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Keep Your Brand & Audience Safe Via Our SMO Content Moderation Services

We are the most honest and stable SMO Content Moderation services vendor company in Bangladesh. Our moderating services can also be suited to meet the needs. Allowing for the successful creation of context-specific filters while also rising audience engagement.

Every brand aspires to have a loyal and enthralled social media following. What makes you think they wouldn't? It's a low-cost technique to promote items and raise brand awareness. However, building a large social media following is difficult. And merely being present on a platform isn't enough. That's where we offer SMO Content Moderation services for social media optimization (SMO). It's a strategy for increasing interaction and, as a result, expanding your company's reach.

The technique of optimizing content for social contact, debate, and sharing is known as social media optimization (SMO). Blogging, microblogging (social status updates), product pages, email, and other forms of SMO Content Moderation can all be used. There are on-page elements that are similar to SEO. supports a number of social media site that make use of internet tools to better SMO Content Moderation management and distribution. Material services may utilize these social media tools to garner content for several web pages while also responding to user interactions.

SMO Content Moderation Services Protect Your Brand And Users

There is always a chance that buyer content, including movies created for contests, photos posted on social media, and comments made on blogs or forums, won’t align with what your business considers fitting. We’re a group of content moderators who help visitors avoid seeing stuff that they could find lacking or reading this case.

Content Moderation Helps Increase traffic & Search Engine rankings

Your website, product evaluations, and social media channels can all benefit from user-generated content. What good does that extra content provide for your company? It invites more visitors. Customers are more likely to connect with others, and search engines love the added content. Employing a scale content moderation method can increase user engagement.

We Are Master in SMO Content Moderation Services

1. Comments Moderation

In real-time, moderate improper and irrelevant comments.

2. Video Moderation

Moderate and categorize video content real-time or in batches.

3. Social Media

Social media platforms and in social communities content.

4. Profile Moderation

Each member's profile images and information are double-checked.

5. Community Moderation

We increase sales and maintain consumer engagement.

6. Image Moderation

We protects audiences from graphically disturbing.

Our Content Moderation Services Generate Higher Sales & Retail Customer Engagement

Our moderating services may be customized to each client’s needs, enabling the effective adoption of context-specific filters while also boosting audience engagement.

We Provide Special 4 User Generated Content Moderation UGC Services Affordably

We provide actual comment moderation, image moderation, and live streaming video moderation for social networks, blogs, apps, forums, chat rooms, and proprietary consumer channels, among other site. Our SMO Content Moderation work remotely to discover and remove inappropriate content, keeping your website, social media channels, and areas safe and positive.

Our SMO Content Moderation teams use a combination of human analysis and modern online moderation technologies to spot patterns that help you reduce visibility risk and increase positive brand sensitivity. You may get the speed, finesse, and quality of service you need to ensure full online user security by outsourcing your content moderation activities to a skilled organization.

1. Profanity Filter Service

You can use our rude words filter service to handle issues and conflicts among your viewers or community members. Filter rude words and foul language in banter to maintain a civil tone for audiences of all ages.

2. Social Media Moderation Service

We can help you improve your social media presence by monitoring and helping you on a regular basis. You can count on us to delete attack comments, remove inaccurate information about your services.

3. Video Moderation Services

Our human moderators examine and evaluate video content and quality, while our AI moderation system keeps track of keyframes, keywords, and tags connected with and embedded in each video.

4. Website Moderation Services

Each of our meticulous moderators double-checks your pages for typos, inconsistencies, faulty or broken photos and videos, links to duping sites and malware, abusive content, and frauds reviews.

We Improve Your Brand Value

We use the findings to provide options and advice for helping to improve security for your brand and customers. Our SMO Content Moderation values customer input, and our services are agile and easily adapt to changing industry demands.

Benefits of Our Services

Our SMO Content Moderation and sorting service can aid in getting better security posture and make sure that all users use the Internet safely. Restrict the Internet has many important benefits.

SMO Content Moderation

We provide a variety of site and services to help you with your social media efforts. Do not wait too long to get in touch with us.

We Offer A Wide Range of End-to-End Services in SMO Content Moderation Screening And Filtering Services specializes in the creation and implementation of cell-based assays for high throughput screening, with years of experience. To assist you with your social media discovery process, we offer high content screening (HCS). our experienced team manages and regulates the user-generated content screening. We protect your site and users by eliminating
violence, abusive, and more.

1 . Compatibility:


It’s critical to ensure that the content screening and filtering solution you buy works with your current operating system. Before making any purchases, keep in mind that certain solutions are created to work with particular systems.


2 . Content controls:


There may be differences in the level of granularity offered by different SMO Content Moderation and filtering systems. Find a solution that provides the level of screening your company wants, whether those requirements are more specific user-based controls or stringent content limitations.


3 . Scalability:


We help your company grow while addressing your immediate demands. There are several speed limits and TCP connection or user limits in web content screening programs. Using a web content filtering solution that isn’t confined in this manner will help you save a lot of headaches in the long run.

Get More Benefits From Our Great SMO Content Moderation Service

1 . Understand Your Users


Our team acquires actionable data about your users’ and customers’ behavior and opinions by having your moderator’s tag content with critical features.

For instance, Listerine discovered that customers use their mouthwash for odd reasons by looking at online evaluations of the brand. You can safeguard your brand and your consumers while making data-driven decisions regarding new products and marketing campaigns by properly controlling your content.


2 . Rapidly Scale Campaigns


User-generated content (UGC) uses for marketing and sales campaigns. Whether you want to run a contest, crowdsource an idea, publish customer images, or increase reviews. Having an efficient and effective content moderation system in place allows you to quickly scale these activities without risking brand damage, including with high content analysis process.

We required a scalable solution to monitor the content provided to their website to ensure their users weren’t exposed to dangerous content. We were able to review 20,000 user-submitted movies in a single day using the platform without hiring a single employee.

Boost Your Brand Through Promoting A Safe Community With Us

1. Effective Campaign

Our professional content moderators ensure that all sorts of content uploaded on online platforms are reviewed and that prompt and effective actions are taken to moderate them.

2. Brand Protection

By keeping an eye out for malicious information from online threats, con artists, and hackers and screening it, we help you protect your brand.

3. Flexible Pricing

As demand increases and economies of scale are reached, costs may decline if volume increases in the near future, enabling more flexible pricing.

FAQ for SMO Content Moderation Services In Bangladesh

Do you have a mental health program in place for your moderation team?

Your content moderation partner should have one as well. Mental health programming is vital for workers in all industries, it is especially important in the moderation space.

Do you offer an API for integration?

You want a content moderation specialist in this field, not a generalist. Your moderating partner should ideally focus solely on content evaluation, with no customer service or data entry thrown in for good measure. The process of content assessment is all-encompassing and complex, and it necessitates a singular focus.

Do you offer AI moderation—and in what categories?

Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are critical for high-volume projects and platforms that require real-time outcomes of content moderation. Not only will submissions be handled more quickly, but you’ll also save money by removing certain photos before they are reviewed by a human workforce. Verify whether the categories you want, such text, images, and video, are supported by your prospective partner’s AI.

How long have you been in business?

You want a partner for content moderation who has a lot of experience in this field. Moderation training and technical procedures take years to master; partners’ cross-industry experience also enables them to act as trustworthy consultants when developing moderation criteria for your project. The service won’t be interrupted, too, thanks to a lengthy history of uptime.

SMO Content Moderation on Abusive Content & Cyber-bullying at Real-time Filtering.

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