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Build your company’s existence with our shared virtual office space. Therefore, our global network of workspaces gives you a  real business address of a virtual office. Moreover, we provide different kinds of services in our virtual office. Such as mail forwarding and call answering services. Also, access to meeting rooms and desk space whenever you need it. While also increasing your income, virtual office space solutions will lower your running costs. Both, virtual space and virtual staff are products designed to assist your business project in the best image while spending less money.



Enjoy The 4 Types Of World-Class Facilities With Us:

1. Suitable Location

Firstly, the office of our company is located in the prime area of Dhaka city. Additionally, prestigious corporate offices, restaurants, and residences are in the surroundings. Thus, our office location, facilities, and cost are very ideal for you. Now, if you want to set up a virtual office in a commercial area of Dhaka then we are your ideal choice. Moreover, this place has easy access to public transport.

3. Strong Coordination offers you the complete suite of virtual office services. Here, the professional staff answers your phone calls in your company name on a dedicated line. Also, We take care of your mail, including couriers and faxes. Moreover, you can pick it up at a suitable time, or we can give weekly mail forwarding for you. And, you can customize yours in such a way that you will get a free notification of all your mail that has arrived.

2. Up-To-Date  Facilities

Here, we offer a virtual office that goes beyond tradition. And develops with your goals and vision. Just four walls are delivered. So, the company’s aim is to give facilities that connect and empower our clients to succeed. We can work with you as a partner, a mentor, and a community of like-minded ambitious professionals. Even if your business isn’t entirely remote, keep your overhead costs.

4. Flexible Rental Terms

Finally, our clients know about coworking spaces setting up terms through us. Contact us for affordable rates, and deals agreement. Then, we offer our clients flexible rental terms (on an hourly or daily basis, perhaps) that fit your specific needs. And, you can present your requirements. According to this, we will arrange a meeting. Also, in the meeting, we will hear you and according to that a contract or agreement between us will be settled.
Super Fast Internet

Too make communication smooth high quality internet service.

Support Service

24/7 support service is always ready to solve your every small issues with care

Exclusive Meeting Room

Excusive meeting room adds value to your business office presentation

Prestigious Location

our virtual office location is situated in a commercial and reputed area

Instant Service

All the members our office take instant action to any issue arises here

Trained Employees

Provide training to receptionist who will handle all your calls efficiently

Scale Up Your Business Performance In Virtual Office Environment

Virtual Office

Fast Internet & Contemporary Telecommunications Systems

A high-speed internet connection is one thing that the latest businesses demand. You’ll likely need it for all sorts of important processes. It’s vital to message and share files with colleagues, host HD video conferences, and share your watch with others.
This is why one of the first things you should look for is the internet speed of your office. Also, important to look into the combined communications package of your coworking space.
So, we educate our clients on what kind of services we can offer before going to the agreement. Our Integrated communications platforms help in good connections with other forms of outreach.
fast internet Offices Room

Virtual Office

Flexible Systems For Meetings & Events

While renting our coworking space, we will make sure of what features and elements you are looking for.


We have all types of solutions like we can provide you with a PO box, and access to meeting rooms or we have also the option of renting a seat in a coworking space or even private office space.


Set your expectations and let us know so that we can search for workspace solutions that fit these criteria. We can even permit online, last-minute meeting room rental bookings.


Thus, this can be important as statistics show that spontaneous meetings happen within 24-48 hours of initial reservation.

flexible Meeting Space

Virtual Office

Virtual Office Features That Benefits You In Every Way

Our firm offers coworking space that is very well-organized and focused on maximizing productivity and evading you from worrying about today’s increasing rent prices.


Therefore, we permit businesses to work remotely while providing the practical facilities needed in any office. We make our service better every day by taking into consideration the location, and other onsite services.


Thus, it may seem like there is a lot to consider when transitioning to a coworking space. We help you every minute before taking a final decision, remember to focus on your business’s needs and priorities.


In the end, we want to be your service holder who benefits you and can help you and your company achieve its full potential.

Virtual Office Space
Virtual Office

Stress-Free workspace

Managing with the drama that comes along with numerous peers or colleagues seems to be unescapable when working in a physical office environment.

By having a coworking space, you can reduce the stress of dealing with such problems.

