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Outsource Digital IP and CCTV Camera Monitoring Services for Security.
Video Surveillance Cloud – Based Video Surveillance Monitoring Service

 Our Video Surveillance Solutions Ensure On-Budge Scalable, & Perform To Expectations

We bring situation-of-the-art video monitoring to interior monitoring stations while generally reducing the risks associated with modern technology expansion. It is possible to select from our developing list of ready-to-sell video services for security and business optimization to diagram service packages for dealers and clients. Video surveillance Services are compactly mobilized with all distinguished alert management platforms that approve central monitoring stations to spread the recent video monitoring services from the initiated environment. From installation through operation and maintenance we provide tools to make video monitoring skillful and efficient with 24 hours customer care services.

We Ensure 6 Special Video surveillance Process To Capture
Clear Video For Better Security

1. Project Consulting

Our knowledgeable project experts will assess all of your monitoring requirements and facilities before making a direction for an IP video surveillance system.

2. Virtual Integration

Our security professionals will assess your security needs and remotely analyze your site to offer the appropriate surveillance devices our Virtual Integration Program.

3. Site Security Audit

We Save your time and money by having one of our IP specialists conduct a free remote evaluation of your location utilizing pictures, blueprints, and satellite imagery.

4. Systems Integration

Our System Integration Services will set up and configure your video surveillance system to save you time setting and installing it.

5. Configuration Services

Our Configuration Services can assist you with setting up your surveillance cameras, NVR, and video management software.

6. Wireless Network

Work with our wireless IP video experts to create a wireless network system tailored to your surveillance requirements.

Our Expertise On Video Surveillance Services

Surveillance Data Security Team
1. Data Security Team


In this time where digital information is more minded to hackers and stealing, we understand that the confidentialness of our customer’s data should never be accommodate in any phase of our collaboration. We are a certified company and all our employees have recognized the contract terms and signed non-disclosure policies.

Video Dedicated And Scalability Surveillance
2. Dedicated And Scalability Team


When a team works on many projects, major errors are constantly a possibility and with more than a thousand employees on board, Eicra will always make assured that a team is not mapped to more than one project to preserve the multiplication and exactness. Our more than a thousand experts and world-class infrastructure support them.

Create Clients Value

Build Reciting Revenue Flow

Get Security That Never Sleeps

Alert Integration

1. Integration Of Remote Monitoring Station

The CCTV and alert process will be synchronized with the remote video monitoring station through the ensure internet. The connections can be monitored time - in and time - out or just when they are unaccompanied at an organizational equality.

2. Investigating The Threat

In reaction to the alert, the operator at remote monitoring station will zoom in from variant cameras and angles to look into the alert trigger.

3. Taking Essential Action

In event of any questionable action or fire accident, the remote monitor will rapidly apprise the main communicator from the customers site to take more act

4. Threat Diagnosis

If there is a fire, percolation, or dubious activity, the process will discover the event and raise alert in the monitoring station.

Why Choose Us For Video Surveillance System

Protect Your Business From Theft & Intruders With Our Systems

1. Hassle-Free Services

Eicra services with state-of-the-art video and two-way audio technology, in fulfilled conformation with worldwide standards, and so can guarantee robust, extensive and standard video surveillance services. Our efficient security surveillance solutions leverage IP technology to assist you to implode the management of your security process and seamlessly integrate both onsite and offsite requirements.

2. We Bring Core Benefits

Our video monitoring services are an appropriate solution to this problem. Services related to video monitoring systems is one of the most ordinary surveillance monitoring services implored by most of our clients. our video monitoring solutions deliver actual cost and operational advantage on an enterprise- comprehensive scale so you don’t have to thought about the price of the video surveillance service.

Our Video Surveillance & Monitoring System Help You To Boost Your Business Operations

Our access to enhancements and modern features runs automatically, as we continually promote and add new services. And, only pay as you go, since there are no beginning-up fees or monthly least charges.

Call Center Services

IT Services

Outsource to Bangladesh and build a dedicated team without worrying about services.

We place the highest priority on your complete safety and security. You may connect to your home security system with your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in Bangladesh using our downloadable and simple to use B-Connected mobile application. While you’re at your work, you may use the video functions of your surveillance system to monitor who’s coming home, unlock and lock your door for friends and family, and check in on Fido. You may use these video features of your home surveillance equipment to observe who’s coming home whether you’re vacationing. When something goes wrong, such as a possible break-in or an in-home emergency, our system will alert you. This technology is a must-have for today’s security systems, so schedule a no-obligation consultation today to discover more about how it may improve your security.

Eicra provides surveillance of exquisite, staff safety, clients satisfaction, obstruct crime and abstain theft.

Our services core benefit

It’s not constantly possible for business proprietor like you to retain an eye on your employees all the time. These is where our remote video surveillance services can prove effective. Our specialist discreetly records employee interactions with clients and report their observation. Our services also boost in standardized the performance of your employees towards client’s services.

Track employee

Many business have specific location that they may want to constrict access to. We provider banks locker rooms, small business has cash records and greats businesses trade secrets deploying video surveillance monitoring team. However, you can proficiently be alerted when constricted employees access exquisite location.

Our proper solutions

Video surveillance services offered by adept callers have also proven to be efficient in decreased instances of employee cruelty. We provide the proper solutions that will protect our valuable human resources. So, our video surveillance services have boosted diminish various a number of cases of employee violence reasons intruder’s contra employees. Therefore, never worried about security services.

Remote video surveillance

Remote video surveillance services are also a good obstruction against criminals. Especially small businesses are often targeted by criminals. The team of specialists managing our security camera surveillance services.

Camera system services

Our remote video surveillance camera system can assist you by preventing such acts or infectious the criminal later as a part of IT services. Eicra can help curtail your concern and offer a probable backup to protect your forethought.


Can I also use the surveillance camera at night or when it is dark?

The automated change from color to black/white mode is standard on good video cameras. When the light intensity goes below a particular threshold, the camera automatically converts to video mode, allowing it to snap photographs in the dark. Infrared light can also be employed with some cameras. An infrared illuminator emits light that is undetectable to the naked eye, allowing for good picture quality even in complete darkness. The video surveillance service deals with all these functions.

Can I zoom in with a camera?

Yes, but you’ll need a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera, also known as a PTZ camera. Look through our PTZ camera assortment to pick the one that’s right for you. Alternatively, we can make suggestions based on your specific requirements for video surveillance.

How can I record video material and how long can the recording be?

A recorder may capture images from both analogue and network cameras. A single system can connect up to 40 cameras. At the same time, the video images can be seen, replayed, recorded, and supplied into the network. The maximum recording length is determined by the image quality, the number of cameras placed, and the hard disk size.

I already have video surveillance installed. Can I continue to use my old devices?

A sophisticated, PC-based video surveillance system may connect both old analogue and new digital cameras. This reduces costs and eliminates the need to dispose of old equipment. In any case, a “hybrid system” like this is forward-thinking.

Ensure Your Assets Security With Our Effective Video Surveillance Services

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