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Top Outsource Content Moderation Services In Bangladesh

Eicra Soft Ltd provides outsource content moderation services in Bangladesh. Moreover, real-time media monitoring is suited for small businesses & large enterprises for track keywords, sentiment, vitality, reach, influencers and more across all Social Media.

1. Content Moderation

First, we check your pages for images or videos that may be offensive in nature. So that moderators may flag or remove them.

2. User Content Moderation

Although texts and comments made by users are monitored. And moderated to check whether all posts are appropriate.

3. Social Media Moderation

Thus, any queries, complaints, negative connotations, threats aimed at your brand. And they are all responded to accordingly by moderators.

4. Gaming Site Moderation

In fact, our moderators can block players displaying threatening or trolling behaviors. Then breaking the rules of the games, harassing other players, etc we offer.

5. User Profile Moderation

However, users on your site may not be legitimate. on the other hand, bots and fake accounts may promote advertisement scams. So, our content moderation experts can detect.

6. Advertisement

Since moderators can analyze, receive feedback on. And generally manage your online advertisement campaigns to run smoother and without disruptions.

User Generated Content Moderation

Thus, User activities on your webpage may reflect your brand image. Therefore, it can be detrimental to have users posting content. Because that may be offensive, gory, pornographic, promoting their own businesses or scams, etc. In addition, leaving these unchecked would deter legitimate users. And our content moderation experts can pick out unwanted content from all user activities.  For example,  comments, texts, feedback, reviews, forum or product postings, etc. In this case, we can then remove them, keeping your brand image safe.

Page Content Quality

Fake Texts

Social Media Evaluations

Profanity Filters

Scam Detection

Illegal Content

Social Media Content Moderation

However, our content moderation specialists can check the most popular social platforms for mentions to your brand name. Moreover, they can then pick out the context of the name’s usage and respond accordingly. So, any slander or breach of rights can immediately be addressed as such before they cause much damage. In this case, our moderators are also going to come across genuine complaints or queries by your customers. And they are adept at handling such interactions with the help of social media content monitoring tools.

E-Commerce Site Moderation

Our content moderation staff ensure all your products are accurately listed, and check the general quality of the site for mistakes, typos, etc. More importantly, they'll monitor and react to any online activity that may disrupt proper sales, including fake profiles, ”˜trolling' feedback, etc.

Web Page Moderation

Any unwanted or malicious content from your website, including defacements and screening for security hazards such as compromised plugins, links that redirect to malicious sites, etc are fixed or removed accordingly.

Kids/Educational Site Moderation

Our content moderation experts vigilantly guard your educational site for anything that may be disruptive to your online learning environment, keeping it safe and comfortable for the students.

Forum Moderation

Our forum moderators will keep your community informed and engaged, while simultaneously screening for inappropriate content or behavior from its users, and take necessary actions accordingly.

Content & Image Moderation

Protect Your Brand Impression With Social Media Outsource Content Moderation Services

Eicra Soft Ltd. employs highly trained, well-mannered individuals with expertise in content moderation, interacting with internet denizens, and are usually active on multiple online communities. This helps them understand the needs of the online social space, and also to identify negative behavior quickly. Our content moderation team responds fast and effectively while preserving the good will of the brand.


We employ the latest and advanced technologies and softwares to ensure we are able to serve your business to the best of our abilities. We are capable of detecting and screening all sorts of online content extremely fast and for cheap affordable prices.

Simplify Social Media Image Monitoring Services With Certified & Professional Experts

We provide UGC content moderation services for spam detection on social media and other online platforms.

Social Media Moderations

Multi-lingual Services

We provide our services in Bangla, English and are familiar with most forms of “netspeak” in both languages.

However, content moderation is extremely time-consuming. But highly essential service to protect your online space and engage your customers. So, as a business grows, it will find more and more instances of its name being mentioned all over the internet. On the other hand, it is important to address these mentions, as having too many enquiries go unanswered will be detrimental to the brand’s reputation. takes the highest efforts necessary to ensure all content moderation actions taken are unbiased, fair and are not disruptive of your normal business practices.

Policy Making Guidelines

Thus, a crucial aspect of setting up content moderation for your site is setting the policies required. Then what sort of content is inappropriate, how lenient the moderation actions should be? Moreover,   identifying various scenarios and how the moderators may react to them are all parts of the policy making system. Finally, We offer our services to guide you through this process. So that you can make the most use out of our moderators, catered perfectly to your needs.

AI-assisted Moderation

In fact, our content moderation process employs AI technologies and machine learning to flag texts, multimedia content, user posts, etc. Then passed to human moderators for review, minimizing false positives greatly.

Review and Reporting

Despite this, sometimes users may feel victimized by the actions of a moderator, or unfairly accuse moderators of their actions. So, all our content moderation experts are trained to scrutinize and review all content and create reports on all actions taken on behalf of the business. And this ensures transparency and keeps evidence of all the moderator’s actions being taken according to the business’s set policies.

Reactive Content Moderation

First, we prefer reactive content moderation where our users have the responsibility to flag.  And react to the content which is displayed to them in real time. On the other hand, if the members think the content is offensive or undesirable, they can respond accordingly and report it if necessary. So, a report button is usually located next to any public part of content and users can use this option to flag everything. Then it falls outside the community’s guidelines.

FAQs For Outsource Content Moderation

What is charge of user-generated content moderation service?

Generally or most of the Companies and brands spend $72,000 yearly on average in generating quality and professional user-generated content. is trying to provide cost-effective and trustworthy solutions.

What is the limitations of’s content moderation service? is open to give you a Facility Tour. One important factor in ensuring the success of your brand is making sure that your image moderation team is totally satisfied with our work environment. Therefore, we make sure to tour the facilities to our clients.

What kind of Services are provided by our qualified team?

Your platforms or site can profit much from’s moderation services, as our highly experienced team are proficient in giving users a great experience while controlling the forums live and active. It’s in our deep-rooted responsibility to keep the content clean and our skilled employees speaks on our behalf

Why Speed requires to be a Consideration?

Generally, User-generated content is often time-sensitive. Hiring it to its highest potential means getting on it fast before the moment passes. Have a user-generated content moderation partner like us that recognizes this is crucial. The last thing you need is your UGC seeming like it is behind the curve because your moderators took too long to do their job.

How Human moderation and technology has influence on our service?

With the proficient services of Human moderation and technology, Our company work in Real-time correcting, fixing and perfecting everything, so that you can always count on’s annotators. Moreover, our annotators’ moderate Multilingual content moderation services through all-in-one user-generated, influencer, and short-form video content platform in real-time by leveraging our customized AI models.

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