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Our Bookkeeping Services are aimed at lowering our clients’ finance and accounting costs by helping them with management, accounting, and tax preparation. Moreover, customers can choose what they need from Eicra.com’s personalized and professional online bookkeeping services, which cover the complete gamut of bookkeeping.

Also, we provide our customers’ virtual back office for all of their bookkeeping and accounting needs, including set-up, support, and accounting advising. Further, you may take advantage of the cost savings of our finance and accounting services by outsourcing bookkeeping services to Bangladesh.

However, we are experts in all of the major accounting software packages used in the bookkeeping industry. For example, QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree, Sage Accounting, Business Vision, and Simply Accounting.

Additionally, we have a dedicated bookkeeping services supplier team of well-trained accountants and experts. So that, they can swiftly adapt to customers’ software and processes while speedy response.

6 Types of Effective Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

1. Financial Statements

We calculate your tax, vat, and overall monthly due figuring to produce your financial statement.

2. Income Statement

We make certain that your revenue statement is precise your needs and expected profit.

3. Balanced Books

We carefully take care of every financial component in our record books when providing bookkeeping services.

4. Tax Preparation

Simply having our bookkeeping tool in your company will make tax filing more capable. Get in touch today.

5. Balance-Sheet

The balance sheet statement is set up with necessary improvements and previous database records.

6. Virtual Bookkeeping

With our virtual bookkeeping support services, we deliver our services not just offline but also online.

Get Exclusive Xero, Quickbooks, Zoho Books From Us In Bangladesh

Bookkeeping Services obvious business records are significant. However, it assists you to understand how much money is owed to you and will prevent you from making costly not to mention illegal errors. Moreover, bookkeeping services can help you monitor your business and identify sources of income. On the other hand, payroll and employment taxes, sales and purchases, expenses, bank statements, profit and loss statements, cash flow analysis, etc. are the example.

Our Specialized Bookkeeping Services For Global Customers

Eicra.com is the most greatly used bookkeeping software, as previously stated. So that, this program can be better without causing any problems in the past. Whereas, the current Eicra.com online edition has no limit on the number of the users and is extremely useful in multi-user scenarios. Nevertheless, the audit trail is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, this is great for tracking online transactions. Therefore, we can help you improve your productivity and profitability by providing bookkeeping services. Additionally, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution! After that, our accounting and bookkeeping services at Eicra.com are customized to your specific needs. Unlike most of our rivals, we understand the differences between bookkeepers and accountants. So, it provides our services to your specific needs. On the other hand, we have a diverse set of skills.

Initially, all organizations require bookkeeping services to ensure operational and financial data. Initially, management, regulators, and investors all require this information. Furthermore, it is a legal responsibility for any business to keep records in order to ensure that all taxes are paid .

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is the process of recording a company’s financial transactions in an accounting system. Also it produces reports. So, many small businesses, on the other hand, lack entire accounting departments and rely on outside bookkeeping service. Although this network is a business experts.

Outsourcing your Accounting Services to Eicra.com is the appropriate decision if you’re running a business and want to focus on how to grow, but are unable to focus on all aspects of the company’s operations and finances. On the other hand, our skilled tax consultants can assist you with any issue relating to tax and payments, including return filing. In addition to, we assist you in analyzing your spending and adjustment your budget or debts to ensure that your firm has the best possible cash flow.

Get Our Outsource Accounting Services


  1.  Simple accounting services

Accounting is one of the most crucial aspects of a business since it allows the operations to be properly structured. For steady business growth, any type of business entity, whether it is a startup or an established one, requires a channelized accounting system. Additionally, accounting is divided into 4 categories:

1 . Financial Accounting – This accounting format deals with a business’s summary, analysis, financial statement preparation, and reporting with due to financial transactions.


2 . Management Accounting – Additionally, this style of accounting assists a company’s managers in making financial and non-financial decisions by providing financial and non-financial information.


3 . Auditing – An audit is a process in which a company’s books, accounts, statutory records, papers, and vouchers are checked in order to offer a fair and accurate picture of the company’s financial situation.


4 . Tax Accounting – Tax accounting is the process of preparing regular tax, sales tax, and numerous other returns with the help of experts. So, this is a collection of accounting standards that control a company’s taxes. However, these are different from general accounting principles in that they are required by law.

 2. Virtual Accounting – As your company grows, the scope and value of your company will certainly expand as well. So that, virtual accounting is one such accounting service that will assist firms in managing their accounting services more effectively with the assistance of qualified accountants who will work remotely. However, it is adjustable, capable, and low-cost.

3. Professional Accounting-  A team of professional Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries who will become an important part of the accounting body. Also, this required for the accounting services. So, this is to be implemented and curated effectively. Also, we have experience with auditing, cash statements, and financial statement management, among other things.

4. Tax Planning – The basic goal of tax planning is to guarantee that the tax system is as efficient as possible. Also, all financial activities will work in the most tax-effective way with good tax planning.


5. Accounting Consulting Services – Therefore, when it comes to accounting consulting services, nothing but the best would suffice. After that, our team will assist you in better analyzing your financial data so that you can make more informed business decisions. So, our Bookkeeping Services assist you in forecasting your company’s financial status.


Do you provide full-service accounting and bookkeeping?

Yes, we offer bookkeeping services ranging from opening your mail to preparing financial statements. Importantly, we are not a approved public accounting firm, nor do we prepare tax returns. So that, works are handled by our tax consultants.

Are there any conditions for the contract of bookkeeping service? How can I work with your company in the future?

Initially, our bookkeeping service is month-to-month. So, give us a month’s notice to ensure a smooth change. Then, once the month of service begins, we do not offer refunds. Since we believe in leaving every cleaner than when we found it.

Do I need to hire a professional bookkeeper or accountant for a long period of time?

So, every business needs accounting and bookkeeping. On the other hand, to succeed in your business, you must maintain your work no matter how you do it.

Would it be possible for me to keep the records myself?

Business-keepers sets up and trains clients on Eicra.com. So that, they can manage their own accounting. However, it is said that we “check-in” on your Eicra.com files to ensure everything is entered. Whereas, bookkeeping so there are no surprises at year end.

Would you be able to handle payroll?

So that, Eicra.com can assist you with setting up a cloud payroll system that combine with your accounting software. So, we will settle your bank statements with your financial records after each pay run.

Recording our Bookkepping Services and Financial Transactions.

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