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Establish your company with our premium registered Virtual mailing address in Bangladesh and instantly add credibility and prestige to your brand.  Setup and incorporate your business in the Premium Virtual Workspaces of Dhaka while maintaining your anonymity and privacy.

Virtual Mailing Address

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Sign up for a virtual digital mailing address get your postal mail online. View and manage on your email from your computer or from any mobile device.

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Our office is located in Commercial area of Dhaka city surrounded by prestigious corporate offices, restaurants and residency. Our virtual clients can use this as virtual mailing address

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virtual Mailing Address

Cost Effecctive

We share our luxurious business address without high cost


Even if your company relocates, your virtual mailing address will remain same

Meeting & Events Room

We book meeting room for our clients for their possibility to do meetings.

Unlimited Mail

Your all mails posted in our location will be forwarded to you

Unique Virtual Mailing Address Matters A Lot For Your Business

Operating a business from home is a best way to save money, save time and get a new business off the ground. However, using your home address for your business doesn’t seem as professional or give the same privacy as having a separate virtual office address for your company. It is hard to protect your privacy and your family when your home address is your business mailing address. Additionally. if you would like to formally register your business or apply for a loan, your home address won’t work.



As a business expands, needs and objectives change. Many companies already have a business address and their own office space, but they can’t have the funds for to open offices in other cities, states or countries to expand their market presence. But with virtual mailing address solution, they can afford to add multiple virtual business addresses and make it easy for clients to find and contact them in many new markets.

We are the most trusted and reliable virtual mailing address solution provider in Bangladesh Market.

We will also provide a variety of customer service interface such as virtual mail box, online presence, website, logo and office amenities based support. We have managed to maintain 100% SLA (service

Our exclusive business address which is located in the commercial area of capital city Dhaka in Bangladesh   surrounded by shops, public transports and residency helps to reach your target market easily.

Signing up for a virtual mailing address, is a result that will follow you for a long time. Just like when you take a phone number, you do not change it every year. So updating your associates about a new mailing address every year, is not realistic and is a great hassle. So whoever you select, you’ll need to know that you can stick with them for the long run. Moreover, when a virtual mailing address provider, outsources your mail, a situation by default will create a negative customer experience. In that case, how can you comfortably say that you will be with them for the next 2-3 years?

What Can You Gain?

We have gained customer satisfaction with our advancement in this sector. Once you log into your account, you will find scanned images of all your mail & packages. Those are exterior pictures of your envelopes & packages. Depending on what the envelope is and whether you want to understand the documents that are inside, you can ask for a mail scan. This will tell our group, to open the envelope, and upload scanned copies of your mail.  you can easily download those to your computer from there. Additionally, for packages that are in your account, you can include a shipping address to ship them to. If you are situated overseas, you can request that we ship your packages to you.

Virtual mailing address

Virtual Mailing Address

Offering a virtual mailing address to your home based office.


Located in a prime location which is the capital city of Bangladesh called Dhaka.

Meeting Room

Meeting rooms are well designed and evolve with technological advancements

HR Management

Outsource to Bangladesh and build a dedicated team without worrying about services.

Professional Image

Virtual mailing address creates a professional image of our clients business in market

IT services

High speed internet, backup system and UPS are used to build a strong network

24/7 Support Service

Our dedicated team continuously supporting virtual clients

Unlimited Mail Service

Virtual clients can use company's address for their mailing purposes and online directories

Secure Your Business With Legal Virtual Mailing Address

If you have a home based business or you need an address for your business in another city, you can now get a virtual business address that is a real street address. Upgrade your business image, register your company with us and protect your privacy. You will be able to receive postal mail and packages from any carrier at a secure location.

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Dedicated Receptionist At Your Virtual Mailing Address Service

Our company address will add value to your business identity and our expert team will assist you in your business expansion with proper guidance.

Business Office Address

Brand Identity

One of the key reasons to rent a virtual office is to enhance to your brand. Your office address will say a lot about your business.

Virtual mailing address Services

Enhance Productivity

Renting a virtual mailing address in the middle of your target market will be noticed more by your potential clients and it will enhance your business productivity.

Setup virtual workspace

Save Time

lots of time is needed for choosing your company name, website URL, and logo. Well, your location   and online presence, are just as important.

Virtual Mailing Address FAQ 

Can I have several names on Virtual mailing address service?

In most situations, each virtual mail service is purchased for an individual name. Mailing is sorted and processed by the name on the envelope so each corporate using our service will need its own service in place.

Can I use your virtual mailing address on my website?

Definitely, you can use our address on your website. Clients with a full virtual mailing address service can show this as the main point of contact.

How secured is my private information held by you?

Put our company name as the first line of the mailing address.  So, this will avoid mail being rejected as wrongly addressed. If we obtain envelopes with no corporation name included, it is very difficult to identify this as your mail.

How much does a virtual mailing address charge?

Every service varies in different conditions, but usually the cost for a virtual address ranges from $9.95 to $35 per month.

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