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Contractual or Temporary Staffing Service in Bangladesh

We have aimed for new and innovative ways to manage costs in your business. Therefore contractual staffing has been the selected route for many companies in recent years. Contractual staffing refers to the staffing of employees for short-term employment contracts as opposed to full-time permanent workers. specializes in contractual staffing in every aspects of commercial, industrial, offshore and marine.

Types of Contracts

Contractual Staffing has gradually become popular because of its welfares for workers and employers. Contractual staffing methods permit employers flexibility.


Contractual personnel also includes independent contracts, part-time work, seasonal work etc. This model has several benefits for owners and employees who want to enjoy more flexibility and leisure time.

Contractual Employment Agency

Part-time, freelancer, Seasonal

Reduced long time labour Cost

Short Term applicants

Easy Maintenance of payroll

Why your company needs Contract Worker onboard?

Contractual employees are a useful solution for employers considering to successfully navigate periods of transition or steer a business in a new route. You may have a huge project coming up for which you’ll require an extra pair of hands, or maybe a important member of your team has gone on maternity or paternity leave. Understanding this, and then combining your job specifications around your revised requirements and expectations is key.

Technology with innovative cellular technologies connect employer with job seekers


Contractual personnel do not require complicated labor laws which includes filing taxes, benefits etc


Our team has gained expertise in fulfilling industry requirements for contractual recruitment.

Record Time

To complete your project required contract manpower heads to you in record time

Contract Staffing Solutions consists Great Utility for Companies:

The companies are profited by recruiting temporary positions. Many business objectives are achieved through them. If you are looking for recruiters sales, handling, administrative, support on temporary recruitment contracts then helps you with:

  1. A large Cost saving
  2. Applicants who are recruited on fixed-term contract provide the expected result in an assignment within a required time.
  3. Easier maintenance of the payroll processes as well as getting staffs who are equipped to handle exceptional roles.
  4. Job roles like a door to door campaigning or sales require the need of contractual workers who can drill the market for a particular period of time.
  5. Companies are also provided with the understanding of applicants who are already tested and can be employed as a permanent employee.

Our Services: is a top rated contract recruitment agency. Here we follow a disciplined process in the recruitment of your short-term applicants for business. We follow a set of guidelines that will be unique with the job role and the business demands.

  • Getting personnel for a short term role that will benefit businesses the much-needed flexibility.
  • Our team has years of experience working with different industry requirements for contractual recruitment.
  • We have an efficient and well-maintained repository of applicants who are willing to work on a short-term basis and can handle diverse roles.
  • Assessing the requirement and the instant objective of the business and providing a line-up of operative and productive applicants.

Manpower Contract Staffing

At providing temporary staffing solutions is a smooth process. Our service suits the needs of organizations of changing sizes and their demands of the employees having the right skills and qualification. When it comes to identify the right talent for your business needs, rely on us.

Reduced Labor Cost0%


Easy Hiring Process0%

Background Verification

Contract employees are temporary solution, and do not require an annual salary. They don’t need to accrue money to spend on paid learning and development for them in most instances, as they will only benefit your business for a limited period.

Shorter hiring process

The process for recruiting contract employees is traditionally a lot earlier. This is both because you should be contracting for technical skills to deliver something specific rather than long-term cultural fit in to organization

Instant impact

They are only joining for a short period of time. Therefore they need to make an instant impact. Be courteous but also know that you won’t have to spend weeks introducing them with the work environment, familiarizing them to every member of staff and training them with a whole gathering of systems. They will be given a soft landing but they are not your forever people!

Fresh perspectives

A new or fresh employee joins with different perspective. We encourage contract employee from different backgrounds to bring something different that add value and enhance productivity. More temporary recruitment generate more unique perspective an organization will get.

Contractual Recruitment Agency In Bangladesh!

Choose to recruit most competitive contract or temporary employees

Benefits of Contract Staffing

Choose to add value to your company.

We provide contractual staffing in Bangladesh. In this policy our client get benefits of adding value to their existing manpower. We have a specialized contract team who are responsible for hiring temporary skill set that matches our clients. Our valuable service expand nationwide.

Talents & Expertise

At we prioritize, talent   and skill which define an applicant for any job role. We have well designed and proven screening process to sort out talented contract employees. Temporary or contract based employees are required in all sectors. We develop team according to sector wise because we know that sector to sector skill sets are different.





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