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The rise of remote work combined with tighter immigration rules has created a huge opportunity for firms. So that, to hire remote workers in emerging economies to fill their talent gaps. Moreover, is offering the best PEO & Employer of Record services in Bangladesh. Furthermore, Bangladesh is the next development story and a force to be reckoned with as a talent hub for highly talented, connected, and also low-cost remote workers, with half of its large population under the age of 35.


Since we provide PEO & Employer of Record services and our mission is to link entrepreneurs and also small to medium-sized businesses wishing to expand with quality remote employees from Bangladesh. Unlike other typical outsourcing locations with time zones that range by more than 12 hours, Bangladeshis are readily ready to work while you are away. So that, it’s up to you to decide how you want to work remotely. On the other hand, we don’t charge commissions or salary markups, and we don’t demand contracts. So that, all of our subscriptions are month-to-month. Feel free to cancel as soon as you’ve found the ideal remote worker for you.

Remote Co-Employer Services In Bangladesh
1. Virtual Assistants

With business-savvy back office help, hire virtual assistants to save time on administrative work.

2. Web Designers

Hire web designers to build stunning designs that follow the most up-to-date UI/UX guidelines.

3. Web Developers

Employ web developers who are well-versed in the most recent frameworks and languages.

4. Graphic Designers

Employ graphic designers to create stunning logos, banners, and social media covers.

5. Content Writers

Hire content writers to create engaging and high-quality material that help you generate more leads and sales.

6. WordPress Developers

To design custom WordPress websites, custom plugins, and integrations, hire WordPress Developers.

We Offer PEO & Employer of Record Services To Expand Without An Entity

Employee happiness and business success are inextricably linked. Besides workers who work from home are happier and more productive. Furthermore, long-term relationships are formed through remote employment.

Our Expert Services

When we decide to expand abroad and hire personnel in other countries and it’s critical that we learn about the local culture, business practices, and any operational variations. While international business partnerships can clearly benefit both parties and function peacefully. So that, it’s crucial to recognize the different points of view and not assume you’ll be able to continue doing business in the same way in the new location. Besides, we brings the core benefits of PEO & employer of record services to your doorstep. Moreover, to get the best services to get in touch with us.

Get Core Benefits From Our Service

Benefits for the Employer:


1 . You can save money on office rental, utilities, parking, and janitorial services, among other things.

2 . Because you may now hire individuals from all over the world as opposed to simply those in your immediate area, your talent pool has grown significantly.

3 . Finally, when properly handled, the lower staff turnover that comes with remote work can save you money and time.

Benefits for the Employee:


1 . Employees are relieved of the stress that comes with long, expensive, or inconvenient commutes.

2 . Employees can work for organizations outside of their geographic area, giving them access to new options, particularly in rural or low-population areas.

3 . Lastly, if employees receive enough onboarding and training, they will feel like they are a part of the team.

Above all, if you’ve been getting excited about saving 20% on local remote hiring, consider how much you may save if you hire virtual staff. For one thing, your cost savings soar to 70% (or even more, depending on which domain you employ in). Also you have a solid backup strategy in place to assure business survival and continuity in the event of lockdowns or natural catastrophes.

FAQs For Employer of Record Services

Are you a international PEO?

Professional Employment Organizations (PEOs) deliver their services through co-employing workers with their clients in the majority of circumstances. Moreover, outside of Bangladesh, co-employment does not exist in the same form. Furthermore, our employer of record services solution is tailored to companies that need to hire people outside of Bangladesh. So, while the service is built after PEOs in the United States and offers many of the same features, we are not a global PEO.

Will we need to set up bank accounts in the country we wish to engage a worker in?

No, you do not need international banking facilities or local funds. Since we handle international payments in the local currency and subsequently bill the client in GBP, EUR, or USD. Further, in most countries, however, the worker who is being paid must have a bank account in the nation in order to receive funds in the local currency.

How do we know what benefits we have to provide for the worker?

Each country’s benefit provisions laws are absolutely distinct. Further, as the employer of record services, you are responsible for ensuring that the worker receives all statutory benefits. In addition, we may provide clients with information about local customs. So that, in many cases, references to benefit experts who can create supplemental packages if desired. So that, this is a terrific technique for our clients to let staff feel unaffected by the alternative arrangement, which leads to improved employee retention.

How can I pay my foreign worker compliantly?

Easily and quickly! We manage payroll compliance and ensure that both the worker, the social security office, and the local tax authorities are paid correctly and on time through our employer of record services. Although all you have to do is agree on what the worker should be paid, have them sign the approved in-country worker contract, and  stick to the payroll schedule. So that, we’ll take care of the rest.

Can you source international talent for us?

Yes, without a doubt! Since 2005, International Staffing Consultants, Inc. has made it a priority to staff jobs in other countries. So that, we feel there is no other firm in the United States with the experience and global reach to discover candidates. Fees for recruiting are separate from those for employer of record services, and we’d be pleased to talk about them with you.

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