Procurement BPO & Strategic Sourcing

Procurement Consulting and outsourcing services in Bangladesh.
Procurement BPO & Strategic Sourcing

Procurement Outsourcing Services (BPO) Service

We are the world’s leading customer experience management BPO Services provider. Eicrasoft provide a complete set of solutions to help your business plan deeper, more clear and better optimized customer contact and experience-from strategy formulation to execution. And we are one of the fastest growing outsourcing service providers. Our experienced department has professional data input skill such as online, offline, survey, pdf, xml, excel, shopping cart, ms access, database, image data input and so on. We realize that the outsourcing of data entry is a very important part of various industries, and we take all precautions to ensure that your data entry documents are completed with the utmost care and high quality.


Our latest business foray comprises of Data Entry projects, Data Processing, Data Conversion, Web Research, Scanning and Indexing Services. We are into state-of-art infrastructure with high end Pc’s and dedicated server and provide a helpdesk for our customers, which enables us to be competitive both in the domestic and global markets. We offer active, customized process outsourcing data entry projects solutions backed by a deep pool of consulting, technology, industry, executive, and expertise to help you lower costs and increase quality of services. You will find our services helpful, not only will you reduce your precious time and efforts but also reduce the costs.

12 Flexible And Scalable BPO Services

  • 1. Back Office

    Back office help for office arrangements that aren't client confronting. While these work jobs don't straightforwardly client assistance, they are answerable for smoothing out and improving the client experience. All things considered, perfect information, clear and convincing substance.

  • 2. E2E Outsourcing

    End-to-End solution supplies workflows for each area of your business, you'r able to get an overview of your business as a whole. From investigating how to optimize data entry and increasing the productivity of your workforce, the payment process, an end-to-end solution provides you with up-to-date information .

  • 3. Call Center

    Our coordinated BPO and ITO arrangements center to the whole client experience. With regards to client the executives, we help enhance and smooth out both of your voice or potentially non-voice associations. We gather the best specialized groups all around the world to proficiently convey high-esteem IT commitment.

  • 4. Customer Care

    The meaning of Customer Services is the help you offer your clients both when they purchase and utilize your items or administrations that assists them with having a simple and pleasant involvement in you. Offering stunning client care is significant in the event that you need to keep your clients committed to you.

  • 5. Ecommerce Support

    Our group makes us special! We have been energetically working with a typical reason, which is to augment the operational efficiencies of our customers, open their development potential and acquire better outcomes. Contact us for support.

  • 6. Transcription Services

    We give Transcription services to organizations needing sound or video accounts changed over into composed or electronic content reports. We give a wide assortment of value record administrations such as General record.

  • 7. Procurement Services

    Procurement outsourcing consultant help organizations secure rethought obtainment benefits that supplement inner acquirement groups. Through a cautious examination of an organization's needs.

  • 8. Accounting Services

    We offers a wide scope of bookkeeping administrations to guarantee that you have charge prepared budget reports when you need them the most. By picking us as your accounting accomplice, you benefit paper free accounting.

  • 9. Technical Accounting

    Our experts join technical information that is comparable to the best among the business, including huge bookkeeping firms, with our enthusiasm for items of common sense and difficulties of certifiable business. Our interesting help conveyance approach is based on quality and bases on an active leader drove group that accomplices with you to make our abilities and mastery work.

  • 10. Finance Transformation

    To expand their worth to the association, finance elements, all things considered, should adjust to the changing requirements of the venture and convey bits of knowledge rather than reports, examination rather than cycles, and opportunity rather than just consistence. We help finance associations augment the utilization of assets, be a more powerful business entity.

  • 11. Bookkeeping Services

    Right lead of bookkeeping ought to go with any financial action. Since just this guarantees the right direct of all activities and you can assess the consequence of its tasks. Examining the bookkeeping pointers, you can advance the exercises of the undertaking, and increment its overall revenues later on. generally productive to change over all current bookkeeping pointers into benefits.

  • 12. Due Diligence Services

    Our specialists offer thorough, unprejudiced help for your due steadiness measure, performing examinations and evaluations from monetary specialized perspectives. We furnish you that is confirmed and solid, upgraded and knowledge of our Eicra soft Ltd experts, empowering you to settle on choices with certainty and boost your brand identity. Get in touch with us.

Final Words

Our BPO services have the latest IT services and can provide excellent quality within the turnaround time. We respect our customers.  And ensure customer happiness by rewarding high-quality work at the right time and in the right way. So, Feel Free and contact with us today. We provide our BPO services till your 100% Satisfaction.

FAQ For Best Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Solutions

Outsourcing reduces business costs in what ways?

A number of factors have contributed to the increasing importance of outsourcing, including the recent minimum wage increase, the increasing cost of infrastructure, and the ever-changing demand for new technologies.

What other benefits can outsourcing provide my business?

Outsourcing not only saves you money but also time – time that can be used to grow and improve your business. The executive’s time is best spent developing strategies in core business areas, not on day-to-day operations.

Does Eicra BPO specialize in any particular industry?

We specialize in the finance business, but also work with a wide variety of industries, such as automotives, energy, utilities, healthcare, insurance, retail, and e-commerce, as well as technology, media, and communications.

Does business process outsourcing work for small or large businesses?

No matter what the size of a business, outsourcing can be plus. For a small business, BPO reduces overhead, resulting in higher revenue for operational growth. As business objectives change, it also allows for resilience and reduces risk.

How much do your services cost?

We offer very cheap rates depending on the scope of work, and the cost depends on the services required. Get a free quote from us!

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