Offshore Due Diligence

Due Diligence Audit for development, vendor and acquisition for owner's and lenders'.
due deligence solution services

 Due Diligence Solution Services 


At Eicra soft Ltd, our specialists offer thorough, unprejudiced help for your due diligence measure, performing examinations and evaluations from monetary, natural, monetary and specialized perspectives.


We furnish you with due diligence information that is confirmed and solid, upgraded by the experience and knowledge of our Eicra soft Ltd experts, empowering you to settle on choices with certainty.


Our Eicra soft Ltd due diligence specialists can help you to following 4 steps:

Survey your customers and their activities from a fair and target perspective

Comprehend achievement factors and empower you to settle on educated choices

Check suppositions and empower benefits acknowledgment

Think about your customers' business techniques against market patterns.

An exhaustive and proper due diligence measure is fundamental for all your monetary tasks, to examine and evaluate hazard, approve every single monetary suspicion and give true serenity.

Our 6 Trustworthy Services That We Provide For You   

1. Financial Due Diligence

Monetary due steadiness includes a nitty gritty social event and examination of the key monetary data and affirming the feasibility of a business.

2. Legal Way to Due Diligence

Lawful due ingenuity is the way toward get-together, evaluating, understanding, and surveying the entirety of the lawful issues and dangers related with an exchange.

3. Personal investigations

A record verification is an analytical interaction to more readily comprehend the veracity and history of either an individual or an organization.

business knowledge
4. Business knowledge

Business insight includes gathering through analytical methods market knowledge related with a business, market section.

ip protection
5. IP Protection

Ensure your licensed innovation through enrolling, overseeing, and authorizing brand names and other IP insurances in Bangladesh.

Public Registry Searches
6. Public Registry Searches

The hunt of public vaults to assemble freely accessible data about people or potentially organizations.

We Provide 4 Corporate Due Diligence and Lenders’ Advices


1. Free outsider credit authority and experienced proficient group


2. Full comprehension of accomplice's consistency


3. Financial examination techniques apply for your projects


4. Progress of organizations in the client and accomplices

Our 3 Solutions That You Can Protect Your Brand And Business 

FAQ for Due Diligence Solution Services

How important is it for investors to know how the fund is structured?

Legal entities involved in the operations of the fund, such as the manager, the fund itself, but also any group or group entities, branches, offshore management companies, general partners, service companies, etc. are important because these entities control the money, and any risk rests on their shoulders.

What is the best way to review a corporate structure?

An easy way to review corporate structure is by using a group chart, which is usually provided by the manager, and then comparing the information on it with other documents or publicly available data.

The fund should be governed by what kind of body?

Most investors feel most confident when their board of directors consists largely of independent directors. It is the general partner’s board that should be considered as the governing body when the structure is a limited partnership with a general partner.
As an example, private equity and real estate firms often represent independent governance with limited partner advisory committees.

Is my information secure?

Our team uses your secure email address to pass information back and forth between you and our team. We have a security policy with appropriate IT monitoring, and our teams are well-equipped to use Google Docs, Sharefile, and Dropbox for sensitive information

What is the cost of

The fee for is determined by your specific needs and requirements

Due-diligence of the HR, Payroll and Employer of Records Services