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Monthly VAT Preparation and Yearly Tax Return Submission Services.

100% Authentic Tax & Vat Automation

The tax automation team of in Bangladesh assists businesses in identifying areas where technology can help, as well as implementing technology solutions for tax data management, automating repetitive and manual operations, and data analysis.

Authorized Tax Compliance


Automate your VAT compliance with hellotax’s all-in-one VAT solution. VAT Registrations & VAT Filings are handled by us.

The term Tax describes a levy by the government on incomes of workers and profits of businesses and added to the cost of certain goods, services, and transactions to generate state revenue

Almost every transaction as part of doing business abroad entails value added tax (VAT), which can be a major factor in the cash flow of a company as well as an actual cost factor.The VAT Services provide efficient, sustainable, and practical VAT advice, focusing on industrial sectors and applying an approach that can be applied to various industrial sectors.

There is an increasing interest, as many businesses act globally and perform cross-border transactions, to be VAT compliant in foreign countries and to get information of the VAT treatment during business case planning, including VAT rates, VAT registration obligations, simplifications, refund possibilities.

1.Tax Registration

Consult on matters relating to VAT registration or register for VAT anywhere in Bangladesh.

2.VAT Auditing

In Bangladesh, you can get help with VAT audits or consultations about VAT audits.

1.We Manage Certificates

Exempt sales are automatically omitted from tax, and exemption documentation is maintained.

2.Submit & Remit Funds

We prepare and file tax returns on your behalf, and distribute payments to tax jurisdictions without any hassle..

3.Register With Agency

Using our software, we work with you to identify where the sales are to be reported, and then we register you.

4.Become More Efficient

Offload tedious, time-consuming processes so your team can concentrate on generating revenue.

5.Enhance The Experience

Create a sales process that is transparent in pricing, easier to collect documents, fewer re billings and credits.

6.Determine Rates Services

We supply rates and rules based on geo location and product classification most easiest way.

Top-Notch Automation Taxation Services in Bangladesh International provides taxation services in Bangladesh with the help of our team of tax attorneys, tax lawyers, income tax attorneys, income tax practitioners, tax professionals, tax representatives, and tax accountants in Bangladesh who are here to assist you with providing the best taxation services in Bangladesh.

We Are Expert On Taxtaion Services

In Bangladesh, taxation services have become one of the most critical and complex compliance issues for business organizations. By promulgating the Finance Act almost every year, taxes are imposed and levied in a different way.

Taxation services in Bangladesh can help you resolve the various tax problems resulting from tax debts in Bangladesh. When a business organization does not comply with prevailing taxation rules, they may face severe financial penalties.A well-designed and organized VAT strategy for your business activities.

Our Strengths in VAT Services For You

We provide efficient, secure, cross-industry and practical VAT advice focusing on the industrial sector and a practical approach. We offer experienced VAT experts to assist companies of all sizes and sectors in our VAT Service line.

There are over 40 VAT experts in our International VAT Group across the world, with regular communication, professional exchange, sharing approaches and hot topics in VAT and changes in law, and best practices across industries.


So, could provide you with advice to all national and international VAT issues and declaration obligations. Raidl & Partner with the global team of experienced VAT professionals is pleased to support you in navigating the complex topic of VAT in respect of your business needs.


When it comes to Value Added Taxation, one must comply with all legal requirements and formal requirements, including invoicing requirements, documentation requirements for supplied VAT exempt supplies, and declaration obligations.


Reducing Risk & Simplifying Management

The sales tax reporting and compliance process for companies with customers across the U.S. is complex. Online sales and business activity, in combination with economic nexus standards and marketplace facilitator laws in most states, make a manual process unworkable.Sales tax automation can address the challenges associated with keeping track of every sales tax rate, the taxability of items purchased and sold, and unclear jurisdictional authority. In this approach, a company’s ERP/ecommerce system and third-party tax software are integrated.’s services focus on automating the sales tax process, from determining taxability to compliance reporting, and are designed to reduce your company’s costs by increasing efficiencies. At our company, we assist in all stages of the development process, from requirements analysis to system design to configuration, testing to knowledge transfer. We assist clients across industries and geographic areas with sales and use tax challenges.

Consultancy Services in Global Taxation

Global markets continue to grow closer together, and new business areas and forms of cross-border cooperation are emerging every day. As a result, there will be a host of new tax laws and regulations. The area is becoming more complex, and specialization is more important than ever. Therefore, close interaction between our generalists and you is crucial to your success.

