Risk and Compliance Consulting

Achieve Regulatory Excellence with Eicra Compliance Consulting

At Eicra, we provide specialized Risk and Compliance Consulting services designed to help businesses navigate the complexities of today’s regulatory environment and mitigate potential risks effectively. Our expert consultants bring extensive experience and knowledge across various industries. Ensuring that our clients receive tailored solutions that meet their unique needs.  We offer comprehensive services, including risk assessments, regulatory compliance audits, internal control design and implementation, policy development, and employee training programs. By partnering with Eicra, businesses can proactively manage risks, ensure adherence to relevant regulations, and foster a culture of compliance. Our commitment to excellence and proactive approach enables us to deliver high-quality, customized solutions.



We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s current risk management practices and compliance processes. This helps us identify areas for improvement based on industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

Strategy Development

Based on the findings from our assessment, we work with your team to develop a customized strategy that aligns with your business goals. This strategy focuses on mitigating risks and establishing robust compliance processes.


With our expertise and experience, we support you in implementing the strategy and provide ongoing guidance to ensure its effectiveness. We also assist in training your employees on new policies and procedures to maintain compliance.

Policy Development

Creating and updating policies and procedures to align with best practices and regulatory requirements. This ensures a standardized approach to risk management and compliance across the organization.

Optimize Risk and Compliance Consulting Efforts for Business Success

We understand that navigating regulatory frameworks can be complex and time-consuming, so we offer tailored solutions to streamline compliance processes. By partnering with us, businesses can stay ahead of regulatory changes, allocate resources efficiently, and enhance risk management practices.


Our expertise enables clients to improve operational efficiency, maintain a competitive advantage, and uphold cultural integrity by embedding compliance into their organizational culture.


Moreover, our strategic approach to compliance empowers businesses to make informed decisions, safeguard data security, and achieve long-term sustainability. With our comprehensive compliance solutions, clients can mitigate legal risks, seize opportunities.

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Ensure Compliance Confidence with Our Consulting Services

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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance services help businesses understand and adhere to industry-specific regulations and standards. Consultants offer guidance on regulatory requirements, assist in developing compliance programs, and conduct audits to ensure adherence.

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Risk Management

Risk Management consulting involves identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks that could impact an organization’s operations. Consultants develop risk management frameworks, conduct risk assessments, and implement strategies to minimize potential threats.

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Internal Audit and Controls

Internal Audit and Controls services focus on evaluating the effectiveness of an organization’s internal controls and governance processes. Consultants conduct internal audits to assess financial reporting accuracy, operational efficiency, and compliance with laws and regulations.

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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy consulting services help organizations protect their information assets and comply with privacy regulations. Consultants assess cybersecurity risks, develop security policies, and implement measures to safeguard sensitive data.

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ESG Consulting

ESG consulting services assist organizations in integrating environmental, social, and governance factors into their operations and reporting. Consultants help businesses develop sustainable practices, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Brand names: Property Services, Risk and Compliance Consulting

Third-Party Compliance

Assess and manage compliance risks associated with third-party vendors and partners. Ensure compliance across the supply chain, including ethical sourcing and regulatory adherence. Review and monitor contractual obligations to ensure regulatory compliance.

Benefits of Eicra’s Risk and Compliance Consulting Services

Comprehensive Risk Management


We offer a complete suite of risk management solutions tailored to your needs. Stay ahead of potential threats with our forward-thinking risk assessments. Our risk and compliance consulting team of seasoned professionals brings extensive industry-specific knowledge.


Tailored Compliance Solutions


Receive compliance strategies that fit your unique organizational structure and requirements. Ensure your enterprise meets all local and international regulatory standards. Benefit from ongoing updates and improvements to your compliance programs.


Enhanced Organizational Resilience


Be prepared for unforeseen challenges with robust crisis management plans. Maintain operations seamlessly with our business continuity strategies. Reduce your exposure to potential risks with our comprehensive risk mitigation techniques.

Why Should You Choose Eicra?

1. Expertise and Experience

Decades of experience in delivering top-tier risk and compliance consulting services. Our consultants hold prestigious certifications in risk management and compliance. Numerous enterprises have successfully navigated risks and compliance challenges with our guidance.

2. Innovative Solutions

Leverage the latest in technology to enhance your risk and compliance efforts. Make informed decisions with our advanced data analytics and reporting tools. Stay agile with methods that adapt to evolving risks and compliance requirements. Enjoy a bespoke consulting experience tailored to your organization’s needs. Receive unwavering support from our dedicated team of consultants. Stay informed with clear, transparent communication throughout our engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Eicra help businesses in Bangladesh comply with local laws and regulations?

Eicra has a team of expert consultants who are well-versed in Bangladeshi laws and regulations across various industries. We conduct thorough compliance audits to assess businesses’ compliance with local laws and regulations, provide guidance on implementing necessary controls and procedures, and offer training programs to educate employees on compliance requirements.

Can Eicra assist with compliance issues related to international regulations and standards?

Yes, Eicra can assist businesses in Bangladesh with compliance issues related to international regulations and standards. Our consultants stay updated on global regulatory developments and can help businesses align with international best practices and standards to ensure compliance on a global scale.

Can Eicra assist with specific Bangladeshi laws such as labor laws, tax regulations?

Yes, Eicra can assist businesses in Bangladesh with compliance related to specific laws and regulations, including labor laws, tax regulations, environmental regulations, and more. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of Bangladeshi legal requirements and can provide tailored solutions to ensure compliance in these areas.

Why is Risk and Compliance Consulting important for businesses in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, businesses operate within a complex regulatory environment that requires adherence to various laws and regulations. Risk and Compliance Consulting helps businesses navigate these complexities, ensuring they operate within legal boundaries while effectively managing risks that could impact their operations and reputation.

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