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We give Transcription services to organizations needing sound or video accounts changed over into composed or electronic content reports. We give a wide assortment of value record administrations, for example General record, Legal record, Business record, and so on.

Outsource Eicra soft Ltd as a transcription services provider in Bangladesh ensures top notch results with a fantastic accentuation on the exactness and by and large comprehensibility of the content. Moreover, we give privacy in our administration, stressing on the prescribed procedures related with different laws and strategic policies.

We identify with your necessities and stretch out our administrations to give quality record arrangements custom-made to meet your particular prerequisites. We give a wide range of record administrations, including a specialized records in transcription services.

Data Transcription services

Our 3 Basic Services That Prove How We Give You Best Support!

1. Maximal Perfection

We are keen subsequently, we get troublesome words, and afterward our transcription services guarantee appropriate examination to create staggering records.

Data Transcription Services Assortment Of Formats VARIETY
2. Assortment Of Formats Variety

In the event that you have a specific configuration prerequisite, our transcription services are there for you, giving comfort and availability.

Transcription Services
3. Timeliness, Punctuality Guarantee

Dependability is one of our guiding principle. Our transcription services esteem your time and your cash, ensuring on-time conveyance of all record orders.

Our High-Quality Transcription Services Include:

Our administration means to cater each prerequisite of our clients, regardless of the size of the work and the kind of computerized medium mentioned.

  • Audio Data Transcription Services

    1. Auditory Transcription Services

  • Video Transcription Services

    2. Video Transcription Services

  • Subtitle Transcription Services

    3. Subtitle Transcription Services

  • Business Data Transcription Services

    4. Business Transcription Services

  • Specialized Data Transcription Services

    5. Specialized Transcription Services

  • Media Data Transcription Services

    6. Media Transcription Services

  • Foreign Language Data Transcription

    7. Foreign Language Transcription

  • Music Data Transcription Services

    8. Music Transcription Services

FAQs For Transcription Services

Why Outsource Transcription Services to Eicra soft Ltd in Bangladesh?

7 Steps Of Our Transcription Services 

1. We give best and most precise record administrations to our customers in various arrangements according to the necessity of our customers.


2. We change the general media content absolutely and expertly into advanced archives with the predetermined organizing and timestamps in it.


3. Our sound typists are specialists in different configurations and designs and furnish you with superb record administrations.


4. Our transcriptionists have quite a while of involvement with giving reevaluating of record administrations to our customers.


5. Attempt our Free Trial Run and allow us an opportunity to exhibit our record quality for your example project.


6. Our expert transcriptionists are fit for taking care of high volume work inside a specified time range with adaptable staffing strategies.


7. We guarantee the security of unique work given to record by secure organizations and privacy contracts.

Why Need of Transcription Services For Your Business Today?

A vital objective of each business is to discover ways that lead the smooth degree of comprehension with whom they shared their data whether private one. Your organization may have sound, video or records in an assortment of dialects, giving essential data for somebody who needs such data.

Organizations that neglect to keep up such correspondence are at a danger of losing ground to contenders, losing vital customer base, or just working wastefully. The present situation makes a situation to have the help of a cleaned record administration to dispense with the dialects hindrance from your way to achieve worldwide achievement.

Boost Sales

At the point when you present your business data in your clients and prospect’s local tongue, they will think about you as a dependable medium to manage and frequently recommend your administration to others as well. This naturally supports deals. This resembles a proof for your worldwide clients by introducing translated data, particularly in their local language.

A Global Hit

With record, you have the decision to make your occasion more productive as you need it to be. Regardless of what you do, until and except if you access your crowd’s local language, you will not be a worldwide name. So to convince them towards your business’ purpose which will consequently fulfill their necessities, you need a record.

Boost ROI

Changing over sound or video records into the local language of the designated region ends up being a significant resource for make a solid embodiment in the worldwide market and license you to focus on your business tasks with no unsettling influence. Putting resources into record will guarantee that your business flourishes as your organization centers around serving clients at its best.

Admittance to Global Market

Experienced typographers have the legitimate information and comprehension of record, so they can precisely and rapidly interpret in a powerful way. Record can assist you with entering the overall market and get the ideal accomplishment by social affair the consideration of the worldwide crowd successfully. It will give you admittance to a worldwide market.

