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Offshore Customer Service: A Best Services To Fulfil Your Need



Call center services are modern solutions for digital marketing and support solutions. The inbound call center is operated by the company to manage incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers. Outbound call centers are used for telemarketing, charitable or political donations, debt collection and market research.

Offshore Customer Service

3 Best Customer Contact Centre Services!

Inbound Call Centers
1. Inbound Call Centers

Inbound call places are workplaces set up to deal with huge volumes of approaching calls and for 24 hour inclusion. The present full assistance inbound call habitats can likewise answer your business email and instant messages just as your approaching calls. Live specialists answer the approaching telephone, email or instant messages and can give a wide scope of call focus administrations.

Outbound Call Centers
2. Outbound Call Centers

Develop your business with outbound calls.Outbound call focus workplaces are set up to deal with huge volumes active calls. Outbound call fixates center around settling on the active decisions for your business or association. Outbound call habitats can serve to develop your business by contacting new possibilities and by supporting existing clients.

Automated Services
3. Automated Services

Save money on costs. Improve client care. Computerize inbound and outbound call community services.Automated call focus administrations incorporates call, email, messaging and programming administrations performed electronically. Numerous inbound and outbound call community administrations can incorporate electronic mechanization of a few or all parts of the administrations.

BPO & Call Center Services Includes More 4 Services Include:

Services fall into 4 essential classifications:

  • Inbound
    1. Inbound

    We TAKE the calls for you.

  • Outbound
    2. Outbound

    We MAKE the calls for you.

  • Automated
    3. Automated

    We AUTOMATE processes for you.

  • Business Process
    4. Business Process

    You DELEGATE the business process to us.


  1. Guest ID Routing for Privileged clients
  2. Call Routing to Scheduler, Voice Mail, External Number and to IVR
  3. Call Queuing, Queue holding up message, Queue Overflow
  4. Call Holding, Incoming Call Beep, Call Conference, Call Transfer, Call Barge-in
  5. DID (Called Number) insightful steering to measure
  6. Call Queuing and Call pausing
  7. Call Center Software Solutions for Outbound Call communities

Features of Inbound Call Center Software Solutions!

Programmed Call Distribution (PCD):  PCD Call Center Software helps the inbound call habitats by singling out the most reasonable specialist for a specific guest put together depending with respect to their past intricacy of issue, calling history, specialist’s ability and so on This assists with clients to get the right help in appropriate time.

Intelligent Voice Response (IVRS):  Automated Interactive Voice Response will assist the guests with picking the help they are searching for, including language determination choice while being directed through different prerecorded voice prompts.

CRM Integration: Depending on the prerequisite, CRM can be adaptable and can be coordinated with the call community. Outsider CRM resembles deals power and so on can be incorporated.

Call Recording : Call recording of all voice calls can be recorded and saved in the worker.

Live Call Monitoring : Allows you to pay attention to the calls occurring in your call place. Yet, with live checking, you can pay attention to these brings continuously .

Features of Outbound Call center Software Solutions!

Dialers : Outbound Call Center can be arranged for review and prescient outbound dialing mode.

See Dialer : In review dialer specialist can see the subtleties of the guest and It is dependent upon the specialist to settle on when to settle on the decision and they may likewise have the option to skirt the call.

Prescient Dialer : A prescient dialer is an outbound considering framework that consequently dials from the data set. Prescient dialer builds the quantity of calls dealt with by a specialist.<

Lead List Management : Multiple rundowns can be transferred for single cycle. Continuous status of leads can be seen.

Call Recording : Call recording of all voice calls can be recorded and saved in the worker.

  1. Lead Re-Attempts
  2. CRM Integration
  3. Language Based Routing
  4. Constant Dashboards and Reports

Top rated call center Services in Bangladesh are:

B2B and B2C based Call Center administrations


We give both B2B and B2C administrations including both inbound and outbound calls. We have a devoted and unit of client care experts is offering magnificent types of assistance conveyed in an ideal and practical style. Whatever a customer’s client relations objectives are: measuring prospective customers, taking requests, reacting to promotion requests, statistical surveying, or general data demands, We have individuals with the ability to expertly support those requirements.


Reevaluate Tech Support or Help Desk


With our state of the art innovation and experienced administration and staff, we can convey dependable excellent specialized help re-appropriate administrations to enhance or supplant your in-house group. Allow your group to zero in on amplifying your business activities without diminishing the nature of help your clients have generally expected.

Call Center Services with CRM joining

Our coordinated BPO and ITO arrangements center to the whole client experience. With regards to client the executives, we help enhance and smooth out both of your voice or potentially non-voice associations. For your IT the board needs, we gather the best specialized groups all around the world to proficiently convey high-esteem IT commitment.

FAQ for Offshore Customer Service

How long has provided call center services? has been providing call center solutions for the past 17 years. We provide high-quality call center services to our customers worldwide.

What kind of training do the call center employees receive?

Our employees are trained to handle calls and different situations. Before they begin working on a new project, they are given a refresher course. It helps all your clients to understand your business better if you provide them with access to your website, product guides, and previous correspondence.

Does your call center provide services in more than one language?

Our clients are primarily from English speaking countries like the US, UK, and many others, but our staff can converse in multiple languages including French, Spanish, German, and Dutch, among others. Our delivery centers span the globe, and we can hire native language speakers for any unique requirements.

Are you able to ensure the security of my data?

Your data, credit card information, logins and passwords, and other confidential information are never compromised. We make our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement before they start working with Eicra, and any violations are severely punished. We guarantee the safety of your business.

What types of customers do you serve?

Our customers may or may not be Fortune 500 companies. Across the world, we hope to build long-term relationships with small, medium, and large companies alike.

Call Center Agents provide best customer support and sales to your customers