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Big Data Analytics To Extract Your Business Intelligence


We are one of Bangladesh’s leading big data analytics organizations. However, we are  offering methods for dealing with large data sets and unused information.

Therefore, our business intelligence and data analytics solutions are based on a strategy planning, growing, creating, and also carrying out big data analytics consulting.

We employ a unique strategy that has shown its effectiveness and correct in a number of major organizations. So that, our development team has delivered to a variety of big data analytics software. Lastly, we assist your organization in keeping up with trends and client options by using high security technologies.

We at use advanced data analytics and business intelligence tools to help clients make sense of massive data sets generated in real time and on a very large scale.

We help organizations consolidate massive volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from various sources that can be used for modeling and predicting market opportunities.

Our 8 Set Of Big Data Analytics Solutions & Services

Eicra Soft Limited offers data management, business intelligence, data visualization, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions. So that, our experts at provide a full range of big data analytics services, from consulting and strategy to support our clients to gain insight from previously unused data.

1. Data Consulting

You can allow us to assist you with better and calculating your present big data analytics solution, shaping a product strategy, and identifying best-fit technologies to help you shift your data into money.

2. Data Infrastructure

Creating data By transforming data into data warehouse and data lake solutions, Bangladesh will be able to transform raw data into curated datasets that can be accessed for extra processing.

3. Business Intelligence

You can make better and more timely decisions using advance business intelligence tools and a data science approach that combines statistical and machine learning techniques.

4. Facility Management

We provide the best facility management services under big data analytics services. Your company gets the top leading effective services within a very low price without any hassle.

5. Visualizing Data

Get 360-degree visibility into your data with reports that make analytics understandable for everyone's visualization.

6. Data Security

Protect your data from planned and damage, change, or uncovering by joining to security standards, growing a tiered access system.

7. Markets For Data

Big data analytics can help improve your business performance, increase customer loyalty, and help you identify new growth opportunities.

8. Database Management

We give you the tools you need to handle the problems of storing, processing, and managing massive amounts of data.

We Experts In Big Data Science & Specialty

Eicrasoft outsourced Big Data specialists. They can help your business build advanced relationship to enhance our analytics capabilities in a cost-effective manner.

Our Big Data Services to Make a Big Difference

Our people build relationships that create value for you and your business every day. On the other hand, we will start by getting to know you. We’ll listen to you while you talk.

Also, we offer tailored solutions to help you meet the challenges and chances of doing business in India and around the world.

Moreover, we provide integrated IT services, consulting & outsourcing services, sales & marketing services, financial consulting services, and training assessment solutions.

As a long-term partner to our clients, we strive for quality solutions and build lasting relationships. On the other hand, we can help you achieve your business goals with our world-class capabilities.

The 5 Capabilities That We Offer

We have a wide range of abilities. Since our Consulting and Solution abilities enable us to help clients in a variety of ways:

  1. Results That Last
  2. Developing your programs
  3. Changing your technology
  4. Making informed decisions
  5. Organizational optimization

A Vision Of Our Company

Our trusted advisor service supplier deliver products and we have customer care services that increase our customers’ return on investment. It also helps them to achieve business goals. is the popular of Big Data revolution for the past ten years. We have set up a Big Data Center of performance. The information you learn from the given facts can aid you in making the best choices for enhancing or changing your company.

Analytics of Big Data for Enterprise Management    

Big data analytics is the process of analyzing big data to find patterns, correlations, market trends, and customer preferences that can help organizations make better business decisions.

Big data analytics techniques and Data Management technologies offer organizations ways to gather information and analyze data sets at scale. Questions related to business operations and performance are answered.

Making Smart Decisions

Companies need to become more agile and responsive as the data view evolves. Using predictive analytics, Big Data Analytics can be processed and practical decisions made. Data science and data analytics are shifting the way enterprises handle information. We provide data analytics services within 14th years. We also manage Data Entry and Data mining services.

Selecting Wisely

A business owner can unlock the value by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms. Analyzing big data can help to make more informed decisions models to predict possible scenarios and help to determine which actions will bring the best results. An organization’s key asset is its ability to analyze consumer preferences and distribute the results across departments.

Competitive Advantage

For future challenges, it is vital to gather and analyze data completely. Those firms that recognize emerging trends and tailor their services can meet rising demand and become the go-to sources for particular products or services. Data manage and big data analytics can make a business successful. If you need any data related services contact us today.

Differentiating Factors

Big data predictive analytics helps companies stay reasonable by giving them punishable visions. Companies can use data intelligence to examine their internal operations and work to expand their services and investments. To consistently outperform competitors, executives use big data analytics to reduce development and marketing expenses.

