Sell Side Advisory

Eicra’s Strategic Sell-Side Advisory: Your Path to a Profitable Sale

Sell side advisory refers to services provided to businesses looking to sell assets, shares, or their entire operation. Firstly, this involves valuing the business, finding buyers, negotiating terms, and completing the sale. Consequently, it requires significant expertise for a smooth transaction. Both buyers and sellers need to weigh trade-offs like price versus terms, speed versus thoroughness, and control versus flexibility.

Eicra provides expert sell-side advisory services for successful M&A transactions. Furthermore, our team conducts thorough business evaluations, identifies potential buyers, and secures favorable terms to prioritize client interests throughout the selling process.

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Why Our Sell-Side Advisory Stands Out Above the Rest

Choosing the right partner for sell-side advisory can significantly impact the outcome of your business transaction. At NetworkBD, we pride ourselves on our exceptional service, due diligence, and commitment to our clients’ success. Our tailored approach ensures that every aspect of the sale process, from valuation to final negotiation, is handled with the utmost professionalism.

These are the reasons why our sell-side advisory sticks out:


Thorough Valuations

Our detailed and thorough valuation process ensures that your business is accurately appraised, taking into account all relevant factors such as market trends, and competitive landscape. This comprehensive approach guarantees that you receive the best possible value when you decide to sell your company.

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Extensive Network

Our wide network of buyers and investors boosts your chances of finding the perfect match for your business. Furthermore, we use our broad connections to offer sell-side advisory services. We ensure you are matched with the best opportunities. Also, we carefully assess each potential investor to align with your goals.

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Our confidentiality service ensures the best sell-side advisory by maintaining strict confidentiality throughout the transaction. We understand how crucial it is to safeguard your company's interests and sensitive information. Our team safeguards your data with security protocols and prioritizes your privacy.

Expert Guidance for Selling Your Company: Eicra’s Sell Side Advisory Services

Selling a company in today’s competitive market is a complex journey, but with the right strategy and expert guidance, it can be a rewarding one. Our Sell-Side Advisory Services help sellers navigate business transactions with expert valuations, buyer identification, SEC compliance, and efficient deal closures. It ensures maximum value and a seamless experience.

Take a closer look at our sell-side advisory services:

Market Analysis

Through in-depth market research, we identify buyers providing clear market insights for your sell-out advisory. Our analysis covers consumer behavior to ensure decision-making.


Our negotiation support service for selling your company ensures your goals align with the terms, maximizing returns and minimizing risks with expert negotiators for favorable deals.

Due Diligence

Eicra's thorough due diligence examines all transaction aspects, from financial records to legal documents, identifying potential issues early to ensure informed decision-making before selling out.


Our end-to-end advisory ensures a seamless sell-out experience, from initial consultations to sale finalization, including document preparation and addressing concerns throughout the process.

Buyers Deal

We ensure negotiations for buyer and seller satisfaction by understanding their needs. This helps us craft advantageous agreements, driving successful deal closures.


We ensure your sale meets all legal requirements, minimizing disputes or penalties. Additionally, by staying updated with regulatory changes, we ensure compliant transactions.

Post-Sale Union

Our post-sale integration service ensures a smooth transition by transferring assets and merging processes. It helps you realize transaction value by aligning business strategies.

HR Consultancy

Our HR consultancy ensures smooth post-sale integration by addressing personnel issues, maintaining operational continuity, and managing staffing changes. We align cultures with training.

FAQs For Sell-Side Advisory 

What is sell-side advisory?

Sell-side advisory services help sellers maximize the value of business transactions by preparing marketing materials, valuing the company, finding and negotiating with potential buyers, and closing the deal, all facilitated by investment bankers.

How long does the sell-side process typically take?

The duration required to complete a sale can significantly differ, influenced by the intricacy of the business and prevailing market conditions. Typically, it spans from six months to a year.

How does the Securities and Exchange Commission Act, 1993 impact a company sale?

The Securities and Exchange Commission Act of 1993 sets up rules to ensure sales are fair, transparent, and legal. Following these rules is crucial to prevent fraud, protect investors, and stay within legal boundaries.

Guarantee a Profitable and Seamless Sale of Your Business With Our Expert Sell-Side Advisory Services.