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PEO and EOR services enable businesses to develop globally also the need to establish legal corporations. It deal with concerns such as talent acquisition, HR, benefits, payroll, taxation, and compliance. Hire people rapidly also for test new markets, and respond quickly to changing business needs. While we handle compliance and operations. If a corporation collaborates with a PEO, it must create a legal presence in each state or country. Where it employs people. However, if the company’s EOR is created across geographies. The EOR also allows the corporation to legally employ individuals in those states.

You get control without taking on legal entity obligations, contractor risks, or sacrificing talent or time to market with our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or Employer of Record (EOR) services.



PEO And EOR services are significantly distinct in terms of quality. And also they serve two very different needs. The best approach to think about the two. PEOs are for businesses that want to improve their HR function. By bringing in outside support. After that, it is a long-term solution geared toward the company’s HR department. The PEO determines that the organization. Which it has collaborated is too risky. On the other hand, the PEO has the power to move the firm to a higher-risk category. Raising the service price to an unaffordable level for the company.



EOR is a flexible approach to bring people onboard for organizations that want to expand rapidly. Meanwhile it’s by bringing in contingent workers to help with current business demands. By expanding geographically without the trouble of establishing up a physical company in another country or nation. EOR can be used for a segment of the workforce and takes over a portion of HR tasks. It gives services to between 1 and 5 employees. PEO And EOR services enables businesses to relocate to another state or country without having to form a formal company.

Our PEO and EOR Services Help to Grow Businesses in Bangladesh Without Setup Entity

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Benefits of Our PEO Services

1. HR costs are reduced

2. Payroll processing have been streamlined

3. Better regulatory compliance

4. Best benchmarks in the industry

5. Improved employee satisfaction

Our Overall Services We Offer

  1. Risk Reduction
  2. Local Expertise
  3.  Saving in both time and money
  4. Payroll processing for employee
  5. Focus on your business

Benefits of Our EOR Services

1. Takes care of all administrative tasks

2. Establishes the contract in compliance

3.Taxes are managed by this person

4. Local benefits of administration

5. Payroll, HR, and regulatory compliance assistance

Access To A New Market With Our PEO And EOR Services

Every country has its own benefits and challenges when it comes to expansion. Despite the current economic climate, business expansion has continued. We’ve discovered various growth prospects and prepared a list of the best places for global expansion during the pandemic in this new normal.

How Professional Co-Employment Service Works?

We hire your employee during our local legal organization. Which handles the employment contract and immigration also work permit requirements. As well as continuing Payroll, Accounting, and Compliance needs. Our local PEO And EOR services guarantee your employee’s needs. That is fulfilled quickly. While keeping you informed about what is statutory and competitive in that country. Likewise professional employer organization (PEO). We provide the outsourced services of integrated, human resource services that help reduce employer risks by ensuring compliance.

1. Hiring, Benefits & Payroll

Employee onboarding with legally employment contracts, competitive benefits and timely and accurate paychecks. Our PEO And EOR services handle the entire payroll process. Have formed strategic alliances with key payroll suppliers.

2. Immigration & Global Mobility

Work permits and expatriate tax are all areas. We have a lot of experience. PEO And EOR services assure strict adherence to visa and immigration requirements. Handle all documentation and aid with relocation as needed.

3. International Expansion

Our expansion solutions convert you to your own legal company.  While Our PEO And EOR services continue to manage your HR. Payroll and other compliance operational to solve needs. Contact Us for the services.

Secure statutory benefits

Get statutory benefits and access to our full health insurance policies.  By enhancing local must have benefits for worldwide PEO employees. However with minimal headcounts.

Propriety technology platform

Utilize our technology platform,  to handle time and attendance. It insurance and non-insurance benefits, expense, and other aspects of your business through an easy to use online interface.


Is my business the right size to use a PEO?

PEOs are ideally suited to small to medium-sized firms with less than 250 employees.

How much does a PEO cost?

Our PEO services at Eicra are customized for each company we work with. As a result, our fees differ from one client to the next. Please do contact our team for a custom price and proposal.

Why choose Eicra as your international PEO?

With so many PEO firms on the market, picking which one to entrust with your global development can be tough. For over 15 years, Eicra has been helping businesses in their growth by offering dependable recruitment and employee management support.

Is PEO’s financial statement available?

Most PEOs, like their company clients, are privates with no public financial disclosures. Clients should, however, evaluate a PEO’s references, reputation, and financial history. Check to see if the PEO’s financial statements have been audited, get credit references, and do your homework. Verify that the PEO is properly licensed or registered in any areas where this is required. Many PEOs give clients attestation from an independent CPA regarding the PEO’s audited financial accounts, tax payments, and benefit plans.

Can a PEO help me with recruitment?

Yes, in addition to our PEO services, Eicra offers worldwide necessary services. We offer the knowledge and skills to assist you in acquiring outstanding people, with over 15 years of experience and 5 global offices.

How many employees can I use a PEO for?

You can have as many or as few as you want. Eicra can provide competent PEO services whether you have a single employee or a large international team.

Employer of Record (EOR) and PEO Services – A Complete Payroll & Compliance Solutions

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