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Our Quality HR Management Outsourcing Services

Outsource HR management Service to to improve your operational excellence. Moreover your company can benefits from enhanced confidentiality and organizational efficiency. HR management services assist your organization to be more time and cost-efficient, improving services to your employees. Therefore, we provide cost-effective, high-quality HR management services. Our HR professionals have more tactical opportunities because we get rid of them from administrative burdens. HR management services in Bangladesh help you meet your business needs regardless of industry or company size. Our HR management services are dedicated on the improvement, development and implementation of the greatest human resource management practices.
As we have rapid economic growth and frankness to foreign investment, Bangladesh represents a promising development opportunity for many investors. It also delivers a skilled, educated and young workforce that is technologically savvy. And implementing new opportunities. Bangladesh PEO services permit companies to recruit employees in Bangladesh and any company can do this without first establishing a legal entity. Our company is responsible for all HR, payroll, tax and benefits administration while the business maintains daily control over the staffs™ work. This cost-effective option of our HR management service permits you to organize staff faster while maintaining full legal compliance.

Human Resource Management
HR Shared Services

HR Shared Services™

  1. Vendor management
  2. Benefits management
  3. Survey management
  4. HRMS management
  5. Global HR helpdesk
  6. Labor compliance
  7. Full & final settlement
  8. Employee Data Management
  9. Learning Services

I Need My People To Excel And Give Superior Results™

Every business owner desires their team to bring more value  that is what drives growth. Employee Performance Management is a science to us. Like all sciences it has proven theories and methods that deliver expectable outcomes.™  Performance Management Solution will assist you develop focused strategies both to poor performers to up their game, as well as to reward and further motivate those who excel. Ultimately, what we will provide is a practical and measurable way of HR management in which you can create a system of incessant improvement in your organization. We have applied our Performance Management Solutions for several clients, who saw remarkable

Remote HR Management Services

 HR Management Services

  1. Compensation plan review and analysis
  2. Due diligence and acquisition planning
  3. Succession planning
  4. Employee incentive and retention services
  5. Benefit and leave administration
  6. HR service center

Need Someone To Manage My HR Completely

Well, you have come to the right place.™ HR management service can take the HR burden off your shoulders completely. We will study your company, design the most suitable system for you, recommend and provide the essential software tools, set up and implement the solution, train your people to use it, and manage it completely as well. From staffing and payroll management to performance appraisal and employee engagement, and everything in between, we will keep your HR operation productively and efficiently. Thus making a significant impact on your bottom line. We always love to listen to what our clients have to say about our end-to-end HR management services.

HR Payroll management services

Payroll Management Services

  1. Payroll processing and reporting
  2. Reimbursement processing
  3. Statutory compliances
  4. Employee self service
  5. Comprehensive reporting
  6. Payroll helpdesk
  7. Payroll tax reporting
  8. Online benefits enrollment

I Need Assistance With Setting Up Proper HR Policies And Processes

It’s great to know that you recognize the necessity for properly defined HR policies and processes in your company. Anything that is methodically organized will function more efficiently, and establishing properly articulated HR policies and processes is a necessary first step to get the most out of your people. It allows you to take HR management-related decisions correctly and fairly. It benefits you communicate better with your employees and set expectations clearly. It supports you to allocate resources more efficiently towards people management. Importantly, it guarantees that your company stays in compliance with the applicable labor laws.

HR Talent Acquisition

HR Recruitment Services

  1. Project hiring
  2. Recruitment administration
  3. Analytics
  4. Applicant screening
  5. Reference and background check
  6. Candidate interviews

I Just Want T0 Manage One Or Two Aspects Of HR

If your company want support in just one specific aspect of HR management, is most happy to help. For example, our firm can take on the full responsibility of Payroll Management which includes managing your employee salaries, monitoring allowances, ensuring deductions as per law, generating pay slips and more. Likewise, we can assist only for your recruitment needs, or employee appraisal, or anything else that you require.

Our 6 Integrated HR Management Services For Businesses Across Bangladesh

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1. Daily HR Support Service

Outline and implementation of employment contracts. Redesigning job descriptions and KPI. Evaluation of employee attendance, performance, and any disciplinary matter.

We recognize the complexities of payroll and filing of statutory returns. Therefore our outsourced HR management service simplifies the process. We practice their payroll and files.

We support in making sure that your business conforms to the ever-changing employment-related government regulation. Our service confirms that outsourced staffs are managed within the specified legislation in line with the Employment Act.

With our HR management service we handle all your employee-related documentation. This includes employee leave records, performance records, disciplinary records and statutory documents.

Besides assisting the annual performance review, we offer constant support in setting KPIs, assessing progress to ensure that outsourced employees are meeting their goals.

Initiating exciting employee engagement initiatives can bring in new and bright talent in the organization. We are investing considerable amounts in employee engagement to show employees they matter and reducing the turnover rate.

Our 4 Reliable HR Management Service Include Are: Provides Most Competitive HR Outsourcing Solutions In Bangladesh

1. Compliance

Our HR management team understand these legal matters to ensure employee and the company are protected. This consist of the calculation of leave, payroll legalization, govt and tax reporting these labor laws are top priority.

2. Functions Of HR

Our company spend a lot of time evaluating, analyzing and planning the organizational goals that include tentative projects in the pipeline, current projects, recruitment goals ,best use of human resources  and anticipating market changes.

3. Recruitment & Selection

Our Company engage in recruitment activities for faster processes. However, it is significant that companies come with job descriptions that set clear expectations on roles & responsibilities. Our firm is involved in articulating recruitment procedures.

4. Performance Management 

We  reviewed performance under a set of tools called appraisals on a bi-annually or yearly basis. Ideally, employees should be reviewed on a 360-degree scale, where peers, subordinates, seniors and  customers offer feedback.

FAQ for HRM Outsourcing Services

How does global human resources management work?

HR management is the process of managing human resources across multiple countries in public or private companies. Employee support, management and engagement means deploying common policies, yet also addressing local legislation, customs and cultural factors.

What do you do to retain your best employees?

Provide an engaging working environment in an organizational culture that fosters employee retention. You will be a popular employer with a good reputation and provide a satisfying experience for both new and longtime employees alike.

How can HR best practices be implemented?

Best practices in human resources are proven methods for organizations to nurture their workforces effectively, encouraging success and growth. Human Resources and People professionals must stay abreast of HR innovations and success in order to stay competitive and relevant. Personnel evolved into Human Resources in the 1980s, and HR is evolving into a People function. Human resource leaders are getting ahead by automating processes to free up their teams to focus on people.

How do human resources play a role in organizations?

People in Human Resources (HR) support the full range of employees at an organization, so it’s an interesting and varied job. People roles can encompass everything from admin to strategy, making sure your organization has excellent processes to underpin its productivity, and understanding what people value in the workplace to deliver a great employee experience.

What is the importance of technology in human resources?

It is important that future HR technology supports excellent employee experiences for fast-growing companies that will succeed in the future. It simplifies HR management processes, boosts productivity and creates crucial strategic insight. It also ensures efficiency and regulatory compliance. One study found that HR automation reduces administrative time by 18% and recruitment time by 33%. HR teams can focus on adding more value in other areas when they are released from mundane tasks.

Offshore Human Resource Management and Recruitment Process Services.

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