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Eicra.com specializes in serving PEOs like hire the right people for your company. It ensures professional employee background check and screening service. We arrange a comprehensive pre-employment background checks of your corporation. So that we can ensure that best quality employees are hired for your business by our background check service. We provide innovative solutions beginning from recruiting the right personnel and efficiently managing all requirements in background check. Thus helps you to make smarter decisions of choosing best employee in shortest possible time.

Background Verification

Eicra provides background check service which protects members’ employees, clients, assets and brands with complete, accurate and compliant background screening solutions.

Account Integration

We have also developed integrated partnerships with the PEO industry’s principal solution providers. That bring unparalleled competence to your screening program. Contact us about integrating your account.

PEO Onboarding

Our Firm’s PEO onboarding simplifies account setup. For PEOs who prefer to have your clients administer the background check process, simplifies your clients’ account provisioning.

Escalate Efficiency

solutions will increase your efficiency towards company goals, enhance your candidate experience, and accelerate your time to employ. Moreover, our top notched background check service will help you every step of the way.

Background Screening

Extended Workforce Screening

Criminal Records

Job History Check

Global Solutions

Financial Verification

Driving Records

Executive Intelligence

Drug Testing


Integrity, honesty and our ethics are key to serve you the best outcome


Innovative technology is ever-changing and constantly evolving


Our focus is to retain customer and building trust

Designed With Care

Customer focus designed ensures full service comfort of clients

Accuracy In Screening

we would like to provide 100% accurate results to our clients

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Background Checks: Smart, Reliable & Faster

Client’s Timeline Is Our Top Priority

Recruiters that focus on quick turnaround time for background checks are able to free up human resources personnel to work on other tasks. It may be vital to developing a strong workforce. In addition, dropping the overall time-to-recruit helps employers to compete for the best applicants. If a job applicant receives offer letter of job from a competitor first, then he or she may decide to work for the competitor instead of for your organization. Our well-respected on-demand employment background screening company can assist employers improve the efficiency of their present screening program. We are leading background screening providers who simplify the screening process, reduce manual processes, and leverage automation to increase the speed of background screening process.

Employee Background Verification Services
We Help Client’s Stay Compliant With Bangladeshi Laws And Regulation

Failure to sustain compliance with laws and regulations could result in severe consequences. However, remaining up-to-date with evolving regulations can be challenging. Our employers cite complying with Bangladeshi laws and requirements as a significant challenge, but use a variety of sources to help stay compliant. Nearly one third of respondents depend on on their background screening provider, while 48 percent practice in-house legal counsel. We can possess years of compliance experience and expertise and can help build effective background screening programs. Moreover we build compliance tools into the solution, deliver additional compliance support.

Background Screening Solution
Centralized Program Management

By centralizing the background checking process, companies may see benefits including a more consistent, efficient, accurate and compliant screening program. A centralized employment screening process may also permit organizations to reduce the number of software programs and providers involved. Many organization also benefit by defining program ownership of the background screening process, usually the human resources department. Leading company of ours offer employers the tools to build streamlined screening programs that are easy to set up throughout large organizations and across multiple locations.

Background Checking Process

Your Organization Security 

We comprehend your PEOs’ co-employment responsibility, including features of compliance and risk management. Eicra.com specifies in providing the most compliant, accurate, and comprehensive background checks for your PEO firm and its client

Ensure Your Compliance 

Our firm has made compliance and accuracy of dominant importance in terms of the solutions we offer, our investigation methods, client consultation, and delivery of finalized reports. Our proprietary procedures and automated workflow are all designed to guarantee compliance and accuracy

System For Your Satisfaction

We evolve with the latest background verification system to gain highest level of satisfaction. Moreover we remain you up to date with the modern legal changes and trends, and   modernize our proprietary platform to ensure processes and documents are compliant.

Background Investigation Offers:

Legal Issues Verification

Our firm while conducting background checks on independent contractors and other contingent workers, we consider legal requirements, client agreements, government contract requirements and common industry practices. We check all these aspects to ensure security of your company.

Automated Process

Escalate your recruiting process by going for our automated background verification verification procedure. With the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a flow in unemployment. This has led to a higher number of applicants for open roles. Background verification for each occupation candidate thus becomes a monotonous manual process for a recruiter like you. But why work hard when you can automate your processes and get the most reliable results? Our consultancy’s expert services can help you scale even during these times of overflow of candidates get the most reliable results?

Applicant Tracking System

Take advantage of our modern, responsive interface to effortlessly accomplish your employment background verification tasks, such as reviewing an applicant’s screening consequences or monitoring the status of multiple screenings. You can also make your hiring process even more efficient by integrating with our applicant tracking systems.

Accuracy in Reference Checks:

Non Compliance law suits

We fully understand the legal complexities of employ background checks. We also know the results of non-compliance, having seen other screening firms and their clients embroiled in noncompliance lawsuits.

24/7 Support System

Clients have trusted Eicra.com for long time. We are successful on building longstanding relationships by providing dedicated client support and exceptional service. Clients communicate with their representative every time they call us.


Foreign Entity Setup Services

In addition to phone-based reference interviews, screening firms and we are using technology to improve the results of background verification. Our screening firms offer online solutions that permit a broad set of reference sources to respond quickly and confidentially. Many believe online reference checking does not assist a hiring manager or screening professional to ask probing questions in an interactive fashion. Though this is true, requesters always have the option to call and ask follow-up questions about applicants after reading the initial report. Our firm prepares proven set of questionnaire that has remain very effective while conducting background check in online.

FAQ For Employment Background Checks

Does Eicra.com screen every applicant’s background?

Background checks are a vital aspect of the recruiting process since they notify the company whether or not the applicant has the necessary education and experience for the position. And by doing so, the corporation can be confident that the applicant will be able to do the job. Eicra.com do background check at the final stage of recruitment

At what level Eicra.com do background check?

The most predominant form of background check is Level 3. Criminal history, education, former employment history, and reference checks are all part of the procedure. If demanded, the outcomes of pre-employment drug testing could be included in the level three background check reports

What subjects Eicra.com look at in a background check?

Eicra.com focuses on work history, credit, driving records, criminal records, vehicle registration, court records, compensation, bankruptcy, medical records, references, property ownership, drug test results, military records, and sex offender information etc. cover up all things that an employer might look into.

In what percentages Eicra.com focuses on different background check categories?

Eicra.com prefer conducting a background check for employment are to verify criminal records (95% percent), job history (86 percent), and identification (70 percent). This is because it may affect their occupation performance and chances of doing misconduct

What is cost of background screening service?

The cost of a background check differs depending on how much is being examined. Therefore, a nation where criminal rate is higher court criminal background check usually costs $15-$20. This kind of background check includes mischiefs, crimes, offense date, case number, and arrest info.

Customized Background Checking & Drug Testing Services

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