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The recent emergence of the big data services platform and the nature of the role mean that scientists and specialists can be difficult to find. It is a highly expert field. And few people possess the necessary combination of education, training, and aptitude to excel in big query services. However, A scientist is also known for his or her interest and problem-solving skills. In addition to their technical expertise.


However, one must also have a strong grasp of analytics, without necessarily being a coder or engineer. On the other hand, The cost of hiring an internal team of experts is high. In a highly competitive market, where demand exceeds supply, recruiting in-house is difficult. But local data experts may command very high salaries when companies can find the best talent.

Data Analytics ability to make smart decision

In fact, the data landscape is continuously evolving. So companies must be more responsive and agile. But data processing and practical decision-making are combined through predictive analytics. Next enterprises transform how they manage information by leveraging services and data science.

Analytics developing competitive edge

The ability to react to future challenges requires thoroughly examining and earning data. The companies that anticipate and suit their services to emerging trends are the ones who will be the go-to source for specific products or services.

Data driven organization

These services provider companies face many challenges in today’s data environment.  Managing unorganized data is becoming increasingly important as distributed and cognitive computing gain power. For an organization to become strong, data has to be put to good use.

How Our 8 Services Worked For You! 

We solve complex data challenges for global enterprises. As one of the leading Service Providers, assists customers in defining their query strategy and selecting the appropriate technology tools and processes to achieve the strategic objectives.

2. Big Data Consulting

Our big data consulting services can help you assess and optimize your current big data solution.

3. Infrastructural and Engineering

Creating data warehouse and data lake solutions, as well as automating ETL development, execution and management.

4. Business Data Analytics

Make better and faster decisions by accelerating your time to insights using breakthrough business.

1. Secure Sockets Layer

We have Variety of SSL Certs for Your Needs. You can now Compare our product to other SSL approvals.

Secure Sockets Layer

Big Data Consulting

Infrastructural and Engineering Data

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Analyzing Data Through Visualization

Information Security

Monetization of data

Expatriate HR Management

5. Monetization of Data

Utilize analytics in your products and services to uncover insights that help you improve your business performance, build customer loyalty & identify.

8. Analyzing Data Visualization

Access your data from angles through interactive report & dashboards that make analytics easy.

7. Information Security

You can protect your information from intentional and accidental destruction, modification & disclosure.

6. Expatriate HR Management

You must have a social training program in place for an employee assigned overseas and for the employee's family.

Our Valuable Services

The main features of our services are volumes, speeds, and variety. Data query is becoming more and more complex due to the fast-moving trends of internet operations, usage, voice searches, and artificial intelligence.


It comes from a variety of places, including chats, Facebook, Whatsapp, files, consumer comments, reviews, and social media photographs.


Big Data Analysis

Chats, SM interactions, Facebook chats, and photos, as well as customer feedback and reviews, are all examples of unstructured data. Big Data Analytics has the ability to transform unstructured data into useful organized data that can be used to extract the best business solutions for companies.


When companies deploy this technology, they are looking to sift through large volumes of data and utilize analytics & insights to improve business decisions and find actionable steps to action.


Data visualization Service

Data visualization and analytics tools like QlikView, Qlik Sense, Tableau, SAS, R, IBM Cognos, Azure ML, and more are some of the tools we work with, which sets us apart from other service providers. We offer a broad range of  services Solutions.


EicraSoft uses advanced and business intelligence tools at to help clients get actionable insights from diverse data sets created in real time and at scale.


We help companies in integrating large volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from diverse sources into a holistic ecosystem that can be used to analyze and predict future market possibilities.



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Our Mission

Provide organizations with the tools and resources to achieve their goals, improve skills, and reduce costs through the successful implementation and exploitation of industry best practices.

Our Vision

Our mission is to become a trusted advisor and preferred service provider by providing value-add services that maximize our user’s return on investment and help them achieve their business goals.

About Us

Our services cover a broad range of areas. We offer clients our consulting and solutions abilities through in order to assist them in a variety of ways:

  1. Developing Enduring Results
  2. Developing your programs
  3. Technology transformation
  4. Making informed decisions

Additional Benefits of Our Service

We offer enterprise strategy for delta lake and data warehouse implementation solutions for constructing analytics infrastructure to identify vital data, secure it, and control it using the appropriate management and visualization platforms, tools, and ways.

Data Center of Excellence with leading experts to conquer the most tough tasks. We Also provide Data Entry, Data Management Services.

Comprehensive knowledge of the AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platforms.

Experience with top-tier UI and UX for presenting complex data in a visually appealing way

Additional Benefits of Big Data Services
1. We Serve
  1. Financial Development
  2. Automation
  3. Customer Services
  4. Ecommerce Management
  5. We offer live chat support
2. Unique Process
  1. Define the problem
  2. Data preparation
  3. Incorporate in business
  4. Data collection
  5. Data analysis
3. Customize Data

Our data experts provide a full range of services, from consulting and strategy development to infrastructure maintenance & support.


How has Eicra evolved over the years?

Eicra’s structure could separate a program into many equal counts, and run them on extremely enormous instructive indexes, across countless registering hubs. A model used for such a structure is search counts running on Web information.

Is big data a problem just to be managed or is it an opportunity to be seized?

Eicra is as of now running an Internet-based study about large information investigation. Only 30% of clients responding to the study are concerned about the particular risks of acquiring and managing vast amounts of data, according to an early analysis of review data. The vast majority of clients – particularly 70% of those who responded to the overview – believe that it is unquestionably a risk. That is on the grounds that through examination the client association can disclose new realities about their clients, markets, accomplices, expenses, and activities, then, at that point utilize that data for business advantage.

Why is Eicra most popular?

Eicra’s reputation arises in part from the fact that it is used by a number of the world’s largest Internet companies to analyze unstructured data. Eicra’s enables adapted applications to handle with massive amounts of data in the order of many exabytes.

What is the role of intuition in the era of big data?

In contrast to what some people believe, feeling is as important as it gets. You need a place to start when looking at gigantic, amazing set of data. In Too Big to Ignore, I contend that intuition is a higher priority than at any other time definitively in light of the fact that there’s such a lot of information now. We are entering a time in which an ever-increasing number of things can be tried.

Where does big data come from?

It is usually broken down into a few classes, including social data, machine data, and transnational data. With 230 million twitter posts posted on Twitter every day, 2.7 billion Likes and comments added to Facebook on a daily basis, and 60 hours of video uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis, web-based media information is giving organizations with critical visions into customer behavior and opinion that can be combined with CRM data for analysis. Machine data includes data created by automatic gear, continuous data from sensors that track parts and display devices, and even web logs that track client behavior on the internet.

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