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Third Party Employment is the leading third party employment or outsourcing agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Because it provides recruitment or HR services to a company that hires them. Moreover, Our Company will fill in and take on some of the tasks of an in-house HR department like recruitment, payroll and employee relations.

Assist Company Task

However, your HR department can be overwhelmed with more responsibilities and you may need extra personnel to assist with tasks. Now to get pass this challenge, you can effortlessly hire a third party employ service like to do the job for you. On the other hand, Some businesses may think that recruiting an outsourced company.

Hire Us

You can get our service either to only ask support for the employment process or you can also hire us in a superior capacity to be the HR department of your company. Some companies recruit us for this purpose because they want to increase their business in another country and hire locals there.

Bangladesh Laws

In addition, has HR expertise and we have knowledge about Bangladesh laws related to HR. In this case, our firm could be the best choice for you. All of your advertising, head hunting, interviews, background checks and even the training for new employees need attention to guarantee your success.

Information technology wants to take responsibilities who can outsource  a number of tasks or services. They often outsource information technology services, including programming and application development, as well as technical support, manufacturing processes, HR tasks.

3rd Party Employment

Advanced Technology

Expertise in HR

Hands on Experience

Deal with Bangladesh Law

Candidate Database

Less Workload


Market Expertise

Superior service

Eicra third Party Employment Service is only specialized in HR related tasks

Modern Technologies

HR and payroll teams access to helpful technology and programs

Make a difference

Professional team of ours goes extra miles to assist customer

Market Expertise

Our experts negotiate and recruit best candidates

Handle with Care

We manage salaries, employee benefits, tax processes

Hands on Experience

We have hands on experience in hiring High value clients

Show Off Your Amazing Employees

Payroll & Bangladesh Labour Laws

Payroll can be a time-consuming process, especially if the people who are responsible for the task aren’t as well-informed as they should be., a third-party employment solution keeps on eye the changing Bangladesh Labour Laws.

Wide Range of Network

Our firm staffs donat just have the skills, but they also have the connections to find your future employees. Apart from their existing database of candidates, they could also get assistance from other headhunters who may know someone.

Reduce Workload

Hiring from us could be a good way to cover your workload. Therefore applicants are already in the database, employing them would be a faster process and the jobs waiting would be finished much sooner.

Database of Candidates, a third party employment service provider have a database of candidates that could be employed per contract or project-based only. You may keep track of your top candidates and assess your prospects for open positions.

3rd party employment

We Offer Faster Recruitment Process

Outsourcing an employee recruiting from a third party contract firm like would make your job faster as they already have an existing pool of candidates. Having a faster recruitment process could also be of great advantage to your existing staffs. Lacking manpower could lead to more work pressure which leads to exhaustion and stress on employees. They will be demotivated to work and their quality of effort may eventually decrease. Our expertise in the field of employment is a benefit because we know a lot of knowledge about identifying who is appropriate for the position. We also know how to resource topmost performers and get them for your company. This could lead to a faster process in finding the exact candidate and hiring them successfully

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3rd party employment

Expertise On Core Tasks

As hiring people is part of our expertise, we won’t be distracted by other HR tasks and we will be able to emphasis on filtering applicants and hiring them. Depending on the contract, companies may also recruit us for payroll and other HR core tasks, but even then, those are the only things that we will be aiming on and nothing else.

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3rd party employment
Lower Cost

Outsourcing from a third party employment service provider is sometimes thought to be costly which is actually not true. In reality, when you hire agency like, you tend to save as we cover everything from recruiting, job advertising, background checking, skills testing and other recruiting costs. It may even cost you less in terms of training because the talents we choose to hire already have the skill set needed for what your company is looking for. Because of that, the new applicants would essentially need less training for having the skills and experience required already. If necessary we also provide training. For other employment services, we will act as your whole HR department already so the cost with manpower and other tasks like payroll, compliance and administrative works.

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3rd party employment


Companies would be beneficiary if they recruit an outsourced company like us to stand as their HR department.   If you   want to expand your business in a different country and you need an expert to handle your HR needs like compliance with the employment laws in that country you can take’s third party employment service . You’ll have less worries in being compliant as we will be responsible in processing and submitting everything on behalf of your company. Any time there are any changes and new requirements by law, we  will make sure to enact these new regulations within your organization.

Open Office workplace Services

Your New Smile is a leading 3rd Party Employment service in Bangladesh because of the cost effective price

Talent Acquisition focus on hiring best candidates and thus reduce training cost


Our firm assist in compliance and Bangladesh Labor laws to avoid penalties.

Here are some things we as a third-party employment service provider keep in mind while employee screenings

Security threats

There is a unique security threat from the extended personnel. Staffs in this category are more likely to have a criminal record or a history of drug and alcohol abuse than permanent hires. Therefore as a third party employment service provider we take responsibilities of screening.

Checkered pasts:

Candidates with a checkered past or criminal history are more likely to apply for jobs where background checks are not accomplished so their past actions do not put at risk their chances for employment. Temporary and contract positions often suitable the bill. But we are very much concern about checking applicants past


Third-party workers employed by us often have access to the entirety of a workplace, and they may or may not have been screened by the company that is outsourcing them to our business. So we do this screening for your company

Proprietary information

The energy expended on a background check should fit the position. A freelance IT specialist, for example, has access to proprietary information . A third-party employee screening conducted by a private investigator assigned by us is essential before inviting anyone into your company’s computer system.

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