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Imagine everything at your business running smoothly, like a perfect song. Suddenly, it all stops because a crucial machine breaks down. This causes downtime, frustration, and financial loss. At Eicra, we understand the importance of keeping your business operational. That’s why we offer the best preventive maintenance services in Bangladesh, ensuring your equipment stays in top condition and preventing such disruptions.

Just like musical experts take care of instruments, Eicra’s highly skilled and certified technicians are the experts for your equipment. They use the industry’s best practices and the latest technology to deliver preventive maintenance services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you have complex machinery, delicate instruments, or everyday office equipment, we offer a comprehensive range of services to keep everything running smoothly. Partner with Eicra for peace of mind!

Choose the Preventive Maintenance Services You Need

Scheduled Inspections

We conduct regularly scheduled inspections to thoroughly assess your equipment and systems for potential issues, allowing us to address concerns before they operations.

Maintenance Task

Our proactive maintenance programs preemptively identify and resolve potential failures, optimizing reliability and minimizing costly downtime for your systems.

Performance Monitoring

Through real-time performance monitoring, we track system metrics and indicators to provide valuable insights that enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness.


Our comprehensive reporting includes detailed analysis of maintenance activities and equipment condition, along with actionable recommendations aimed at optimizing performance and extending longevity.

Parts Replacement

We specialize in expert parts replacement, swiftly and effectively replacing worn or damaged components with high-quality parts to maintain peak operational performance.

Training and Education

Our training programs empower your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively operate and maintain equipment, thereby enhancing overall reliability and mitigating operational risks.

Why Preventive Maintenance is Essential for Business Success

Maximize Uptime

Regular inspections, preventative tasks, and performance monitoring proactively identify and address potential issues before they become major breakdowns. This significantly reduces downtime and costly disruptions to your operations.

Extend Lifespan

Proper preventative care significantly extends equipment lifespan and optimizes performance. Regular maintenance tasks like cleaning, lubrication, and adjustments keep your equipment running efficiently, minimizing wear and tear.

Reduce Costs

Preventive maintenance is an initial investment that saves money in the long run. Preventing major breakdowns and expensive repairs saves costs over time. Early detection enables cost-effective fixes before issues become complex.

Enhance Safety

Regular preventative maintenance identifies and addresses potential safety hazards associated with equipment, promoting a safer work environment. Additionally, our services ensure your equipment meets all relevant safety.

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Bespoke Plans for Every Operational Need

Don’t wait for a breakdown to halt your operations and throw your entire schedule into disarray! Our customized preventive maintenance plans are designed to be a proactive solution, saving you time, money, and frustration in the long run.


We take a team approach to preventive maintenance. This starts with a thorough assessment of your equipment, how you use it, and your overall goals. This deep understanding allows our team to design a plan that addresses your specific needs. For example, if maximizing equipment lifespan is your top priority, we’ll prioritize maintenance tasks that extend the life of critical components.


On the other hand, if you’re focused on reducing energy consumption, we’ll focus on optimizing equipment settings and identifying areas for improvement. Ultimately, we’ll tailor a plan that lines up with your priorities, maximizing the lifespan and efficiency of your equipment, and helping you achieve what you set out to do.

Why Partner with Eicra for Strategic Preventive Maintenance Services

Perfectly Aligned Solutions

From the outset, Eicra recognizes the need for a unique approach for every client. We take the time to understand your specific equipment, usage patterns, and overall goals. Through this in-depth analysis, we can develop a preventive maintenance plan.

Predictive Power of Data

Moving beyond basic maintenance routines, Eicra utilizes advanced tools to analyze equipment performance data. This proactive approach allows us to predict potential problems before they escalate, preventing costly downtime and maximizing uptime.

Clear Communication

Keeping you informed every step of the way, Eicra prioritizes clear and transparent communication. You'll receive detailed reports outlining completed tasks, upcoming maintenance needs, and any potential concerns.

Frequently Asked Question

What makes Eicra's preventive maintenance different?

Unlike generic plans, Eicra tailors each program to your specific equipment, usage patterns, and goals. We leverage data analysis to predict potential issues and prioritize maintenance tasks for optimal efficiency and lifespan.

How can preventive maintenance benefit my business?

Preventive maintenance with Eicra can significantly reduce downtime, minimize repair costs, extend equipment lifespan, and optimize energy consumption, ultimately boosting productivity and saving you money in the long run.

What can I expect during a typical preventive maintenance service?

Our qualified technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your equipment, following the plan outlined for your specific needs. This might include cleaning, lubrication, adjustments, and performance testing. Following the service, you’ll receive a detailed report outlining the work completed, any recommendations, and potential future concerns.

How much does preventive maintenance cost?

The cost of preventive maintenance depends on the complexity of your equipment and the scope of the service required. However, by preventing costly repairs and maximizing equipment lifespan, preventive maintenance typically offers a significant return on investment. Contact Eicra today for a free quote tailored to your specific needs.3. What regulations might apply to my preventive maintenance plan?

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