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There are countless businesses in the market that use online platforms. Because the conduct of their business and these businesses may have extra necessities than other traditional ecommerce product websites.

In fact, these websites need totally diverse range of features and functionalities that have to suit the products that the client is selling. However, provides that extra features to help clients engage their users effectively.

It also offers eye-catching, interactive and accessible ecommerce product selling website solutions. And it can actually benefit our clients to promote their products online.

So, our ecommerce product web experts have delivered extensive experience on all business domains including the complete e-commerce feature competencies with high-security actions and reliability.


Managed Service

  1. Manufacturers
  2. Suppliers
  3. Distributors
  4. Marketing Teams
  5. Product Brochures
  6. Web Pages
  7. E-mails
  8. And More…

Ecommerce Service of Eicra

Now has a wide array of Microsoft .NET Windows Ecommerce Products and Hosting Services Secure & Fast Deploy. Moreover, Start with Free Migration Service. In addition, 12+ Years of Hosting with great Support with 99% Uptime Guarantee plus Weekly Backups. On the other hand, Ultra Fast & Secure Windows Web Hosting, ASP.NET, MVC, MS SQL. PHP 7, WordPress and more on the same Windows server. So, we have flexible mid-range hosting for cash-strapped power users.

Finally, we are providing many services in a leading Ecommerce Product Platform at one Price that Includes a website, hosting, shopping cart and many more.


Store Maintenance

  1. Experience In Management
  2. 100% Result-Oriented
  3. Ecommerce Product Data Entry
  4. Building & Indexing
  5. Catalogue Image Editing
  6. Product Data Updating
  7. Efficient & Affordable Service

Cheap & Faster Service

In fact, these smart systems for the time being store a copy of your images, videos, stylesheets and JavaScript files on a global network of servers. For example, when someone visits your page, a CDN will look for a copy of your media properties on the closest server to the user helping it directly if it has it.

However, this makes your website faster (the CDN is probably located closer to your visitor than your web hosting is). And lessens the number of requests sent to your server (increasing the number of customers your website can handle).


Updating Catalogue

  1. Product Feed Submission
  2. Multilingual Catalogue Processing
  3. Data Privacy and Security
  4. Catalog Data Audit
  5. Catalog Data Clean up
  6. Catalog Data Conversion
  7. Catalog Data Maintenance

Fast Page Loading

First, if ecommerce product stores were simple, a web page would load instantly. And it means of a single database query and very little code. So, that’s not the situation with any modern ecommerce platform though. In breif, with some parts of an online store making dozens of database requirements and hundreds (if not thousands) of calculations on each page load.

Of course, this gets poorer with each extension/plugin you install and any complicated page features such as personalization.


Ecommerce Store Platforms

  1. Magento Ecommerce Store
  2. OScommerce Store
  3. Yahoo Store
  4. Volusion Ecommerce Store
  5. CRE Loaded Ecommerce Store
  6. MonsterCommerce Store
  7. Ecommerce Products

Database Limiting

However, Some budget hosting providers will limit the number of simultaneous database requests per website. Then a typical figure consists 10 active requests at a time. So, database requirements should only take a few milliseconds to fulfill, making 10 active requests relatively tough to achieve.

Although the slower your database requests are though (such as bring in a product feed or calculating which products a person may also like). And the more likely it is for a clash to happen. So, we make sure to our customers about any database limiting or throttling.

Enjoy 5 Ways To Simplify Ecommerce Product Management Service

Ecommerce Product Management Service in Bangladesh

Catalog service includes ecommerce product collection, catalog data entry services, addition or removal of product information, product categorizing, Stock and store management, product data entry for cross-selling, product data entry for up-selling, and updating product information.

1. Fluency in Ecommerce tech
2. An excellent sense of timing
3. World-class prioritization skills
4. Data-analysis wizardry
5. Outstanding communication skills

Provide Your Ecommerce Staff Catalogue At Competitive Edge

 Ecommerce product management promises you an essential help with the appropriate digital tools.

Product Management in eCommerce


Thus, ecommerce product management in is an online shop is like physical store. But in the e-commerce involvement there are other transactions and distribution factors that retailers without a website or app don’t have. Then the products inventory should be measured in both cases. But in e-commerce it’s also a multi-channel experience that adds more risks and elements that should always be monitored.


However, digital comes with the risk of missing the location of something we are looking for due to  a wrong file name or not having a clear storage reference. So, on paper you have a solo registry, but digital versions are multiplied and soon you can discover duplicated information and different details between computers, teams, suppliers, companies, points of sale, countries.

Ecommerce Product Catalogue Processing Online Services

In this case,  e-commerce product management promises you an essential help. With the appropriate digital tools, an e-commerce our product manager can bring together the company’s content and combine it in all channels, platforms and countries. In addition, software such as  Product Information Manager (PIM)  is the finest way to achieve  the content centralization and the automation of tasks  that a business needs.

Efficiency In Ecommerce Tech In Bangladesh


 The overall consumer experience of an Ecommerce product website or app     consists of many technological components. Here are just a few examples:


 1. The shopping cart, ordering, and fees system applications

 2. Code is printed to dynamically create a custom experience based on user, device, previous visits, etc.

 3. An inventory organization system that syncs the site with current inventory specifics

 4. APIs that attach the site with the company’s shipping partners

 5. The site’s complete health and performance: speed, bandwidth, uptime, etc.


The eCommerce product manager has to make sure all of these particulars are in place, execution according to plan, and working together. If something goes wrong, the product manager needs to be capable to grasp the underlying technical problem to know how to get it fixed quickly.


