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HR Outsourcing Services

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If your company spends a good amount of time in HR- related tasks then it is wasting valuable hours in less productive tasks. However, in Bangladesh to eliminate the cost of the company most of the HR outsourcing related tasks are given to ad hoc HR managers whose role is primarily an office administrator but it increases the costs of company by investing time in hiring wrong choices of employment and handling other task related hassles to HR. With our complete outsourcing solution, you’ll receive continuous support customized to adapt with business-specific demands with dependable strategic, analytical and tactical services you can rely on.
Outsourcing turn out to be a very prominent topic in the new dimension of business across the world. The private sector business in Bangladesh is giving emphasis on human resources management outsourcing functions to achieve various objectives of managing human resources. A research has been conducted based on both primary and secondary sources of data with total of 115 respondents holding the top and middle positions in the different private organizations in Dhaka city. The study has been conducted by collecting the data through a structured questionnaire and different statistical techniques such as descriptive statistics, correlation, regression, and ANOVA have been used to analyze the data. The study shows that human resource outsourcing functions are still at a growing stage in Bangladesh but prospective are very high. The study also reveals that there is a strong positive relationship between human resources outsourcing enhances the overall HRM performance of the organizations. (Sources: Islam Mohammad, HR Outsourcing in Bangladesh(August 30, 2019). Journal of Business Studies, Vol. XXXX, No. 2, August 2019, University of Dhaka.)

HR Strategic Management

Outsource Talent Sourcing

  1. Manpower Recruitment
  2. Talent Sourcing
  3. External recruiting agency
  4. HR Administration
  5. Recruitment Assistance
  6. Background Check / screening
  7. HR Benefit Administration

Offshore Co-Employment

As a professional employer organization (under PEO service model) we introduce a joint-employment relationship with an employer by leasing employees to the employer, thereby allowing the PEO to share and manage many employee-related responsibilities and liabilities.

Our service enables your business to cost-effectively management of human resources, employee recruiting and onboarding, payroll management, workers’ compensation, HR outsourcing benefit administration, HCM, Tax, VAT compliances that freeing up time for your business growth.

Engaging with PEO offers a full-service professional employer organization. Our firm provides a PEO experience that always aims to put the Customer’s needs first with its innovative business model.

HR Managed Service

Professional Co-Employer

  1. Human Resources Management
  2. Employee onboarding,
  3. Payroll Management,
  4. Workers’ Compensation,
  5. HR benefits administration,
  6. Human Capital Management,
  7. Payroll Taxation
  8. VAT compliances

Professional Recruiters

Our Service is a perfect solution for companies with complex HR outsourcing legal needs. Here complex legal needs in an organization mean businesses with strict compliance like construction, marijuana, healthcare, security, finance, and more. Here engaging PEO will be the best choice for you to consider. Our company is operating since 2007 as local employment specialists, supporting businesses to hire employees and distribute payroll in Bangladesh. Over the last 16 years of our service, we have assisted many multi-National companies to expand their operations into Bangladesh.

In the simplest form, a managed payroll for internal, external, temporary, contractual workers is a fairly straightforward concept. Instead of your organization managing its payroll in-house, our managed payroll solution is designed to act as an outsourcing (HRIS) partner to undertake your company’s holistic HR  outsourcing responsibility and payroll liabilities and work as a one-stop managed services provider (Generally known as MSP).

Managing a payroll, whether it’s every week or every month, Our MSP professional team involve in calculating wages, making sure you’re compliant with the latest regulations, deducting taxes, insurance, and TAX or VAT return filings, and filling out any other necessary paperwork – all while your business ensures paying its employees properly and on time.

Offshore Managed HR

HR Outsourcing Services

  1. Employment Contracts
  2. Payroll Processing
  3. HR compliance
  4. Risk Management
  5. Employee Benefits
  6. Tax Complications
  7. Staff Time Attendance
  8. Leave Management

Employee Leasing

Every employee of our HR outsourcing consulting group is an attorney. These legal professionals have noteworthy experience with labor and employment law. Therefore, We apply few sets of strategic methods of improving operations that create a commonplace among large corporations as well as small and medium-size businesses, non-profit organizations, and governments.

Under PEO and Bangladesh Employer of Record solutions, we provide HR Management, Local and Expat employee recruiting and onboarding, payroll processing, workers’ compensation, employee benefits administration including Tax, VAT in compliance with local employment law.

Offshore HR & Onshore HR

Employer of Records

  1. Employee policies
  2. Compliance issues
  3. Employment Compliance
  4. Compliant Payroll
  5. Taxes And Vat compliances
  6. Job Visa and Work Permit

Professional Employer

Every HR outsourcing company is going to propose equally similar services: payroll, insurance, workers compliance. As a PEO provider, our firm also offers payroll and tax administration, workers compensation, risk management, employee welfares, and integrated technology solutions.

Our Employer of records (EoR) Service offers a wide variety of solutions to HR outsourcing administration & all 360° formal employment-related tasks from On-Boarding to the Termination process. A few of our key services under EOR model are HR  outsourcing management, Payroll processing, taxes, visa work permit, sponsorship applications, HR benefits, and insurances so on and so forth. We make sure your company engages with both local and overseas workers legally and efficiently in compliance with the local employment laws.

Best 6 Offshore Staff Management And HR Outsourcing Services In Bangladesh.

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Assisting businesses to focus on core operations

Effective cost savings whether direct or indirect

Transferring emphasis from internal processes to achieve business goals

Guaranteeing compliance with legal requirements

Comprehending investment in HR transformation and IT systems

Transferring risk and liability for HR related issues

The 4 Benefit of our HR Outsourcing

Our HR Outsourcing Services Includes The Complete HR Function Management Services

1. Peak Hour Support

Encounter spikes in recruitment related activities with a flexible workforce efficiently this is a much needed support

2.Benefits Administration

Spend fewer time in spread sheeting and more time in consulting customers with our enrollment and billing support.

3.Data and Analytics

Keep your statistics current while gaining insights on how to optimize your operation and achieve highest quality data

4.Compliance Issues

Our risk and compliance experts handles all changes to employment regulations and thus reduces HR outsourcing management pitfalls

FAQ for HR Outsourcing in Bangladesh

The following are the most typically outsourced HR functions:

  1. Recruiting in large numbers.
  2. Staffing that is only needed for a short period of time.
  3. Background checks and drug testing are required.
  4. Relocation.
  5. Payroll.
  6. Administration of benefits.
  7. Coaching.
  8. Employee handbooks and policy documents are created and updated.

You pay for what you need rather than what you don't need when you outsource. Whether it's a contract that spells out exactly what you'll get or an hourly rate, you'll spend less for the service than if you had to pay someone a wage. You'll save money on benefits and payroll taxes as well.

Organizations that are completely focused on providing HR services will have far more advanced technology and processes in place to do so. Outsourcing your HR activities to a company like this will help you streamline your HR processes, making HR management and administration more effective and efficient.

HR outsourcing's benefits and drawbacks

Outsourcing HR has the following pros:

  1. It helps you save money. The cost of hiring a full-time HR employee is frequently prohibitive for small businesses and start-ups.
  2. Allows employees to think more strategically.
  3. Vertical knowledge.

Outsourcing HR has the following cons:

  1. Human touch is reduced.
  2. In-house expertise is lost.
  3. There is less availability.
Comprehensive HR Outsourcing  services for employers including payroll processing
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