 One-Stop-Shop for Interdisciplinary Tax Consulting

Tax consultants work in international interdisciplinary teams with legal advisers, management consultants, and auditors. We coordinate the services of all the specialists working on your project during this process. is a one-stop shop for professional services and project management. During this process, we coordinate the efforts of all the specialists on your project.

Tax Consulting Services’s interdisciplinary tax consulting teams are always up to date, as well as exceptionally well informed about international developments. Our expert contact persons will support you with the quick and professional implementation of new tax laws and regulations around the world.

Global Tax Advisory Services

There are more and more cross-border markets and business opportunities that are arising on a daily basis. New tax laws and regulations will follow as a result. There is increasing complexity in this area, and specialization is becoming more important. Thus, close communication between our generalists and you is vital to your success.

Tax and Legal Services

As a business, it can be challenging to maximize tax efficiency. No matter how large or small your organization is, finding the right approach can be a challenge. At, we can offer you the comprehensive tax services and solutions you need to maximize your growth potential. Our procurement is help you to fullfil your expect.

How Do VAT Experts Rate?


Automation Services Leading Company in Bangladesh


To find experts to provide global VAT compliance services, you should look for experienced, dedicated, multilingual, and responsive professionals, the possibility of getting VAT advice, global presence, and ease of integration. Our ranking process considers only the VAT experts with an experienced team, who offer VAT advice, who have global presence or a network of trusted partners, and who offer integrations with sellers’ websites and/or various marketplaces.

Reduce Tax Risk

The government’s requirements are becoming more complex and vast, as tax rates, product taxability rules, and tax laws are constantly changing. Your business is likely taking unnecessary risks without automation.

Tax software that is powered by a cloud-based tax engine maintains up-to-date rates and rules, increasing the accuracy of your tax compliance.

With automation, rate calculations are more accurate, use tax is assessed, returns are filed on time, exemption certificates are up to date and accessible, and you’re registered at all the right places.

Tax Consultants

Experts on Value Added Tax are known as VAT Consultants in Bangladesh. VAT is a tax that is applied to goods and products sold in India, and it is regulated by individual state governments. State governments regulate VAT, so there is no uniformity in the application of VAT, VAT procedures, or VAT rates. Once annual sales turnover exceeds Rs.5 lakhs, most states require a business to register for VAT and file VAT returns.

In addition to VAT registration and return filing, VAT audits, VAT consultations and VAT hearings, VAT consultants can also assist with a number of VAT-related services. After obtaining VAT registration, a business would need to file periodic returns and may have to submit an audit report.Bangladesh’s VAT consultants provide all services related to the VAT regulation. Contact an IndiaFilings Business Expert to find a VAT consultant near you.

We Are Here to Serve is Bangladesh’s largest online business services platform dedicated to making it easy for people to start and manage their own businesses. We want to assist the entrepreneur with legal and regulatory requirements, and to be a partner throughout the business lifecycle, providing support at every stage to ensure the business remains compliant and continues to grow. partners with a network of experienced Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, Cost Accountants, Chartered Engineers, Ex-Bankers and Financial Experts across India to provide a comprehensive range of services for small and medium sized enterprises.

Taxes On Purchases & Registrations


All countries levy taxes on motor vehicle purchases and/or registrations. Taxes associated with the registration of a vehicle may include VAT, sales tax, excise duty, among others.

Fuel Taxation on Roads

The revenues raised from these taxes are significant in other countries, due to a high level of consumption and high tax rates. Even though there are significant differences between countries, the level of fuel taxation relative to the base is the highest of all taxes in the economy.

Consultancy Services for The Tax System

The VAT and excise taxes on the two main categories of fuel destined for aircraft are described in this section. Jet A-1 fuel is used in turbine engines, while AVGAS is used in piston engines.

A professional services area where we outperform our competition is the one in which we excel.’s Tax Consultancy team provides comprehensive taxation solution for both individual and corporate clients.


Our partners and attorneys specialize in Tax Consulting, with many of our cases adopted as rules by the High Court and tax authorities of Bangladesh and used in deciding the outcome of various tax disputes.


We have been approached by international professional service firms seeking the best solutions for their clients because of our expertise in these areas.   By understanding our clients’ businesses, we can provide them with tailored tax advice that can achieve the most effective and efficient discharge of their tax liabilities.

