Back Office Outsourcing In Bangladesh

A Qualified Offshore Back Office Outsourcing Support

However, Eicra soft Ltd knows that business dealings can sometimes be overwhelming. Because we are a business process outsourcing BPO service provider for international companies. Moreover, we are recognized as one of the top companies in Bangladesh for back office support services.
Back Office Outsourcing Services

Our Unique Back Office Outsourcing

However, back office help is a term for office arrangements that aren’t client confronting. While these work jobs don’t straightforwardly find a way into the depiction of client assistance. And they are answerable for smoothing out and improving the client experience. In fact, all things considered, perfect information, clear and convincing substance, and very much planned sites all add to improving the client venture.

Our 4 Back Office Support That Can Prove How Our Services Benefit for You!

Back Office Outsourcing Bundle of Services
1. Bundle of Services

First outsourcing the work is not, at this point restricted to simply client care. However, we offer a bunch of back-office administrations. In addition, it including bookkeeping arrangements, finance, IT and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, our mastery in business cycles and profound understanding into industry best practices empower us. And that helps to rethink business cycles and offer altered arrangements as per organization objectives and destinations.

Back Office Outsourcing Services
2. First Class Benefits & Saves Time

Since Eicra administrative center specialist co-ops are capable actually and have a set-up of wide scope of stages. So, we can utilize progressed IT instruments and frameworks to create crucial reports, complex examination and other back office administration data frameworks. And it makes to help associations in basic investigation and dynamic.

Back Office Outsourcing
3. Best of Both The Universes

In fact, you re-appropriate your back office business activities to a presumed administrative center specialist organization like Eicra. And you outwit both the universes. Moreover,You set aside time and cash. Yet you likewise will use best in class innovation, IT backing and information security notwithstanding normalization of business measures.

Back Office Outsourcing Services
4. Improve Customer Relations, Hold Customers

Thus, with expeditious and precise back office administrations from the BPO. However we offering an explanation to customer inquiries. And falling back on client grumblings gets simpler and quicker. It can likewise give an understanding into what your clients are searching for or normal issues of the shoppers and help the association in improving their items/administrations. Finally this offers the business a chance to improve client relations just as hold customers.

Unbelievable 8 Services For Setting Up a Back Office 

First we are the top Back Office company and BPO Services Provider in Bangladesh. Moreover,  Eicra soft Ltd Focuses on a unique and tempting solutions to your Business Problems. However, we are dedicated and professional who can provide various fields of   Business process Back office services. So, some of our services are:

  • Back Office Outsourcing in Bangladesh
    1. Sales Management, Tracking & Automation
  • Back Office Outsourcing Support Desk Management
    2. Support Desk Management
  • Office Outsourcing Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Back Office Outsourcing Outbound & Inbound Telephone Operation
    4. Outbound & Inbound Telephone Operation
  • Office Outsourcing Accounting and Finance
    5. Accounting and Finance
  • Back Office Outsourcing Non-Voice Services
    6. Non-Voice Services
  • Back Office Outsourcing In-House Support Services
    7. In-House Support
  • Workflow Management
    8. Workflow Management

Why We Are The Best Service Provider

Positively, Bangladesh has always been a most loved review of the western world. But, many organizations offer back-office support services. Moreover,  back office support center re-appropriating has advanced. And you get many concentrated administrative centers intellectual property rethinking administrations in Bangladesh today.

Why You Need A Back Office Service

Back Office Outsourcing Services

Indeed Eicra Soft Ltd is one of the best Back Office support center organizations in Bangladesh. Moreover,We give many official centers. For example, Administrative center promoting, administrative center finance the board, administrative center bookkeeping administrations, and comparative other administrative center administrations.

Our Solutions

However, We provide top expert solutions in the back office. In addition, with an admin center contact thinking organization like Eicra Soft Ltd. So, you can divert your important assets toward your projects.

How We Assist Our Clients

Now, being measure driven is a piece of Eicra’s working way of thinking. And we have confidence in making hearty SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Because it assists us with security that the back office practical tips.

Why Back Office Services Leading Company in Bangladesh

Before this, talk the benefits of study protection executive center in Bangladesh. Now, understanding what Business Process Outsourcing actually is will be useful. Moreover, BPO is the transfer of a portion of a institution’s back office operations to an outside party. Because it can provide a steady stream of progress. And carry on from the most recent suitable point of interest. In addition,  this can also be divided into two sorts. In this case, front office and back office support services center rethinking,” with the former including center tasks like customer service and sales of goods and services.

Excution Services

First-in-class controls Bangladesh today has taken monster steps in back office frame increase. And there has been a mushrooming of IT-based protection re-appropriating organizations with cutting-edge equipment. Moreover, programming offers seaward protection administrative center administrations that are similar to the best on the planet.

Cutting Edge Solutions

However, HR Bangladesh has a huge pool of gifted HR on par with any place on the planet. In addition, they work with cutting-edge instruments. And advances that not just outcomes in a more significant level of execution and proficiency. Beacuse it likewise brings about lower costs because of a speedier turnaround of reevaluated work in back office support services.

Cost productivity

However, the Cost productivity Insurance administrative center moving to Bangladesh is certainly a financially savvy suggestion for seaward organizations. Because its looking for protection re-appropriating administrations. This is because of various back-office elements. First, protection re-appropriating organizations in Bangladesh are not physically escalated and consequently, there is speedy handling which saves money on cost. Furthermore, these organizations offer multi-sourcing arrangements that ensure the ideal evaluation of any re-appropriated task. Lastly, laborers with high expertise levels and preparation guarantee that outcomes are redone for various customers. Accordingly, by offering selective arrangements. And not working around normalized designs without fail, costs are kept at cutthroat levels as analyzed universally.

A distinction in Time Zones

A Distinction in Time Zones

However, it is in this manner seen that a mix of variables goes from gifted labor. Moreover, it progressed IT foundation, and cost viability adds to making Bangladesh an appealing objective for reevaluating protection administrative center administrations.


What are the benefits of Back Office Services?

In fact, by outsourcing select business operations, companies can improve the efficiency of their operations.

How can Back Office Services benefit your business?

However, a company can focus on its core business while outsourcing back-office support to increase efficiency and productivity.

How does Back Office Services work?

In brief, among the back office services that are provided by are invoicing, collections, credit management, and monthly reports.

How can employees be restricted from accessing specific areas of BackOffice?

However, you can either restrict employee access to specific BackOffice pages or give them broader access as necessary. Moreover, learn how BackOffice permissions are managed for employees.

Is it possible to activate more than one register with a single license?

A separate license is required for each register.

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