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Eicra.com is a firm believer in making visa applications as simple as possible. Moreover, our E-Visa and local sponsorship services are one of our most popular front-end services. But we are serving as an alternative to visas given at various missions and ports of entry. However, our E-Visa and Local Sponsorship Solution allows you to apply for visas online after submitting the necessary information to our VAC’s Database Management System. Still we offer professional local sponsorship services through a group of Bangladesh-registered companies (Eicra.com). Because it ensure that you maintain complete control over your business and profits while also being protected from the negative impacts of Bangladesh’s inheritance law. In addition, our Sponsorship Management Services team consists of highly skilled individuals with a wealth of sponsorship expertise. Because we will provide you with expert guidance and practical help.

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Our E-Visa And Local Sponsorship Management Service Is Very Reliable

Our dedicated team of specialists is dedicated to assisting you with e-visa and local sponsorship services by providing: A easy, dependable application process, Forms review and preparation by experts, A relaxing and stress-free journey.



Your data is protected through our valuation encryption and strict regulations.



All your  information and documents is reviewed by our immigration experts.



Customer service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in many languages.

Get Hassle-Free E-Visa Services

We are a reputable online visa service that offers up-to-date information on travel authorizations as well as a complete list of embassies and consulates throughout the world.

We take care of your Application

Your all application is reviewed, processed, and managed by our skilled team.

You enjoy your trip!

Obtain your Electronic Travel Authorization and enjoy a stress-free border crossing.

Our Simple Services

Our simplified application process is very fast and straightforward

How does Our E-Visa And Sponsorship System work?

Our E-Visa Services Process


Our E-Visa solution enables all activities to be handled over the internet; an E-Visa issuance solution is accompanied by a government inspection solution, in which border control systems are linked to the central visa database.


We ensure that our visa-seeking candidates’ visa applications are processed smoothly and within the legally mandated timeframe; she or he is advised of the conclusion of the review application via e-mail or text message. Our visa issuance system delivers a message to the applicant with a link to download the E-Visa after the provided information has been analyzed and deemed to match relevant requirements. Our visa issuance system delivers an email to the applicant with a link to download and print the E-Visa after it has been authorized.




Apply online: Secure online application saves your time and checks the status online.

Submit documents: Submit your application with the required documents at the Bangladeshi Mission/Visa collection center.

Who We Are?

In brief, we handle your visa application for you so you don’t have to. Moreover, we assist international nationals in identifying and obtaining the correct Bangladesh visa required to enter or remain legally in Bangladesh.

Local Sponsorship Services Why us?

Obviously, our customers have complete freedom from Bangladeshi national sponsorship. However, we provide a special Power of Attorney to the foreign national to remove the Bangladeshi national from the investor’s company at any time. Because a memorandum of understanding is also provided to the investor to protect the profit and shares of the company because our sponsor transfers/waives all of the company’s rights.
1.100% reliable assistance.
2.Support and guidance on registration, licensing, and office setup.
3.Saves time and money.
4.Proper work progress.
5.No suspensions and extra cost.

Since due to the local rules and restrictions in place for foreign-owned enterprises and investors in Bangladesh. On the other hand, it is critical to have the correct partner. As a result, you’ll need a partner who can add value to your investment while also protecting your company and legal rights in Bangladesh. Finally, We assist you with the seamless start-up of your company. Moreover, We keep you up to date on local regulations and rules and connect you to resources. In addition, We will assist you in making your company a success. Because of the market’s diversity, having a well-connected agent on the ground is even more crucial. But the Agent should be able to provide actual value to your business.




How do Our Services work?

In fact, our businesses are run in accordance with worldwide best standards. And that include anti-corruption and anti-bribery measures. So, we make finding the proper Emirati partners for our Group Companies very seriously.

Benefits you get from our E-Visa and sponsorship services

Cost savings

By eliminating visa stickers, we e-visas providers stand to save a large amount of money.

Time-saving process

With e-Visa, we are submitted via a secure application portal which can be accessed 24/7.

Revenue boosting

For e-Visas, we normally allow the collection of additional processing costs. This is up to 20%

Shape consumer attitudes

Sponsoring events are important to your clients generates positive thoughts about your company.

Build brand awareness

Sponsorships that include in-kind products are frequently less expensive than standard advertising.

Increase reach

Our Strategic sponsorship encourages your word-of-mouth marketing with have a positive interaction

Why Choose Us?

However, we provide a collaborative framework between all parties engaged in the Visa Application Process and e-Government requirements. And that happens by our Electronic Visa (e-Visa) application processing system and local sponsorship services.

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