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Offshore Outsourcing Company to reduce overhead expenses
offshore outsourcing to India has become a strategic inevitability.

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Most importantly Offshore outsourcing is used by almost every company in some capacity. If you require short-term assistance at a lower cost, outsourcing is the best option for you. Desires to pay a premium price for them. It is the most cost-effective way to obtain qualified professionals. It comes to outsourcing services. Business owners will want to engage with organizations. We at EicraBD, will satisfy your project requirements with a highly skilled team of creative experts.


Our market leadership is based on our experience, expertise, and service approaches. We strive for 100 percent client satisfaction and work hard to achieve it. We are currently considered as a very dependable offshore outsourcing firm.

Managed Offshore outsourcing Service Provider In Bangladesh
Web Development
Qualified Drivers

1. Web Development

By fusing our experience in offshore development with present tech, we can create trustworthy and customer-focused web development platforms for companies.

Native Mobile Apps
Qualified Drivers

2. Native Mobile Apps

Our improved approach to your mobile application development services. It allows firms to create and deploy a new commercial application for business growth.

Application Maintenance
Qualified Drivers

3. Application Maintenance

By partnering with us as a services provider, our clients will be able to keep up with the current application needs and can meet their business objectives. Contact us for application maintenance services.

We Provide 4 Special Offshore Outsourcing Services


Financial Services

Freight Forwarding






1. Use Of Cutting-Edge Technology

EicraBD provides the greatest technical support and keeps up with all the current technologies. It creates complex software and business applications.

2. Scalable Operations With Flexibility

We work hard to ensure scalability and adaptability. We dedicated efforts to produce scalable and versatile apps across the board.

3. Better Business Management

Outsourcing is critical for improving control over procedures and operations. We have a  passion for achieving our clients goals. We will ensure that you have complete control over your business processes.

4. Cost-Effective Approaches

Expert support will be required for the successful completion of crucial and vital initiatives. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to achieve incredible results at a fraction of the cost.

Get 5 Advantage of Our Offshore Services

We Provide Payroll Outsourcing Services in a Very Perfect Way. You Need It for Your Business Growth!

1. Cost Savings


The most common motive for offshore outsourcing to other countries is to save money. The savings may not be as significant as you may think. The average cost savings for company who outsource to other nations is 15%. Lower material costs, developed efficiency and expanded service offerings.

2. Round The Clock Uptime

The modern consumer expects to service 24 hours a day. The internet has rendered normal business hours. Offshoring allows firms to offer round-the-clock uptime. By utilizing workers in a variety of time zones.

3. Access to Specialized Expertise

Specialized labor, such as IT or financial services, it can be costly and difficult to find. Allows organizations access to individuals with niche talents at lower rates and with less competition. Resulting in lower hiring costs and possibly better business outcomes.

4. Improved Focus on Core Business Tasks

One of the most significant advantages of offshore is the ability to free up resources. It can be diverted to focus on core business operations. Let’s imagine your HR management department spends five hours a week examining and approving employee timesheets.

5. Risk-sharing

Risk sharing is one of the most vital variables in deciding the outcome of a campaign. It is possible to outsource certain parts of the company process. By allowing the organization to delegate certain things to the outsourcing provider. They can better prepare risk-mitigation measures.

We Offer Business Process Offshore Outsourcing Services Affordably

We Are The Best Offshore Outsourcing Services Provider Leading Company in Bangladesh

The process of shifting your office jobs to countries with cheaper labor costs. Several clients who are unclear of what outsourcing is want us to describe it for them. What is Offshore outsourcing, exactly? Business process outsourcing is the practice of outsourcing certain office tasks to a third-party service provider.

Companies that want to gain a competitive advantage and expand their market reach. Profitability take advantage of globalization by outsourcing.


Outsourcing is influenced by a number of factors, including:


  1. Lower labor costs and higher output
  2. Lack of skill in specific business duties
  3. High-skilled offshore business experts are readily available
  4. Allowing you to focus on your key business concerns


Our 4 types of provided offshore outsourcing:


  1. Manufacturing offshoring: This entails moving the actual manufacturing operations abroad, typically at a substantially reduced cost in terms of labor and materials.
  2. Offshoring of software and innovation: The highly skilled talent pools in these nations may be accessed, which results in significant cost savings and quicker production time.
  3. Reshoring: It would record those earnings in the nations where they were made and pay the associated taxes there.
  4. Offshoring of System Services: Information technology (IT) will be a crucial issue to address given the plethora of processes.


Business executives are searching for the greatest talent not just in their own country but also across continents due to the expanding culture of remote work. An offshore outsourcing firm can be useful in this situation.


Services that support an enterprise, such networking, technology services and support, etc., often fall under the umbrella of infrastructure and technology outsourcing. Software development services are among those offered offshore.

FAQ for Managed Offshore outsourcing Service

How do you ensure client confidentiality?

We are dedicated to keeping the information you share with us secure and confidential. We’ve put up a dependable information security system with the goal of providing you with a safe outsourcing experience with maximum benefits.

What if I am not satisfied with the work?

Our contract contains clear termination clauses that handle this. We make every effort to avoid a situation like this by providing you with clear problem escalation routes. Any concern can be brought up to the Operations Manager or the CEO for resolution, and a suitable solution will be provided.

How do I pay you?

Wire transfer, check, or PayPal are the preferred methods of payment. Please contact our salesmen for assistance with any other payment options.

How Does Eicra Services Ensure Quality?

We use the software Quality Assurance (SQA) approach to ensure that quality is met at every stage of the development cycle. Our quality assurance team has created a detailed quality control checklist. We have a rigorous Quality Testing Checklist in place to ensure that every solution offered by Eicra meets the highest international standards available.

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