 Maintaining & Supporting Big Data

We have proven abilities in managing all phases of the Big Data implementation lifecycle – deployment, development, and support as leading Big Data service providers.

Maintaining & Supporting Big Data

Data Provisioning, Data Management, and Data Consumption are some of the functional components that our Big Data Strategy Consulting experts have addressed through the development of frameworks.

Big Data Analytics & Insights Services

When companies employ Big Data technology, they aim to sift through large volumes of data and use analytics & insights to make better business decisions and identify actionable steps.

We have experience working with various data visualization and analytics tools, such as QlikView, QlikSense, Tableau, SAS, R, IBM Cognos, Azure ML, and more, which makes us different from other Big Data service suppliers.  Our ability in the Big Data Analytics space include

  1.        Statistical Inference
  2.        Data Mining and Machine Learning
  3.        Analyzing Data
  4.        Analyses that Predict and Prescribe
  5.        Optimizing Analytics
  6.        Visualization of Data


Big data analytics technologies and software can be used by organizations to make data-driven decisions that can enhance business-related outcomes. Benefits could include enhanced client personalisation, new revenue opportunities, more effective marketing, and operational efficiency.


These advantages can provide you an edge over competitors if you have a strong strategy.


Big Data analytics can help businesses and organizations in a variety of ways. Here are some illustrations:


  1. Making better business decisions by foreseeing future trends.
  2. Understanding what works and what doesn’t in marketing strategies to improve them.
  3. Earlier fraud and other sorts of abuse detection.
  4. Using analytics to better understand consumer behavior can increase customer satisfaction.

The Process of Big Data Analytics

Data analysts, data scientists, predictive typists, statisticians and other analytics professionals collect, process, clean and analyze data.

Key big data analytics technologies and tools


Big data analytics processes are assisted by a wide variety of tools. The following technologies and tools are usually used to enable big data analytics processes:

  1.  Big data can be stored and prepared using Hadoop, which is an open source structure. Data structures and unstructured data can be handled by Hadoop in large amount.
  2.  A type of predictive analytics software and hardware that uses machine learning and statistical algorithms to predict future events based on large amounts of complex data.
  3. Also, organizations use predictive analytics tools to detect fraud, as well as to manage risk and assess operations.
  4.  There are numerous stream analytics tools available to handle a wide variety of formats and stages for analyzing big data.

Exemplifying big data analytics


The following are a few examples of how big data analytics can help organizations:


Consumer data can be used by companies to improve their marketing efforts so, they can act on trends to increase customer happiness. Customers can feel more valued and loyal if Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify customize their experiences.

On the other hand, advertisements customize for a specific audience. Users can benefit from personalization data from past purchases, communication patterns, and viewing past of product pages, which can produce highly focused advertising campaigns for them on an individual level and at a larger scale.

Benefits of using big data analytics:


  1. Analyze large amounts of data from multiple sources, in a variety of formats and types, quickly.
  2. Taking more informed decisions for effective ways that will benefit and improve the supply chain, operations, and other areas of strategic decision-making.
  3. By using new processes and developing business processes, new cost savings can be realized.

FAQ for The Big Data Analytics Service & Solutions

What are the benefits of Big Data Analytics?

A big advantage of Big Data is, it allows organizations to take advantage of the data they have and identify new chances. This enables companies to make smarter business decisions. Also, it runs more profitably, earn higher profits, and delight their customers.

What are some tools used for Big Data Analytics?

There are a number of tools in Big Data technology that allow data to be introduced, sorted, and checked. Here is a list of some tools:
1.Hive of the Apache
2.Spark by Apache
5.Sqoop for Apache
7.Flume of the Apache
8.Pigeon Apache
9.Oracle Splunk
10.Hadoop is an Apache project

Where does Big Data get its unstructured data from?

Unstructured data comes from the following sources:
1.Documents and text files
2.Website and application logs on the server
3.Data from sensors
4.Audio, video, and images
6.Data from social media

How would you define the term Outlier in Big Data Analytics?

There are often data objects that do not conform to the general behavior or model of the data. Outliers are data objects that are much different from or unusual with the rest of the dataset. This term is usually used by data analysts to describe a value that appears to diverge from a set pattern in a sample. Outliers fall into two categories univariate and changeable.

What are the best tools for Data Analysts?

4.Inge Knime
5.Search operators on Google
7.XML Node
8.A Wolfram Alpha story
9.Fusion Tables by Google

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