Providers of Taxation Services in Bangladesh

Bangladesh offering a wide range of end-to-end services like Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Web Designing, Website Development, Ecommerce Application Development, Payment Gateway Services, Template Designing.Development, Payment Gateway Services, Template Designing.Development, Payment Gateway Services.’s International has extensive experience in Bangladesh taxation, providing its clients with quality services in a timely manner. Among other things, our taxation services in Bangladesh include:


  1.        Assisting clients with transfer pricing issues.
  2.        Assessing the business tax of a client in Bangladesh.
  3.        Bangladesh’s tax laws pertaining to income tax planning.
  4.        Helping clients facing national board audits.
  5.        Filing tax returns of the clients.
  6.        How to get a Federal Tax ID in Bangladesh.
  7.        Tax returns prepared according to Bangladeshi law.
  8.        Tax returns filed late.
  9.        Amending tax returns.
  10.        Tax consulting for clients.

Take Advantage of The Technology & Systems You Already Have


There’s a good chance that you already automate critical operations with ERPs, e-commerce platforms, and other business applications. Getting the most from your tax software investment means connecting it to the systems that power other parts of your business.

Featured Automation That Work For You!

As a result of technological advancement, economic growth and living standards have increased.  Not every technology is equal, however.  Automation can affect employment and wages very differently from technologies that increase human productivity.

It is thus critical to distinguish automation from other types of technologies and capital deepening (meaning an increase in the amount of capital and machinery used in production).


To start with, businesses can invest in machines that complement workers – think about upgrading the machines they already use. Second, firms may purchase more or better machines to perform tasks that are already automated, such as replacing an automated welding machine with an advanced robot. A (non-automated) capital deepening of this kind is generally beneficial for labor, because it increases productivity and encourages the firm to demand more labor.


But automation works differently than capital deepening because it substitutes machines for workers in the tasks they were previously performing. Automation affects the labor share – how much of a firm’s, industry’s, or economy’s revenue is spent on labor – unambiguously negatively.


By reducing the work performed by workers and increasing the work performed by capital, automation always increases the capital share and decreases the labor share. Beyond the impact of automation on employment and wages, this change has obvious distributional ramifications.

Why Eicra Will Be The Best Choice for You?

Our Priority

We take a client-centric approach to everything we do. Therefore, you can be confident you are receiving the best tax solutions from a world-leading provider of tax and legal services. We understand the importance of having a clear and concise plan when it comes to your finances – whether you’re a business or not.

Global Network

Our global network of over 120 firms are experts at what we do, and we aim to exceed your expectations. We tailor our tax services to meet the needs of every client

Stay with us

We provide answers to all your questions regarding tax. In order to provide quality tax consulting services in line with your expec ­tations, in addition to colleagues with general qualifications specialised experts with many years of experience and expertise are available to support you. is a leading web hosting company in Bangladesh because of the unique package and price plan. We offer huge Disk Space, Bandwidth and Email .

FAQ for Tax and Vat Automation

Which type of investment strategies do you generally recommend?

We for the most part make long haul suggestions with periodic momentary systems as the condition might show. Our ventures theory centers around legitimate broadening and resource assignment as time goes on. Present day Portfolio Theory is the reason for our venture theory. We utilize a customer’s danger profile to distinguish portions between different areas and styles. We offer continue help and occasional survey as vital.

Who can benefit from your services?

Any customer who has a financial, assessment, venture issue or who wish to design wisely for the monetary future. Besides, customers who want a higher and more refined degree of financial, investment arranging administration than they are getting from their different counsel might discover our project engaging.

How much does A TAX management assessment cost?

Expenses might shift depend on the intricacy of your circumstance, the measure of documentation need for appraisal, the degree of any significant examinations. Since everybody’s requirements and circumstances are so unique, it is beyond the realm of imaginations to expect to give an accurate expenses. However, help by auditing your data at our underlying conference & give an expected expense on demand. No charge will be made for audit should you not proceed with our administrations.

How do I know whether your TAX and VAT consultants will be able to assist me?

We will have an underlying commitments to free interview for decide if we can add esteem by providing expenses productivity exhortation on your present duty structure.

How can we know how much VAT refund our company may be able to claim?

Estimates of the VAT refunds potential can be done & in most cases Eicra can provide your company with a free estimate.

We at are sensitive to customer concerns and ensure absolute confidentiality and privacy of any information that is given to us. Customers can specify their preferred method of contact with us

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