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Design Patent and Copyright


The copyright is a different type of intellectual property. The design patent is a type of patent that protects an ornamental appearance. It does not protect the functions of an article.

Office Regulations for Copyright

Bangladesh Copyright Office regulations set forth the rules by which the BD Copyright Office operates. For example, the rules regarding examination of registration applications and deposits are included within the Office’s regulations.

Office Compendium for CopyRight

The BD Copyright Office Compendium is intended for use primarily by Copyright Office staff members, but may also be used as a guide by licensees, applicants, lawyers, academics, the public, and occasionally, by the courts.

Copyright Laws

All copyright legislation currently before the Congress or previously introduced has been collected by the Copyright Alliance. Let us know if there’s an item you’re looking for that isn’t listed below so that we can add it.

Information Regarding

Congress periodically holds hearings on important copyright issues and the copyright system overall. The Copyright Alliance compiles information regarding these congressional hearings.

Agreements within the international community

The Copyright Alliance compiles information regarding international agreements that the Bangladesh is a party to, and which contains specific provisions relating to copyright.

Protect Intellectual Property Rights In Bangladesh

The term intellectual property refers to confidential information, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights, or patents that require protection. One of the sub-divisions of intellectual property is copyrights, and this includes artistic works, cinematograph films, and any music. Owners of these exclusive rights can sue or obtain remedies if any infringement occurs under the copyright laws. The Copyright Act, 2000 states that copyright is the right to perform or authorize the performance of any of these acts in connection with a work thereof, namely a literary, dramatic, or musical work, an artistic work, or a sound recording, among others.

Copyright and Design
How Do I Use the copyright Symbol
Find out how to use the copyright symbol on your website, books, and photographs.
Copyright Infringement Prevention
The following tips can help you avoid accidentally infringing on someone else's intellectual property.
Copyright Can't Be Exhausted
Copyright protection of an original creative work is only available if it exists in material form, which means it must be written down or touched.
Process for registering a copyright
It is not necessary to register a copyright, but registering allows you to sue for infringement.
Copyright My Website
There are a number of copyright options available to businesses for protecting their websites.
Copyrighting a Website
You should protect your company's website from infringement by registering a copyright, which is the only way to achieve that.
Technical Drawing Copyright
A copyright can protect your technical drawings and prints. Learn why it is important to register your copyright, how to do it, and more.

5 Successful Copyright & Design Process

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Owner of copyright

1. Owner of copyright

Registrating with the Copyright Office is not required, but, if it has been done, the Register of Copyrights gives prima facie evidence of the particulars listed therein.

Term of copyright

2. Term of copyright

It is the author's copyright for his/her literary, dramatic, musical, artistic or other works published within his or her lifetime that exists for 60 years after the author's death

Meaning of copyright

3. Meaning of copyright

Copyright refers to, among other things, the exclusive right to use Reproduction of the work, Publication of copies of the work,Perform or broadcast the work

Copyright infringement

4. Copyright infringement

In the event that copyright is infringed), the owner (and the exclusive licensee) may seek civil relief (injunctions, damages, and accounts. A district judge has jurisdiction over a proceeding initiated by the person

No infringement

5. No infringement

Certain acts are said not to constitute an infringement of copyright. Fair use of a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work for the purpose of private study, private use, criticism, review or reporting current events

Protecting and enforcing design rights

Bangladesh copyright offices are responsible for maintaining a register of copyrighted works. Applications for registration, transfer, abandonment or modification of the register should be submitted to the Registrar.

Intellectual property:   Copyright refers to the protection of intellectual property rights. This property has no connection with any materialistic property at all, movable or immovable. Studies, literary works, drama, arts, and paintings, music, audio-video production, film, photography, sculpture, recording, software, e-mail, websites, and broadcasting media Currently, televisions are considered as a major form of intellectual property. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) defines intellectual property as creations of the mind; inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce.

Copyright Registration Convention: Copyright registration is not mandatory under the Copyright Act, 2000. Other countries do not also require it. The registration of copyright is a prerequisite to avoid any conflict over the ownership of intellectual property. Being a member of WIPO and the World Trade Organization (WTO), as well as a signatory to the Berne Convention and the Universal Copyright Registration Convention, Bangladesh is bound to comply with all trade-related aspects involving intellectual property rights (TRIPS). As part of the Bangladesh Copyright Act 2000, all major international copyright rules were incorporated. In 2005, it was further updated.

Who is the owner of Copyright:

The owner of the copyright may assign the copyright or grant any interest in the copyright by license. Licenses may also be granted by the Copyright Board.

Registration of copyright with the Copyright Office is not obligatory, but if registration has taken place the Register of Copyrights gives prima facie evidence of the particulars entered therein. We also provide foreign entity setup services.

Our End to End Copyright Services

End to End copyright

A copyright is a way to legally protect the work of an author. An exclusive right to publish, distribute, and use something is one of the characteristics that identify it as intellectual property. Anyone else cannot use or publish the author’s content without their consent.

Meaning of copyright

  1. This term refers to a variety of rights, including the exclusive right
  2. This work can be reproduced
  3. Copying the work for distribution to the public
  4. The practice of performing the work or broadcasting it
  5. Translate or adapt the work.
  6. Additionally, the author has special moral rights.

The registration of copyrights

The Registrar can register a work in the Register of Copyrights by submitting a prescribed form and fees with an application from an author, publisher, or another owner of the rights to the work. Work in the Register of Copyrights may be registered by the Registrar following an investigation of the facts with the applicant, unless, for reasons written in writing, the Registrar would instead refuse to register the work. He considers that such entry should not be made in respect of any work.

FAQ for Copyright and design rights Services in Bangladesh

Can I protect my works internationally using copyright?

When considering jurisdictions that are not signatories to the Berne Convention, keep in mind that copyright laws are territorial in nature. To put it another way, they only apply within the country where they were enacted. As a result, if you want to protect your work worldwide, you’ll need to do some study and make sure you’re following the relevant legal standards in the country(ies) where you want it protected.

Can my creation be covered by design rights and copyright at the same time?

No, in most cases, a design object cannot be protected under both copyright and design law at the same time. This is due to clauses in the Copyright Act (commonly referred to as the copyright/design overlap provisions) that are meant to prevent multiple protection for items that should truly only be covered by the Designs Act 2003.

How and when can I protect a print or pattern?

If you want to protect your print or pattern on an object, you’ll need to register a design right. Until your print or pattern is applied to a product and commercially made, it will be copyright protected.

Who owns the copyright of my logo design?

You are the legal copyright owner of your logo design after we pass over the final forms to you, and we have no claim to it. The logo design can be registered as a trademark.

Do you take any responsibility if my logo gets copied later on sometime?

No, we only accept responsibility for creating a one-of-a-kind custom logo for you. We will not be held liable if someone else replicates your logo.

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