Divestiture Services

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Eicra’s Inclusive Guide to Effective Divestiture Services

Divestiture services involve assisting companies in the strategic sale of assets, subsidiaries, or divisions as part of their broader business strategy. Our services cover every aspect of selling your assets, from a detailed evaluation and valuation analysis to identifying and engaging potential buyers.


We handle negotiations, due diligence, and ensure regulatory compliance, all while optimizing value and ensuring a seamless transition throughout the transaction process.


Eicra is a top choice for divestiture services, thanks to our industry expertise, personalized approach, and dedication to client success. Moreover, our team of experienced professionals excels in managing complex transactions across multiple sectors. Additionally, with advanced valuation methods and in-depth market insights, we help clients maximize returns on their assets. Therefore, choose Eicra for expert divestiture solutions and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Elevate Your Success with Eicra’s Innovative Divestiture Services

Eicra’s Innovative Divestiture Services are crafted to assist your company in navigating any complexity with ease and precision. Our approach ensures that you can execute divestitures strategically, maximizing value while ensuring smooth risk and compliance consulting.

  • Procurement BPO Services Back Office

    Negotiation of Deals

    Our negotiators are dedicated to securing the best possible terms and ensuring a great deal for the selling company.

  • Procurement BPO Services

    Project Management

    We oversee the whole divestiture process, from planning to execution, ensuring timelines goals are achieved.

  • Strategic Sourcing E2E Outsourcing

    Taxation Consultancy

    Our experts provide tailored advice on the tax implications of divestitures to optimize financial benefits and minimize liabilities.

  • Procurement BPO Customer care

    Risk Supervising Service

    We identify and mitigate risks associated with divestitures, preventing potential issues and ensuring a smooth transaction.

  • Procurement BPO Technical accounting Services

    Confidentiality Management

    We safeguard sensitive information during the divestiture process to ensure confidentiality and in protecting our clients.

  • Strategic Sourcing Finance Transformation Services

    Strategy Development

    Our expert team designs comprehensive divestiture strategies that align with your company's long-term objectives.

  • Procurement BPO Bookkeeping Services

    Regulatory Compliance

    Eicra ensures that every divestiture activity aligns with relevant regulations, paving the way for smooth and compliant transactions.

  • Strategic Sourcing Due Diligence

    Divestiture Integration

    Eicra assists with the integration of divested units into the buyer's organization, ensuring a seamless transition.

Experience the Unique Benefits of Our Divestiture Services

Divesting parts of your business can be a strategic move to streamline operations and focus on core activities such as due diligence and market analysis. Eicra’s divestiture advantages are designed to facilitate this process with unparalleled precision and professionalism.

Personalized Planning

We custom-design a divestiture strategy that aligns with your unique business objectives, ensuring every decision supports your long-term goals. Our approach involves a comprehensive analysis of your current assets and market conditions.

Market Analysis

Our comprehensive market research and analysis as part of our divestiture services give you detailed insights into market trends and consumer behavior. This information provides a competitive edge that drives growth and success during divestiture.

Transaction Efficiency

From initial planning to final execution, we expertly manage every step of the divestiture process. Our approach includes detailed strategic planning, thorough market analysis, and effective communication with all stakeholders.

Quality Management Consulting


What is divestiture?

Divestiture is when a company decides to sell off some of its assets or a subsidiary. This can happen for several exciting reasons, such as raising capital, cutting down on debt, or honing in on their core business strengths.

Are there any regulatory requirements for companies undertaking divestiture services in Bangladesh?

Yes, companies providing divestiture services in Bangladesh must navigate regulatory requirements set by the Securities and Exchange Ordinance of 1969. This journey includes meeting disclosure obligations, securing shareholder approvals, and adhering to relevant securities regulations.

What are the regulatory implications of divestitures under the Securities and Exchange Ordinance, 1969?

Under the Securities and Exchange Ordinance of 1969, companies are required to meet disclosure requirements, secure necessary approvals, and ensure all transactions are transparent. This isn’t just bureaucracy—it’s about safeguarding investors’ interests and keeping the market fair and trustworthy.

Enhance Your Operations and Unlock Strategic Growth With Our Expert Divestiture Services.