelligence solutions.
  4. Transparent Approach- We offer adaptable models and a quality strategy that guide businesses in establishing strategic success and attaining corporate goals and objectives in a usual period.

We are a Managed Service Provider (MSP), sometimes referred to as a Cloud Managed Service Provider.

Our Business Intelligence Solutions Design To Meet Customer Unique Needs

MSP use is considered as a tactical approach perfect for improving ongoing business-related processes. Almost all businesses utilize computers today, yet some of them struggle to manage network or computer maintenance tasks. These businesses can use the services provided by EicraSoft.

Get Special Benefits From Our Cloud Managed Service

The benefits of cloud-managed service providers, and why should you consider

  1. Cost-efficient.
  2. Predictable expenses.
  3. Solid infrastructure.
  4. Cloud security
  5. Centralized network services.
  6. Fast response time.
Business Intelligence Solutions

FAQ for Business Intelligence Service Provider In Bangladesh

Will my business data be secure?

Any IT system must have data security and availability as a top priority. A BI solution should provide the same high standards of performance, reliability, and security as the rest of your organization’s systems. To keep data safe, reputable BI solutions make use of existing security infrastructures.

How would your business intelligence (BI) help my organization?

  1. Enhancement of business effectiveness
  2. Eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming report generation.
  3. Revenue maximization
  4. Enhance your marketing analysis
  5. Service quality has raised.
  6. Customer analysis from every angle
  7. Make the most of the money you have.
  8. Provide public and public information.

What can be your focus areas of business intelligence?

  1. Customer service quality
  2. Problem solution
  3. Up-sell & Cross-sell
  4. Customer Churn
  5. Product / Customer market analysis
  6. Cost control
  7. Revenue & Profitability
  8. Performance management
  9. Defect Minimization and Tracking
  10. Market Analysis and Effective

Who are the target users of BI?

  1. Strategic planning, top management, and important business users
  2. Analysts
  3. Lineworkers
  4. Customers/Suppliers

We Meet Your Specific Business Intelligence Objectives & Solve BI-Related Issues.

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