How Outsourcing Transcription Services?

Eicra soft Ltd gives all your record necessities a one stop arrangement. We give you very good quality administrations and information taking care of abilities under a wide scope of record administrations. Outsourcing record administrations to India, and get the advantage of savvy and solid administrations. With our master typographers, you are guaranteed that your venture is in protected and experienced hands. By rethinking such non-center information the executives task, you soothe your important assets from outer responsibility and at last reinforce your battle to progress.

Interaction to Get Low Cost Transcription Services

Our organization follows a precise interaction to perform record benefits as beneath.

Gather Files

We gather sound documents and comprehend the need of your record work for powerful and far reaching results.

Perform Transcription

According to the prerequisites of your work, we work on the information of record and in like manner translate the documents with high exactness.

Get Data Proofreading

To give high consumer loyalty, we give editing of record documents and arrive at 99.9% precision in the records.

Send Final Transcript

When the cycle is finished, we send the last record document to your staff with secure frameworks inside given time periods. We might want to know your input and ideas for ad libbing our administrations and solid future business relations.


What Are The Advantages of Outsourcing Transcription Services?

Except if you manage sound and video accounts consistently, many don’t comprehend the advantages of utilizing record administrations. Without a doubt, a sound chronicle is important, however you may not get what everybody on the account needs to say. Imagine a scenario where you miss a fundamental snippet of data since somebody was murmuring. You’ll invest more energy rewinding and quick sending than paying attention to what the speaker needs to say!

So does your business need a record for a chronicle? Wouldn’t someone be able to in the workplace just assembled something on the fly? All things considered, no doubt, sure, on the off chance that you need the task finished inaccurately! There are numerous reasons why you should recruit a record administration as opposed to doing the work yourself. Here are the main five advantages of utilizing record administrations for your accounts.

Advantage One Experience

The regular person may imagine that interpreting is simply recording what’s on a chronicle, however it’s considerably more confounded than that. For instance, suppose you need to interpret a meeting with a researcher for a scholarly analyst. The odds are that the researcher will utilize logical expressions that you most likely have never heard. However, on the off chance that you utilize a beginner administration or even an irregular worker, that expression might be incorrectly spelled or wrong by and large! Bad!

Our record specialists have gone through years idealizing the craft of record. We have insight in different businesses, like legitimate, clinical, and scholarly. At the point when you pick Eicra’s Transcription for your task, have confidence that you’re getting somebody who knows your industry and knows the appropriate terms for your field.

Advantage Two Time Saver

Did you realize it can take as long as an hour to translate a 15-minute-long chronicle? It’s actual! Furthermore, that is for a specialist. For somebody who doesn’t decipher professionally, you could be taking a gander at a more drawn out stand by time. Also, if your chronicle has suppressed speakers, foundation commotion, or even somebody with a solid highlight, it sets aside extra effort to ensure the record is right.

That is the reason you need an accomplished transcriptionist to deal with the undertaking. Just an expert can quickly work through terrible sound and get you the most ideal record. At Eicra’s Transcription, we can turn an undertaking around inside 24 hours!

Advantage Three Preservation

Now and again keep a reinforcement. Simply a press of a catch effectively erases a chronicle. Recordings can be eradicated from presence. What’s more, when the account is gone, it very well may be muddled or difficult to get it back.

That is the reason having a record of that recording can be a lifeline. No one can really tell when you will require that snippet of data once more!

Advantage Four Accuracy

Precise record can set aside time and tolerance ”“ something that numerous individuals don’t have nowadays. Furthermore, if there are issues with the account, it tends to be trying to get an exact record. Wrong words and expressions can without much of a stretch be composed into your record, prompting issues as it were.

That is the reason you need somebody who does it’s anything but a normal premise. Our experts have the preparation and the abilities needed to decipher appropriately and rapidly.

Advantage Five Overhead Reduction

Recruiting an accomplished record organization to deal with your record can set aside you cash eventually. Most occasions, record occupations are given to regulatory experts. These experts for the most part have numerous balls noticeable all around and don’t have the opportunity to be pretty much as exact as could be expected. That implies employing an in-house transcriptionist, which implies more expenses for your organization.

Be that as it may, by re-appropriating your record administrations, you’ll get a good deal on employing and preparing costs and get the significant serenity of realizing your record is in experienced hands.

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