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Are you looking for broad Facility Management Services that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Eicra.com is a skilled pro in this field here we provide techno services. All of our operations are eco friendly, and we adhere to all legal and statute labor, health, and safety laws.

In Bangladesh and around the world, we provide the most appropriate solutions for maintenance, repair & refurbishing, and support services to our clients. Providing exceptional quality is a task and a challenge for our team members.

We start with the best procedures, accessories, and equipment, as well as support expat employees. We provide general cleaning services also include looking after the property and ensure its correct upkeep. Our Facility Management team may rely on us. We team up with you to design a realistic solution with the firm’s greatest degree of integration. Buildings, grounds, infrastructure can all be considered to be part of a facility, and services that support their operation, security.

As an industry leader, we understand the relevance and dynamics of soft services such as housekeeping, cleaning, gardening, pest control, and others. Our cost-effective services are adaptable and suited to the specific requirements of our customers. They’re not only cost-effective, but they’re also good value. Our commitment to compliance and safety frees you up to concentrate on your business by improving the short and long term value of property, buildings, and equipment.

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1. E2E Maintenance 

Corporate sustainability and environmental friendliness are becoming increasingly crucial for businesses, which means they’re also becoming more vital for Facility Management. Our Facility Management In order to determine the company’s carbon footprint also with workforce management.

2. Maintenance Costs

According to the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), maintenance expenditures include not just the price of maintaining assets like printers and appliances, but also the costs of building repairs, repairs to interior building systems like HVAC, lighting, and grounds maintenance.

3. Productivity Costs

Productivity measurement is a little more esoteric than some of the other metrics on our list. Facilities managers, on the other hand, can break it down into measurements like total technology downtime and the average time it takes employees to set up their workstations when they arrive.

Our Competitive Facility Management Services Are Flexible & Tailored To Meet Your Needs

We offer smart Facility Management solutions with long-term value by combining our wealth of experience with a technologically enabled operational strategy.

Our Successful 5 Facility Management Services Ensures Peace Of Mind & Ultimate Quality Standards


We become actual partners of our customers as part of the Integrated Facility Management solution. MEP, security, cleaning, landscaping, hospitality, Specialised Services Management, and energy management solutions are all part of our offering. We frequently go above and beyond to assist our customers, depending on specific requests from them that put us even closer to their business processes with quality inspection.

1. Integrated Facilities Management

Services are brought together under one roof of facility management, handled by technically skilled individuals. Our employees oversee both in-house and outsourced Specialised Services as part of a robust performance management system that ensures peace of mind and the highest quality.

3. Hospitality Services

We deploy receptionists, concierge employees, office boys, and office assistants/administrators as part of our extended service offering to work directly with or help our customers’ operations. Our instruction in cultural etiquette and customer service skills allows for greater commitment, professionalism, and overall performance.

2. Security Services

We provide professional security services such as facility guarding, parking lot management, life guarding, patrolling, CCTV monitoring, traffic management, and incident response. Our crew is constantly trained, and we urge them to live a healthy and active lifestyle so that they may perform at their best.

4. Landscaping Services

From palm trees to shrubs and seasonal plants, our 60-acre nursery can meet all of your landscaping needs. From the selection and planting of the florae to its entire care, our landscaping service offering is managed by our team of skilled horticulturists, irrigation, and maintenance engineers. It is a cost-effective and safe option.

Our Facility Management Services Bring Core Benefits At Your Doorstep

Eicra.com’s  Facility Management  Services are networked across  Bangladesh’s major cities,  and it has become a  key hub for many organizations looking to outsource or recruit workers or services.  We hire employees who go above and beyond to meet the demands of our customers.  This crew is supervised on a  frequent basis,  follows best practices,  and is quite professional. We have an efficient backup resource pool for last-minute employee replacements as well as an emergency response team to ensure our customers enjoy a hassle-free experience.

1. Improves Health and Safety:


Our Facility Management service is also important since it enforces health and safety rules and decreases the possibility of workplace dangers. It includes responding to on-site crises, following procedures, and inspecting facilities thoroughly to ensure everything is up to code. We also entail efficient garbage disposal in order to create a pleasant working environment for employees.


2. Ensures Compliance:

When a company is completely compliant, its data reflects this. Facility Management teams must adhere to a variety of international, national, and industry regulatory standards that address workplace health and safety issues, as well as guarantee that compliance data is accurate, consistent, timely, complete, and secure.

3. Increases Cost-Efficiency of a Business:


Our Facility Management is critical for increasing a company’s efficiency and output. We ensure that the facility’s operating procedure is more cost-effective. For example, by having vital resources readily available, performing planned preventative maintenance on assets decreases the amount of money spent on repairs.

4. Increases the Lifecycle of Assets:


Another benefit of our Facility Management is that it extends the life of assets by properly organizing building and premises maintenance, repairs, and security. Facility managers are in charge of looking after the entire site (or a specific portion of the facility), assessing its state, determining whether repairs are necessary, and ensuring that repairs are carried out.

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Our cost-effective services are adaptable and suited to the specific requirements of our customers. They’re not only cost-effective, but they’re also good value. Our commitment to compliance and safety frees you up to concentrate on your main business. We offer a variety of services to meet our customers’ needs, whether they need to relocate to a new area or find comfort in their homes and offices.

FAQ for Facility Management Services In Bangladesh

How long will it take to complete my work?

Depending on your facility’s specific needs, we provide a full spectrum of customized software solutions as facility management.

Does Eicra provide full- or part-time maintenance techs?

We offer a large number of models of facility management. We can supply a dedicated on-site technician (full- or part-time) with or without a Service Company vehicle, tools, and other equipment, in addition to completing work T/M on a call out or planned basis.

Can you Facility management services save us time?

Yes. Facility management can help you save both time and money. If you operate in-house facility management, it will help you save time by reducing the amount of time your personnel spends managing the operation of your facility management.

How long does a Management Contract last?

A contract might last anywhere between 12 months and 5 years, depending on your needs. You may want to start with a few facility solutions with the intention of adding more facility management later if you are satisfied with the service they provide, so look for flexibility in what you agree with the opportunity to add, delete, or change things.

Does Eicra provide overnight and weekend work?

Our technicians are ready for routine and emergency work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Weekend and after-hours work is billed at 1.5x, while holidays are billed at 2x  with facility management.

Can you Facility management services save us money?

Yes. Facility management is a low-cost option. In comparison to an operating facility, managing a facility in-house can be expensive. Outsourcing it, on the other hand, would not only save you time and money in the long run by reducing the amount of time your personnel spends managing the operation of your facility management.

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