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Outsourcing HR, Payroll and Recruitment for Skilled Employees / Staffs

Our 7 Exclusive HR Outsourcing Service

1. HR Processes

2. Employee Recruitment

3. Talent Management.

5. Employee Benefits

6. Reduce Compliance Risks

7. Benefits & Payroll Admin

Human Resource Services


Nowadays, some or all companies are slowly carrying out human resource outsourcing service practices. More and more organizations are gradually discovering that it is challenging not only to comply with the company’s core HR resources policies, but also to ensure that other key areas in the human resources field (such as talent recruitment, determining employee goals and adjusting them to achieve the same goals and determine productivity) Provide the best learning and development support, employee engagement, formulate an appropriate reward system, and deal with attrition to maintain professionalism and transparency.

Today most companies feel that they need experts to fill the gaps in this field. As a business owner, you may find that you no longer have the ability to manage administrative tasks or keep up with the ins and outs of HR.



This is our entry point. A human resource outsourcing service company can manage a series of duties. From payroll tax to employee benefits, we focus on administrative work so you may focus on what matter in your business. Employers should also research the outsourcing industry and its trends.



Assuming you do, reevaluating your HR can be the right move for your organization. Eicra Soft Ltd can help you by dealing with the entirety of your HR necessities that permits you to focus on developing your organization’s benefit and usefulness. It is important for HR Outsourcing Service.

Work from Anywhere, Anytime: Our 4 Valuable Human Resource Outsourcing Services

1. The Brief

The customer needed to rethink full duty regarding the human resource outsourcing work at a functional level, to an outside consultancy firm. The point was to get to the greatest HR guidance and backing, without causing pay and progressing expenses of a worker. Next, it is essential for take a gander at the rates that the firm is charging for its hr outsourcing administrations.

2. Administration

Eicra Soft Ltd has assumed functional liability for the running of the HR work inside the customer association. This has included planning and giving agreements of work and managing any remaining lawful issues identified with business, driving on enrollment and choice of staff, growing new HR frameworks as the business has created.

3. Staffing Compliance  

All lawful and advantage prerequisites of business are consented to and a system is set up to secure the business while managing workers in HR Outsourcing Service. The time spent away from center business by the Directors and ranking the directors, managing Human Resource related issues are presently limited.

We Manage Hiring, HR Outsourcing Service 

Two principle reasons that associations pick HR reevaluating administrations capacities to an outsider firm called HR counseling firms are ”“ savvy arrangements and saving of time. The benefits of HR reevaluating administrations for independent venture and developing organizations are:- Indeed, even with an inner HR office set up, an outer organization will assist the firm with consistence related issues particularly identified with laborers’ remuneration, medical advantages, and other such required issues that merit committed consideration and brief activity. This will, thusly, help the HR interior staff to focus better on their current tasks. Additionally since the outside office is capable and is very much aware of the intricate details of taking care of such issues, arrangements will happen quicker. All lawful issues are taken care of by the office as a feature of human asset reevaluating administrations.

Information and Experience


HR Outsourcing Service organizations utilize their tremendous information and experience to devise appealing worker maintenance and advantage bundles that are planned remembering the organization’s long haul.

Significant Administrative Work


HR Outsourcing Service counseling firms handle all significant administrative work relating to government rules and guidelines, for its customer as well as of the representatives of the customer organization.

Profitable for customer


Since the HR reevaluating organizations work utilizing the most recent innovation in the HR space, the customer can profit with the mechanized quick framework without making any generous interest in foundation.

HR Administrative Work


The greater part of the organizations giving HR re-appropriating administrations receive adaptable contracting choices accordingly furnishing the customer with the influence to change the administrations needed according to the need of great importance.

HR Outsourcing Firm


The main measures for picking the right HR firm for HR administrations is the long stretches of involvement of the firm. It is fundamental to pick an associate who has the experience as well as demonstrated history in the field.

Remote HR / Staffing Solutions


Then, it is crucial for take a gander at the rates that the firm is charging for its hr rethinking administrations. The reevaluated HR industry is a cutthroat industry and it is ideal to waitlist the top HR re-appropriating organizations.

Human Resource Outsourcing FAQs

How you know what services we need?

Our sole responsibility when you hire Eicra Partner is to get to know you and determine what services are right for you. At times, we deflate the expectations of our clients. We will assess where you are in your growth, what goals and plans you have for the coming year, and what issues are most pressing. Not everyone needs everything right away.

Can you manage our HR site all time?

We put just as much effort into getting to know your business and your people as we do into HR tasks themselves. It’s all about building trust with you and your people from day one and integrating as though we work there. Our communication is the same whether we’re talking in person, by telephone, by videoconference or by e-mail, or whether we’re texting or emailing.

What is the process of HR outsourcing?

If you need help with HR, but are trying to spare no time for it, you can turn to us. Our prospective clients often feel this way when they contact us. I’m exhausted from dealing with all of the needs and controlling all of the requirements to keep my employees happy and productive, is what we often hear.

What is your administration process?

There is a lot of doubt out there, especially since some payroll providers or professional employers call themselves HR services. Due to our support in these areas, we might even make things more confusing. Let’s clear this up.
You probably purchase these services from your company’s payroll company or benefits broker. That’s perfect! We assume the internal role of supporting these services.

Is your work is successful?

Most of our clients invite our team members to their tactical planning sessions, corporate retreats, and even company picnics. We can be as much a part of your team as if we were an internal employee.

How Do I have to pay?

We do not sell headhunting or employee services. We only get paid for our time. After creating a strategy, we go about doing the work. All of the applicants are yours. No matter how many or how few you hire, you can do it whenever you like.

We’re Expert in HR Outsourcing Service and HR Audit in Bangladesh.

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