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Get Exclusive Content Monitoring Services In Bangla Language For Bangladeshi Companies.

Outstanding Live Text, Images, Videos, and Audio Monitoring.

Here at Eicra Soft Ltd, we understand the importance of your business maintaining a positive and inoffensive social presence. We provide content monitoring services to oversee all user generated and social media content on your platforms, screening for profanity, scams, slur, etc.

Texts and Comments

User comments are monitored to check whether all posts are appropriate.

Images and Videos

We check your pages for images or videos that may be offensive in nature

Social Media Mentions

All mentions of the brand name on any social media platform are monitored.


Check all profiles on your page to detect fake profiles or bots.

Monitoring Bangla

We designed to monitor Bangla text, image and videos .

24/7 Support System

Our 24/7 support team supervise policies of content monitoring

User Generated Content Monitoring

Input from users is essential for your business. However, all users may not be benign, and may use this avenue to harass the business or other legitimate users. Our content monitoring services can be used to monitor all user generated content such as comments, feedback, ratings, reviews, forum posts, etc. posted by individual users. Contents such as spam, racial or political slurs, advertisement or business scams, bullying, harassing, trolling behaviors, etc. are screened from these, to be dealt with accordingly.

Advertisements Texts

Page Content Quality

Social Media Evaluations

Profanity Filters

Fix Your Blind Spots

Competitive Insights

Social Media Content Monitoring

Our content monitoring services can be used to monitor all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., for any mention of your brand. Being able to respond fast to customer’s queries, complaints, or any misuse of the brand name such as infringement, slander, etc. is crucial, and therefore we employ fast and efficient methods to screen for all mentions of the brand name on most social platforms. We also monitor your brand’s authorized media accounts to screen for fake accounts.

E-Commerce Sites

Our content monitoring experts screen for user profile legitimacy, check feedback on products, follow up on complaints, check product information validity to ensure your customers receive a smooth and friendly experience.

Web Pages

We monitor your webpages for any unwanted or malicious content, including defacements and screening for security hazards such as compromised plugins, links that redirect to malicious sites, etc.

Kids/Educational sites

Our content monitoring service ensures a secure and comfortable online environment for children to receive education by keeping your website monitored and secure.


We screen all posts and comments to keep in touch with the customer's needs, as well as filter the posts and comments for profanity, racial or political slur, etc.

Visiul-Content- Monitoring

Improved Social Media Surveillance

Websites, blogs, microblogs, and audio and video streaming media are few examples of digital content marketing and target for content monitoring. In each of these channels, users must navigate to the website to view the content. It is up to marketers to create digital content – text, images, videos, and audio – that is relevant and captivating enough to attract web visitors, increase page views, and improve search engine rankings.


Our content monitoring service providers are well accustomed to social trends. We’re adept at identifying popular trends and marketing schemes to keep your business up to date with the people’s needs. We understand the need to maintain a good social perception for the business, and therefore all mentions aimed at your business are responded to with utmost care to ensure a satisfying customer experience.

100% Optimized Content Monitoring Services

We handle the ongoing task of making sure your online presence is safe and wholesome.

Social Media Monitoring
Multi-Lingual Services

We provide our services in Bangla, English and are familiar with most forms of “netspeak” in both languages. provides guideline compliant, advanced and highly effective content monitoring techniques to monitor your webpages. Using modern data-analyzing and machine learning techniques and highly trained staff, we can provide important feedback and data needed to boost your business growth, as well as protect your brand image on the Internet. takes the highest efforts necessary to ensure all content is monitored from an unbiased and fair perspective, and that your brand is a trustworthy and reliable presence in the online community.

Outsourcing Social Media Management

Outsourcing social media content monitoring will you help to develop your brand and boost your insights into customer behavior. As a research tool, it will also benefit you build your marketing strategies When you outsource social media marketing and analytics you should identify more than just the amount of posts that are made, the following your page has increased or what controversial topics made headlines. Additionally, Social media monitoring will assist you identify the reason behind everything happening online.

Inform Keyword Selection and Policy Making

Selecting which words to filter out, which words require immediate attention, as well as figuring out the policies and guidelines that would best serve your business are crucial, but daunting tasks when setting up a content monitoring service. provides consultations on setting these policies so they may best cater to your business.

Detect Issues and Threats

Faulty links, typos, broken images on your webpage, security vulnerabilities in the form of compromised pages or plugins, or deprecated certifications are all issues that may lower trust in your brand. Our content monitoring experts detect these issues so that your webpages maintain an excellent quality and are always up to the standards.

Targeted Advertisements

Our content monitoring service providers are experts in navigating the online space, and are therefore well-informed on your user-base’s wants and needs. We provide advertisements for your brands on pages and locations most likely to attract the attention of your targeted customers.

FAQ For Live Text, Images, Videos, And Audio Monitoring.

What is the cost of your services?

Service rate is determined by the difficulty level of the project. Moreover time, resources and customer’s customized requirements also determine the rate.

Does offer services updating/rewriting content?

Yes. We offer Content updates as we know the importance of creating fresh content. As it is attracting new customers and search engine bots.

Do you charge extra costs for revisions or any hidden costs?

No. We do not take extra charge for minor revisions. Moreover there are no hidden fees at our service. We always try our best to offer 100% accurate service but by any chance you want revision or rewrite your order, we would love to do that for you.

What is the role of Content Monitoring in case of traffic and SEO?

Content Monitoring was created with the intention of driving traffic from social media sites such as bookmarking sites and social networks. However, it has become much more significant in recent years, not only because of the growth of social networking, but also because it increases SEO performance.

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