If you feel your remotely-working staff can be unproductive during the workdays without competitiveness as in the traditional office space, then you can run a competition to get the team moving create hard deadlines

Open Office workplace Services

You Can Do Things Remotely With Virtual Office


Again, this office offers communication and address services without the cost of dedicated office space. You can hire a room in the building from us. This will be the place where your business is registered. So here you can operate all your office-related tasks virtually and also can use it for meetings and events. We will ensure you a professional “corporate” environment.

Is a Virtual Office Right For My Business?


Considering the fact, no one-size-fits-all and put over the benefits of a virtual office on the specific needs of your business and your customers is something you’ll need to pay close attention to. That said, establishing virtual headquarters can pay dividends for businesses of all sizes. Also, we can give a great service for virtual services. Our one of missions is to complete your business and provide the best way.

A Virtual Business Mailing Address


Working from home has gained popularity nowadays.  However, most of the clients, now look for prestigious addresses for virtual offices because many owners want to avoid the problem of renting full offices. So, you pay for a virtual mailing address at an attention-grabbing city location, and then you can use our address on your correspondence and marketing to potential customers.

Fully Equipped Virtual Office Offers

Possible Solution

Virtual offices can improve the functionality of your business and enhance the general user experience.


Unlike, traditional office spaces, you don’t have to set up a physical working address, but rather a mailing address and telephone number which can be used for all of your business correspondence.


Therefore, the purpose of this is to boost your corporate distinctiveness and permit you to establish your business in a prestigious location without unnecessary costs.

Customer Experience

Virtual offices can offer access to services and facilities that would otherwise be too costly. Some operators will provide office equipment, workspaces, and even employees on a “pay-as-you-use” basis.


Thus, this permits you to provide customers with more services without having to pay unwarranted overheads.


In addition, we as virtual office operators are more than happy to tailor your service to your business needs; therefore you can offer a more modified service to clients.

Hire Office Room

If you rent a virtual office and have a client that wants to have a meeting in person, you don’t have to ask them to journey to your home and conduct business in your living room.


Also, this could not only be an awkward journey for your customer but doesn’t look professional.


Instead, you can hire our office room in the building where your business needs to be registered and meet them in person in a professional corporate environment

Advanced Technologies & Security 

Flexible schedule

Flexibility is a key advantage too. A survey on remote workers has shown that from 2019  40% of remote workers consider their flexible schedule to be the biggest advantage.


Apart from this, the only reason is the ability to work from any location. Virtual office solutions mean you get a prestigious work address, without any physical knotted to that location at all times

Save Cost

The elimination of administrative costs is also a big scope. In any lean business, recruitment costs will be focused on hiring the best candidate to assist growth, rather than on employing admin staff.


But that creates a hole in the company’s everyday operations. The dedicated support that a virtual office receptionist can provide means the gap is covered.


So you get help in handling office logistics without investing huge company resources.

Trained Representative

Meaniwhile an updated service is great for written correspondence, what if clients and customers start calling your virtual office to set up meetings?

Thus, Our firm’s virtual office packages include a fully-trained receptionist who’ll be able to handle calls and book meetings on the client’s behalf.

So, even though you’re not situated at our office, your customers will still enjoy an absolutely professional experience.

FAQ For Remote Office Service

What organizations can profit the most from a virtual office?

Presently, many companies don’t need an office arrangement yet can profit exceptionally from an expert presence. Therefore, some examples of such organizations are • Traveling deals• Ecommerce sites • Real domain experts • Businesses testing another market • Startups • Consultants who work on customer sites.

Can I Use’s Remote Virtual Office for free of charge?

For instance, if you don’t have a license key which requires some costs, your experience will be limited to remote desktop control and clipboard functionality. Our customers will not be able to do things like print to their local computer, shadow mode, etc.

Please suggest Eicra’s procedure to set up a Virtual Office?

Best of all Virtual Office just requires just minutes to apply. Step 1: Discover Track down your optimal Center among our worldwide street numbers.  2: Select the Virtual Office plan that suits your business requirements.  3: Sign Up by joining and finishing the online installment. Additionally giving contact data with the goal that our team can follow up and make game plans to assist your business.

What is the responsibility time frame for Virtual Office plan? offer a scope of agreements from month to month moving to a year. It is because we frequently offer motivations for longer term responsibilities. So, select your favored agreement term upon registration or keep in touch one of our salesmen for more data.

What is my cancellation notice period for our Virtual Office plan?

The cancelling period for Virtual Office plans is in between 1 to 2 months, depending upon your location.

Our Virtual Office Give Your Brand An Identity

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