High-Content Analysis (HCA)

High Content Screening Combines High Throughput Screening Technologies.
High-Content Analysis (HCA) Services In Bangladesh

Easy & Reliable High-Content Analysis (HCA) Services In Bangladesh

Our High-Content Analysis (HCA)  systems have flexible scalability, making it simple to expand your system in tandem with your study. Our High-Content Analysis (HCA) services include objectives, filters, imaging modes, and ambient variables, as well as alternatives and modules to suit your specific research. All of our systems are capable of supporting a wide range of applications, as well as higher throughput and more efficient workflows.

Our High-Effective 6 Process Of High Content Analysis (HCA) System

1. Capture Samples

Live cells, stem cells, plants, tissue slices, complete organisms, and complicated three-dimensional matrices can all be imaged. Our platforms' versatility and scalability

2. Analyze More Data

Our software solutions are industry-leading in terms of flexibility and scalability, as well as powerful and user-friendly imaging and analysis capabilities.

3. Screen More Assays

Hundreds of cell-based tests can be addressed with our combination of imaging modes, application modules, analytics, and live-cell imaging opportunities.

4. Benchtop System

In a space-saving benchtop design, the Eicra.com provides the highest quality confocal pictures and extended live cell imaging. Get your quote and start today.

5. Software

Our analysis package suite, which includes robust machine learning methods, provides scholars with advanced visions into their High-Content Analysis (HCA) experiments.

6. Superior Technology

We are eager to serve you and make your drug discovery journey easier with our special and professional scientific experienced and technical team by Superior Technology.

Workforce Agreement Staffing Content Analysis

Our Targets and Assays

Our High-Content Analysis (HCA) provides a lot of information from initial screening data that may be utilized to distinguish compounds with different effects on cells & quantify compound effects with automated analysis. Compounds with same target qualities and cruel devices induce similar spongy habitus to our findings.

Environmental Control

High-Throughput 3D Analysis

Transmitted Light Imaging

Wide Range of Objectives and Filters

Project Management Analysis

Our Research Areas

High content analysis HCA is now a standard building piece in many drug discovery projects across a wide range of research topics at Eicra. CD-HCS is currently used in biotech and lifetime research, as well as a variety of cancer, proteins refold disorders (e.g., AD, PD, HD), gland, pain, nerve cure and neural, and biology cure fields.

Expectations for Future Growth

During the predict period, between 2021 and 2027, the global High-Content Analysis (HCA) System market is expected to grow at a significant rate. The market is likely to develop at a steady rate through 2021, thanks to key players' increasing adoption of tactics.

Analysis of Segmentation

The global market for High-Content Analysis (HCA) Systems is divided into four categories: firm, region (country), type, and application. Players, stake holders, and other market actors in the global High-Content Analysis (HCA) System market will get an advantage by using the research as a valuable source.

Based on the Product

The production, revenue, price, market share, and growth rate of each kind are bared in this study, which is usually divided into: Acoustic tools Software and Informatics Solution for Automation Various

HCA Services In Bangladesh

Why Trust Us For High Content Analysis (HCS) System?

We Provide High Content Imaging (HCI)


Eicra.com, as a leading creator of 3D cell culture models, provides high content imaging services using our ready to use 3D micro tissues. These services can be used for a variety of things, including drug toxic testing and the cover of new option mixes. We are able to provide the following services: 1. 3D micro tissues are made to order. 2. Individual globe agent study on a single cell basis 3. Evaluation of a drug’s effect 4. Evaluation of acute 5. Data of high quality and in depth analysis.

We Provide More Liable Data


Our service can be custom to meet the needs of our clients. Both single cell type and refined cell based 3D cell cultures are offered. HCI on 3D cell cultures, on the other hand, melds the advantages of both 3D cell culture and high content showing to deliver more reliable data with a variety of advantages, including: 1. More information about drug infection and effect that can be predicted; 2. A more precise opinion of medication candidates; 3. Capable of monitoring numerous limits at the same time; 4. Capable of model the micro environment, cell behavior, and face found in vivo.

Outsource Our High-Content Analysis (HCA) Services To Increase Your Productivity

Outsource to Bangladesh and build a dedicated team without worrying about our services.

Our HCA devices deliver high-resolution 3D imaging for increased live cell analysis when used with our advanced analysis software. The phenotypic or target reaction of small compounds, peptides, RNAi, pharmacological cocktails, or antibodies is identified via high content analysis (HCA).

High-Content Analysis (HCA) has become a well-established tool, with applications in a variety of university laboratories and pharmaceutical research groups. HCA is now frequently demonstrating its ability to deliver functionally relevant results. It’s critical to choose the right HCA application based on the cellular function of the chemical in question.

Our services core benefits

High Content Analysis (HCA) is a high-throughput quantitative data analysis technique that combines automated multicolor fluorescence imaging and high-throughput cell-based screening in drug development. 40 The advancements in automated HCA allow for direct screening and evaluation of chemical activity on numerous epigenetic markers.

Key advantage

HCA’s key benefit is that it can be used to filter vast chemical libraries and that it can provide quantitative information as a first-level description of complex cellular histone methylation events using “big data.” The main disadvantage is antibody specificity, which must be taken into account during test formulation.

Drug discovery technologies

For cell-based or organoid-based tests, high-content analysis (HCA) is the use of automated microscopy and picture processing. It enables quantitative investigation of complex cellular/organoid events as well as visualization of the phenotypes involved. This highly multiplexed bioassay method has acquired considerable traction in the last two decades for use in various stages of the drug development process.

FAQ For High-Content Analysis (HCA) Services In Bangladesh

How long will the system run for?

As long as it is required. Our systems collect data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, guaranteeing that you never miss a crucial event regarding the high content analysis service.

How to conduct content analysis?

The ways to perform the high content analysis (HCA):

  1. Choose the content you’ll be analyzing. Choose the texts you’ll analyze based on your study question.
  2. Define the analyses’ units and categories.
  3. Create a set of coding guidelines.
  4. The text should be coded according to the rules.
  5. Analyze the data and come to some conclusions.

What types of content analysis do you offer?

The high content analysis can be divided into two categories: conceptual analysis and relational analysis. The presence and frequency of concepts in a text are determined by conceptual analysis. By studying the relationships between concepts in a text, relational analysis expands on conceptual analysis.

Why is content analysis a good method?

In organizational research, content analysis is useful because it helps researchers to recover and investigate the intricacies of organizational actions, stakeholder views, and societal trends. High Content Analysis also serves as a vital link between quantitative and qualitative research approaches.

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