Accounts Receivable Payable

Outsource Account Payable and Account Receivables Service.

 Accounts Receivable Payable Services With 6 Exclusive Steps

Accounts Receivable Payable

All of our subscribed clients benefit greatly from the accounts receivable payable service. So, our staff of licensed and experienced accountants has a knack for staying on top of things and not letting anything fall through the cracks. Also, it ensures that all payments are paid on time. Our clients never have to chase down payments in addition to paying bills because we keep track of the account.

Protecting exact accounts of purchased and sold goods or services either on cash or credit gives you limpidity in the finances. Moreover, it approves you to manage your funds consequent upon. Since Eicra has been corroborative of its overseas and Bangladeshi purchaser to streamline their financials more practically and productively. Furthermore, with probable accounts receivable payable services, we strengthen your financial method by efficiently updating your accounts. So that, our accounts receivable payable services always recording appropriate and actual-time receivables and also payable transactions.

1. Invoice Management

All invoices of Accounts Receivable Payable submitted to you are processed by us. Before we approve payments, we double-check all data on each invoice to ensure the item listed, correct total.

2. Recording

Invoices processed, post-business transactions, payroll distribution, and other financial data are all kept in records. You can ask for a list of all transactions. We are ready to services you.

3. Reporting

All transactions are reported on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. All past payments to each vendor, as well as the description and invoice number, are included in the reports.

4. Debt Collections

Our team of accountants checks for account delinquencies and collects payments on past-due obligations. We gather the required documentation and provide debit notes and invoices.

5. Banking

Our accounts receivable payable creates customer statements, invoices, and bills, as well as reconciling expenses with your ledger. So that, to verify transaction data, we make copies of all deposits and checks.

6. Reporting

Our accounting department creates customer statements, invoices, and bills, as well as reconciling expenses with your ledger. To verify transaction data, we make copies of all deposits and checks.

Modern Accounts Receivable Payable Outsourcing Service and Processing

You should be pursuit modern business, not perpetrator accounts. Good accounts receivable payable scheme boost profits by decrease bad debt, and guidance to better cash flow. Whereas there is supreme availability of liquidity.

Our Premium 6 Receivable Payable Accounts Service

Our Accounts Receivable Payable Outsourcing Services allow you to benefit from cutting-edge technology. Afterward, it is highly qualified personnel without having to invest in them or purchase. Moreover, to maintain costly software with accounting services. We give industry best practices, such as Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, which leads to fewer inconsistencies and improved financial control. Initially, it leads to increase profitability.

Accounts Receivable Payable

Our modern workflow and imaging technology, as well as our adherence to industry best practices and high levels of quality, help us achieve efficiency and precision. Our systems give customers real-time information on invoices (amount, vendor, date), approvals (who approved it, when), exceptions (price difference, quantity disparity), and all outstanding obligations for the organization.

We offer customer care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure timely responses and resolutions to customer and vendor inquiries. Our web-based reporting system ensures the highest level of data protection while also allowing customers to track their orders in real-time. Improved business intelligence, aided by the management’s ability to see the larger picture.

Improved financial control thanks to our transparent processes and also customers’ access to a secure web portal 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Invoice discrepancies and conflicts were reduced. Vendor relationships have improved. Easy access to the invoice transaction audit trail and supporting paperwork required for audits via an online repository.

With Eicra’s receivable management services in Bangladesh, you can rest assured that your cash flows will arrive on time. Moreover, we send emails and make phone calls to follow up on receivables on a regular basis.

Our 10 Account Receivable Service


  1. After the consumer has approved the billings, we are prepared and mailed.
  2. Revenue should also be recorded and accounted for.
  3. Receivables transactions are entered into accounting software.
  4. Putting together and delivering periodic statements
  5. Customer-approved credit memos and refund cheques are issued.
  6. Keeping track of subsidiary receivables
  7. Performing process changes that have been approved by the customer
  8. Resolving short payments and applying funds received to customer accounts
  9. Creating reports on receivables receivable
  10. Lastly, services for managing accounts receivable deductions (AR deductions management).

1. Clear policies for credit approval

Set clear credit approval policies, which could include things like bank references, trade references, financial statements, and so on.


2.Send invoices for customers timely.

It may seem self-evident, but if money is to be collected, the client must be billed at that point. As a result, it is critical that the receipt be delivered quickly and accurately. Above all, the receipt of your invoice is the primary indicator that an organization recognizes the efficiency of your debt collection method.

3.Accounting for receivables

Factoring and early settlement discounts are two essential strategies for speeding up a cash collection from accounts receivable. So that, it makes easier to track customer payments.


4.Tracking of overdue payments.

So, you can easily track the payments from the customers that are overdue. We also do a regular follow up for receivables through email or a phone call.

5. Making aged Payables report.

Due to this displays the sums owed to each customer as well as the length of time they have been owed. As a result, any violations of the credit terms will be visible.


6.Stay organized by Automation with Online billing tools.

By automating receivables management, you may connect all of your systems. As a result, workflow efficiency improves. It also gives you a better understanding of how to generate cash flow and customer reports.


Who and what frequency printing and sending invoices to customers will this take place?

Eicra’s Accounts department will centrally print and send all invoices. Firstly, this will occur every day (Monday-Friday). However it may be adjusted as experience validates with accounts receivable payable.

Will accounts be issued, by whom and at what frequency?

Eicra’s accounts department issue statements only for invoices that are past due, as an element of the accounts receivable payable collections policy.  Therefore, it is expected that these will be issued on a monthly basis.

What will the payment process and when invoices are paid?

All payments will be processed by the Eicra’s Cashiers located in the Office of Business Operations.  Initially, our Cashiering staff will make deposits and apply them to invoices.  Finally, all the Accounts  staff can view this activity online or via the “Unpaid Invoice Report” of accounts receivable payable service.

Do you provide purchase order number printed on an invoice?

Yes, in our accounts receivable payable service a purchase order number will be recorded and printed on an invoice.

Who is responsible for observing clients with poor payment history?

Our accounts receivable payable customer service department is responsible for monitoring client history and can move a client to an “inactive” status should the poor payment history command this.  Departmental workforce will have access to this info within the Accounts Receivable application.

Leading accounts payable services with many years of experience 

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