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Get 6 Dynamic Expatriate Management (Taxes and Payroll Services) In Bangladesh

1. Executive Search

More to be known as Headhunter Services of expatriate management are our backings to customers who are looking for appropriate contender to fill business positions for their associations.

2. Recruitment

Enlistment is our administration of expatriate management to help our customers in finding and recruiting the best-qualified contender for lasting or agreement representatives of the applicants.

3. HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing is the start to finish administration to satisfy your HR needs. It incorporates discovering possible up-and-comers, enrolling, dealing with representatives' agreements just as its finance.

4. Payroll Services

Finance Services, Eicra Soft Ltd handles all finance related exercises hence to decrease your functional expense and save time needed to manage monetary assignments identified with finance.

5. HR Consulting

We give HR Consulting administrations that is a part of expatriate management service. Serving you who intend to decide to re-appropriate your HR necessities and others.

6. HR Restructuring

We are offering HR Restructuring organization administrations to help you with quick labor force the board needs that could conceivably persevere for long haul in expatriate management.

Enrollment Consultant

Enlistment consultancy with our specialists to satisfy your ability necessities

Customer Requirement

An extensive way to deal with break down the particular prerequisites of expatriate management

Space Capabilities

Expatriate management have capacity to source the applicants from different jobs and businesses.

Domain Capabilities

Top to bottom and detail determination of competitors measure.

HR Administration

To help movements help, migration administrations, country rules and guidelines, pay and duty

Worker Relations

From onboarding, execution the board, vocation advancement, and leave measure.

Simplified Your Complex  Payroll & TAX Services By Our Expatriate Management


Our wide variety of Payroll and Human resource solution services include Payroll Processing, Tax reporting, Vacation, Maternity, and Benefits administration. Besides expatriate management, we also provide Tax and Labor Law consultation, Year-End Income Tax Reconciliation, Payslip processing, Payroll auditing and Filing taxation, Consultation with your HR team, and Payroll in multiple currencies

Cycles HR Divisions Can Be Set Up To Help Expat Workers To Get Comfortable In Their New Life Abroad.

In many enterprises, a worldwide methodology with feet on the ground is not, at this point simply an indication of achievement, it’s anything but a need to contend viably. Sending representatives to work to another country for functional and vital reasons is turning out to be typical practice of expatriate management. For HR divisions, overseeing exiles abroad hurls an entire host of issues with the cost of ostracize disappointment posing a potential threat. As a HR chief or administrator there are measures that you can set up to help your expat workers get comfortable to their new life with expatriate management:

Pre-flight preparing

A complete direction program for exiles will incredibly expand their odds of achievement. Tragically, it’s anything but a one size fits all methodology will deal with this event as pre-flight preparing should think about the remarkable:

Culture of their new home

Circumstance of every representative

In any case, expatriate management could be valuable to have some broad advisers for:



Wellbeing and security

Local Support For Non-Work Organization

Many expats find having nearby help in their objective more advantageous than contact with HR or different partners in their base office. On the off chance that you don't have somebody, consider re-appropriating this job to an expert who can help new expats settle. A neighborhood will see 'how things work' and can help with exhortation or viable assistance on a wide scope of issues that can possibly befuddle another person to a country. For example,

  1. Convenience

  2. Utilities

  3. Language

  4. Schools

  5. Individual duty

This can save time and decrease pressure for families who are making the excursion over-oceans. Help assembling an informal organization Exploration shows mental prosperity while functioning as an expat is firmly connected to ostracize achievement. There are numerous things HR can do to help this interaction, including: Mastermind casual acquaintances with associates before the workers go on task Urge workers to utilize online media to assemble associations with partners Coordinate a worker driven action for them on appearance, for instance on the off chance that they move with their family, work with a chance for them to meet other expat families working in your association Investigate mate expat data gatherings or look at our following mate guide for different thoughts Progressing support In any event, when an expat may have all the earmarks of being gotten comfortable their new job and home, keep in touch. Standard registration are a smart thought to talk about any issues that might be fundamental that could be stopped from the beginning early. A basic call could stop a more significant issue down the line.

FAQ For Expatriate Management (Taxes And Payroll ) Services In Bangladesh

What is the objective of Eicra.com expatriation training program?

Expat training program of Eicra.com benefits your personnel to recognize how their new culture affects their community and professional connections. Then explain them everything that’s are vital to know to survive in this country. Furthermore, motivate them to cultivate the skills they'll need to adjust to their new living and working situation.

What does our HR department do to support expatriates succeed?

Eicra.com provide extensive training to Expat Specialists to solve the hassle related to Payroll, taxes, Recruitment Techniques, Worker Retention and Motivation, Aptitude Development Training, and Achieving Corporate Culture. These are the worldwide most challenging difficulties which are efficiently solved by our specialized team.


Do expats pay payroll taxes?

Because the Bangladesh requires everyone to file Bangladesh taxes globally, many expats are also required to pay Bangladesh social security tax and Medicare Tax. Expats with Bangladeshi employers are required to pay social security taxes consisting of 6.2% social security tax and 1.45% Medicare Tax.

How  Eicra.com manage obstacles that global HR professionals face?

Eicra.com provide extensive training to Expat Specialists to solve the hassle related to Payroll, taxes, Recruitment Techniques, Worker Retention and Motivation, Aptitude Development Training, and Achieving Corporate Culture. These are the worldwide most challenging difficulties which are efficiently solved by our specialized team.

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