ECommerce is such a competitive business. Customer tolerance is so low for issues during their online shopping experience. Due to this, a product manager will want thorough technical knowledge to be effective in this role.

Prioritization In Ecommerce Task

However, eCommerce is a date and event-driven business. Then, our expert eCommerce Product managers team always keeps this in mind as they figure out their product roadmaps and release plans. But the last thing an eCommerce company that sells flowery arrangements wants is to discover is that a new feature they just launched is bringing the site down. So, we have to carefully plan, execute, and deliver our main features at least one quarter before special events.
In addition, we also have to watch our contract metrics including conversion, session recording, dropouts, etc. And be on the viewpoint for any unexplained deviation in the weeks leading to those shopping days. As a result, eCommerce product managers of our firm have a strong sense of how long their team’s expansion cycles take.

Evolving Strategy In Ecommerce

As an eCommerce product platform is a living, frequently changing experience for example products change, prices change, the layout and presentation of inventory changes. In fact, an eCommerce site or mobile app can craft a different and unique experience every time a user visits its pages. In other words, an eCommerce website itself is a conversation.

Every Ecommerce product manager is a great communicator. There are numerous reasons for this. For example, product managers have to communicate their roadmap strategy to stakeholders, an significant step in the process that can require both persuasiveness and finesse. Finally, ecommerce product managers have to be able to say no to requests on a regular basis.

Aspects That Are Must For An Ecommerce Hosting Provider

Ease Of Shopping With Cart

What gives shopping a better experience is a shopping cart. It is beneficial in several ways. First, it permits client to add products which they like and then review all of them and order preferred ones from a single place. Second, it provides stress free shopping with protected checkout process. Easy integrations with payment gateways assist consumers to place the orders straightaway. Hence, e-commerce hosting services with shopping cart integration should be your first choice. Our company offers AgoraCart which is one of the early open source software (OSS) pioneers providing free shopping cart software.

Full Security

Ecommerce product sites are often targeted by hackers, due to the complex data they protect such as credit card numbers, bank passwords, and often the full names and addresses of users. Additionally poorly secured online store are hacked easily. Moreover, brand new startups often don’t know how to keep this important data safe. So you need to secure your website as soon as possible. Securing your own code is up to you and your developers but many hacks occurs due to poor security on part of your web host. Faults in the server code permit malicious actors to simply infiltrate your website, gaining access to user data, recording passwords as they’re sent through the server, or even placing malware on your website that targets users. That’s why you need to choose a host that recognizes what they’re doing.

Automatic Backup

Backups  are very important for ecommerce sites. Automatic data backups are must.  Daily, weekly, or even hourly  in some cases, a solid backup system have to place to protect your vital store and database files. Especially if you’re working in WordPress where it’s quite normal accidentally change sensitive settings, you could make a mistake that results in your site going down or  database being corrupted. If you don’t have a recent backup, you’re going to lose a huge time and effort trying to get everything back to normal. You might even end up losing all settings. That’s why you need a host with backups built-in to run business smoothly.

Bandwidth And File Storage

Ecommerce product sites take up a lot of file space.  Moreover, they’re also the kind of website that usually pulls in the most traffic. We going to host that has enough resources for you unless you want to end up paying heavy overage fees. Images are an important part of any site’s design and you’re need a lot of them no matter what you’re designing. Particularly Ecommerce sites tend to cover up storage fast. Every ecommerce product you upload is going to need  multiple high-resolution images. Moreover, when your store gets big enough, it’s easy to wonder where all your file space has gone. At Eicra, we don’t have restrictions on bandwidth. We offer caps on monthly visits and  disk space. So, without any hesitation, for the top notch quality service and speed, choose one of our plans and contact us today.


Do provide eCommerce product services for Multi-lingual websites?

Yes, offers you support for both multilingual product upload and multilingual SEO to benefit you conduct business in foreign languages. Moreover, we make use of advanced computational linguistics for exactly processing multilingual product data in most of the major Foreign languages.


Relating to our Multilingual SEO services for non-English speaking prospects, offer Linguistic Keyword Research, State specific competition analysis, multilingual catalog processing with SEO orientation, Language / area specific Link building, etc.

Do you sign a service agreement before beginning on a Ecommerce project?

Before the beginning of the ecommerce project, we sign a Services Contract that details the responsibilities of each party, the deliverables, setting price, complaint handling mechanisms and delivery deadline of the project.

Do you do sample/ pilot/ trial project free of cost for your ecommerce support?

Yes, do a small sample work free of cost and free of obligation. This will allow you to have a better idea about the excellence of our work and at the same time permit us to understand the project better and provide you a competitive quote.

How do I send my ecommerce product information to you for product entry services?

You can send ecommerce product information to us in the form of spreadsheet, digital / physical catalog, etc. through e-mail to our official e-mail id. Moreover, we also have an FTP server, which can be used for transferring large files.


Furthermore, our eCommerce Product Entry team is proficient at product upload and management. They can pull data/ information from the manufacturers’ or suppliers’ website or any other relevant source to customize the solutions to the unique requirements of your online store.

How can I stay connected with my eCommerce Product Management Team?

You can eagerly stay in touch with your eCommerce Product Management Team through Email, Phone, Instant Messengers (Google Talk, MSN, Skype, AOL and Yahoo), etc or any other mode of your choice.

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