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Are you looking to register branch office in Bangladesh? is the best leading company and is ready to help you to register branch office in Bangladesh. The Branch Office is one of the most streamlined business structures available to a corporation looking to expand its operations internationally. Businesses seeking to expand and profit from new markets must carefully choose whether to form a subsidiary or a branch of their existing company, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of each type of entity. is ready to register branch office in Bangladesh with core benefits.

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In terms of decision-making, our team is completely in charge of your branch office’s activities.

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We expand business globally for a range of reasons, like improving brand visibility and lowering business risk.

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When a company is considering expanding its operations in Bangladesh, a Branch Office is one of the most simplified corporate structures available.

3 Vital Conditions for Register Branch Office


1. Minimum Capital Requirement:

Any foreign company or sponsor intending to open a liaison office in Bangladesh must deposit at least USD 50,000 in Bangladesh within two months of receiving approval from BIDA into the designated account of the branch office or liaison office in Bangladesh.


2. Meeting of Operation Expenses

All expenses will be covered by monies transferred from overseas via a traditional banking channel and converted to local currency.


3, Outward Remittance

Bangladesh does not allow outward remittances. However, in the event of a branch office, it is permissible with BIDA’s prior approval.

We Provide The Best Service To Open A Branch Office In Bangladesh

Branch offices are established only for the purpose of expanding business coverage and facilitating the distribution of goods and services.

The Method for Opening A Branch Office in Bangladesh.


The following papers/documents are required for an application to operate a branch office, according to BIDA guidelines. All documents must be duplicated four times.


1. An application for the registration of a branch office in Bangladesh in the specified form, signed by an authorized person.

2. The principal/parent company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, as well as the Certificate of Incorporation. (This is confirmed by the Bangladesh Embassy.)

3. The name and nationality of the major company’s directors/promoters. (This is confirmed by the Bangladesh Embassy.)

4. The primary company’s audited financial statements for the previous fiscal year. (This is confirmed by the Bangladesh Embassy.)

5. Resolution of the company’s board of directors regarding the opening of an office in Bangladesh. (This is confirmed by the Bangladesh Embassy.)

6. Proposed office organogram, illustrating the positions that will be filled by both expatriates and locals.

7. In addition, details of the operations to be carried out through the proposed Bangladesh branch/liaison/representative office.

8. Finally, any more documentation that BIDA may want following the initial examination.

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We will make forming a branch company considerably more cost-effective.

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We allow a business to target new consumers when introducing products and services.

Tax benefits

Our service is covered by the double tax treaties signed by a country.

Open A Liaison / Representative Office of a Foreign Company.

FAQs For Register Branch Office Services

How long does it take to register a Branch Office in Bangladesh?

Because the entire process is electronic, registering a branch office in Bangladesh can be completed in a couple of hours. However, depending on a variety of conditions, the total process can take anywhere from one to several days.

Are we required to visit Bangladesh to register our Branch Office?

No, you do not need to travel to Bangladesh to open a branch office. We can collaborate with you via email and document couriering to complete the essential tasks. A trip to Bangladesh, on the other hand, would be an excellent idea if you want to create a bank account. Almost all banks demand a stakeholder interview, and a face-to-face contact between you and the bank official can make the process go much more smoothly. We are able to organize meetings at our own office for most banks.

Does a Branch Office require the appointment of local directors?

Yes, a Branch Office must appoint at least one Bangladeshi-approved representative. Individuals who can be appointed as local authorized representatives include:

  1. Citizen of Bangladesh;
  2. Permanent resident of Bangladesh;
  3. An employee with an Employment Pass from a Branch Office

When necessary, we can provide the services of a nominee local authorized representative.

What are the minimum requirements for registration of a branch office?

According to the Bangladesh Companies Act, each Bangladeshi branch office must meet the following minimum statutory requirements:

One resident authorized representation

A registered address in the area

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